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TWW Daily Feed (5.3.2010)


New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila is over, with Levi Leipheimer once again taking the first overall position in the race; repeating his victory from last year. Lance took 17th. A shout out to Tom Danielson for his second place finish. Nice work boys.

The recession is really creating a buyer’s market. Especially in the resort towns. Aspen is looking more affordable everyday.

For the most part I feel that “green” gyms are really using environmental consciousness as a marketing ploy rather than a wholehearted attempt to reduce the impact that gyms have. When you have a facility that combines a laundromat, saunas, showers and huge square footage and the attendant heating/cooling requirements the fact that your stationary bikes are linked into the power grid (and produce a tiny fraction of the building’s energy needs) doesn’t make you a conscious gym. It makes you look like you are trying too hard.

About a month ago a few of us signed up for the Pikes Peak Ascent; a half-marathon that winds its way up one of Colorado’s eminent 14’ers, gaining 7,815 feet from start to finish. Yesterday we set off for our first run on the actual course, with the initial goal of reaching Barr Camp and the halfway point of the race. At about mile 1.2 the light snow flakes that were teasing us turned into a full on snow storm; dumping about an inch and a half on the ground before we reached 8000 feet. Due to the weather (and the crushing realization that the first five miles of the run is brutally difficult) we turned around early. Overall, a somewhat frustrating run and that hammered home the sheer difficulty of a run like this. Thankfully it is only May; a fact I repeat to myself over and over as I catch glimpses of the behemoth that will be our adversary come August. The Feed:


I mentioned snow on the Front Range above. We had just a taste of what the Central Mountains experienced. Head on over to Jake’s gallery for a peek at why Colorado in the Spring is bipolar.

Oregon is known for its pro-environment policies and its wines. This NYTs article provides a good look at how both elements come together to create some of the most progressive wine making enterprises in the country. I miss Oregon. (Thanks to Brook for the link).

A couple of friends of TWW have been working on a pretty cool gear line that manages to jump outside of the Nike/Adidas box for active wear. Opedix designs active-wear that helps with body alignment and support; making activity easier and recovery faster. I’m hoping that a pair of the running tights might make it less likely that my overly large body does not result in a blown out knee in the coming months.


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TWW Daily Feed for December 16th

I’m getting insanely excited for Jame’s Cameron’s new movie, Avatar. Why? Because I have a strange attraction to giant blue alien chicks that can shoot arrows and swing from vines. Wouldn’t it be so cool to bring a girl like that to the family reunion? “Grandma, Grandpa, this is Neytiri. Please don’t make any sudden movements, I don’t want her to accidentally spear you.” Awesome. On top of that, you could basically pick a fight with anybody you wanted. Who is going to mess with a chick that is 10 feet tall? Exactly. The Feed:

The North Face is suing a company, started by a 19 year old, that parodies the North Face Brand. The offending company: The South Butt. It’s motto? “Never stop relaxing.” Clever little bastard. Really North Face people? You’re threatened by someone that is basing his company on the lazy/stoner/couch potato market? Please tell me that you have better things to do before Christmas.

A look at the validity of “organic” wines in the market and the veracity of environmental claims made by wineries producing these wines. This one contains a good list of wines that are from more environmentally friendly companies. Pick a bottle up and support a good company or two.

AEG, the organizer of the Tour of California, is organizing a couple of Grand Fondos in Northern and Southern California in April. Grand Fondos are essentially large, competitive group rides that attract a low of old pro riders, amateurs and other cycling enthusiasts. The AEG fondos will follow some of the course sections from this year’s Tour of California. Check it out.Report back. Let me know if anyone tried to run Greg Lemond off the road.

A couple of good ski shots from this weekend, when the West got pummeled by snow. I think the one of the dude spraying his friends is my favorite. Good timing dude.

This one is kind of beyond the site’s focus, but it relates to Colorado so I’m posting it. Dan Hawkins is destroying CU’s football team. How? NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY FOR HIM. Great, another year of mediocrity. Thanks Hawk. I was at CU during the whole football sex scandal thing and this is almost worse. Why? Because Barnett was kind of a sleazy dude and you kind of knew the whole thing was true, so you dealt with it in your mind and moved on. With Hawkins it’s like a big, dumb kid took over one of those magnetic football team sets and keeps hitting the button and giggling at how the little pieces move around the board. He does things that keep making me pound my head against a wall and then reacts like everything is “fantastic!” It’s not fantastic you dumbass. Do us a favor and let one of your assistants run the team next year. Preferably not one related to you.

When Hawkins is putting you in a bad mood, close your eyes and dream of Gretchen Bleiler. Always cheers me up. I <3 you girl!  See you this weekend. What? You want us to stay in bed all weekend? I’m on board baby. Whatever you want to do.

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TWW’s Cool Places: Swirl Wine Emporium

logoThis is the first in our new series which provides short profiles of stores and places in the various cities and towns that we visit that we highly recommend checking out. First on the list of “TWW’s Cool Places” is Swirl Wine Emporium, located in Manitou Springs, CO. Swirl is a wine shop for people who want to know more about wine. The unique open and airy space (it’s a former bank) contains a large selection of bottles from throughout the world, including some excellent Colorado wines. Additionally, the owner and sommelier Sharon Palmer puts together a wine rack of excellent $12 or cheaper bottles. On top of the wine, Swirl offers a number of wine classes and tastings to broaden people’s wine knowledge (their blog is a good way to stay updated). Swirl also stocks a ton of great microbrew bottles and six-packs from throughout the West. The space plays hosts to a lot of local art (all for sale), and is quickly becoming a gathering point for the locals. Put simply, Swirl is one of Manitou’s best places to visit and explore and has become a new anchor point for the town.

Swirl Wine Emporium

Location: 717 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, CO

Hours: Monday-Friday 12PM-9PM, Saturday 11AM-9PM, Sunday 12PM-8PM

Contact: (719) 685-2294, Sharon@swirlwineemporium.com


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