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TWW Daily Feed (6.18.2010)

The crushing heat of the afternoons this week has been killing any sort of motivation to put running shoes on and hit the trails. Normally I wouldn’t worry too much about my tendency to nap instead of run, but with the Pikes Peak Ascent (and the taunting view of the mountain) looming, my motivation to avoid the sun needs to be quickly put in its place by my motivation not to die while trying to run a half marathon. The Feed:

late morning dose

Thanks to a late start and an overly talkative client this morning I managed to miss an awesome comeback effort from the US in today’s World Cup match with Slovenia. The US was also apparently was robbed of a winning goal. Thanks horrible reffing!

This sounds like a fantastic idea for reducing both driving needs and urban sprawl: create “20 Minute Neighborhoods” that focus on locating schools, homes, shops, groceries and jobs within a comfortable twenty minute walk or bike ride. Fantastic idea Portland.

The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with events in New York, California and Utah.

The US Forest Service has put a kilbosh on a Utah resort’s plan to expand lift access to what has traditionally been back country access only. Head over to the Adventure Life to check out the details. As someone who has watched a lot of Colorado’s traditional hiker only access become decimated by added lifts (looking at you Breckenridge), it’s great to finally see some push back by the Forest Service.

A look at what Lance’s competitors think about his chances in the Tour de France this year, which is now fifteen days away. General consensus: podium.

There is a nifty new music video up on Vimeo for Blockhead’s “The Music Scene.” It’s animated. In a way that makes me ponder whether someone dropped some LSD into my coffee this morning. Enjoy.


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TWW Daily Feed (6.17.2010)

This week is getting more hectic as it careens toward the weekend, so sorry about yesterday. Not too much going on in the outdoor world at the moment, but we have a few good tidbits. The Feed:

post lunch dose

Lance is pissed. Yesterday he tweeted a nice little response to the new Outside Magazine cover featuring the big guy in what appears to be a shirt that reads “38. BFD,” along with the usual Outside hysterics asking “is this the end for Lance?” Apparently the cover shot was photo shopped to add the number and the BFD (“big f*cking deal”). And evidently Lance isn’t too happy about it. Steve Casimiro points out that Lance, as one of the most photographed athletes in the world, probably knew about the alterations. One would think that Outside would have presented this idea to Lance ahead of time so I’m with Steve in thinking that this whole thing might be some disingenuous disgruntlement on Lance’s part. Then again, the rest of the cover looks like it the issue is going to focus on some things Lance doesn’t want to talk about which would make me think that the magazine roped Lance in for the cover without disclosing their angle. The mag has responded by…not really saying anything.  Big picture: whatever. Lance is a badass, Outside will continue to publish inane content, and I will still question why not one single woman has appeared on the cover in the last 6 months.

This sucks. Have to love escaping the cities and hitting our national treasures only to have to fear for your safety. When words like “National Park”, “trail running” and “situational awareness” are combined, you know something is amiss.

I’m compensating for Outside’s lack of women in their pages with a nice gallery of Megan Fox doing some underwear modeling. I’m pretty sure she would be useless on skis or in the mountains, but she would be fun to come back home to.

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TWW Daily Feed (6.9.2010)

This morning’s NPR news brief touched briefly on the horrific mess in the Gulf of Mexico and BP’s continued inability to clean as efficiently as they tear apart. The topic of this particular news brief was whether there are plumes of oil underneath the surface of the water which would indicate a much bigger problem and more extensive cleanup. Despite numerous reports to the contrary, BP is denying such plumes exist, arguing that it comes down to “how you define what a plume is here.” Awesome. Instead of focusing their work on cleaning up the largest oil spill in the history of the planet they are arguing over semantics. Thanks BP for another great start to the day. Simmering rage. The Feed:

late morning dose

Alec Baldwin is also feeling the rage, and writing well written posts about how BP should just die. Agreed.

A positive sign in the late of big oil messes, the Denver bike share program is in full swing and is going strong, with use rising and a large number of registered users. Kudos.

Being a male the concerns of traveling along don’t cross my mind very much. For a woman, the same situation can be much different. Thankfully, there are outfitters and guiding groups that cater to the single female adventurer. Creepy single traveling dudes just let out a disgruntled sigh.

Today is not a good news day; champion freestyle skier Arne Backstrom has passed away while skiing in Peru. Sad day for everyone. Check out the Warren Miller tribute video to Arne below:

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TWW Daily Feed (6.8.2010)

Funny how when I’m not motivated to exercise a slight irritation in a knee or hamstring becomes excruciatingly painful. That is what happened to me yesterday, when my afternoon plans to run quickly succumbed to my desire for a late afternoon nap. With a workout bag packed and on the road to the venue of the day I realized that a nap sounded better than 6 miles, and suddenly my knee started to “hurt.” Thanks Brain for playing along with that one. I appreciated it. The Feed:

Afternoon dose:

We’re going to head south for a minute so that Steve at the Adventure Life can show off some amazing pictures of lava flowing from Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano. Thankfully, it appears that the tourists and bystanders in Guatemala have a much greater ability to restrain themselves than American tourists. I was in Yellowstone once and watched a tourist try to sneak up behind a moose. I can just imagine that same guy trying to get a sense for exactly how hot the lava is. Kudos Guatemala.

I was a little bit crushed with the Phoenix Suns lost in the Western Conference Finals. I have to admit I have a bit of a man crush on Steve Nash. The dude just seems super cool. He is known in the league as a bit of a fitness and nutrition freak, so his Men’s Journal blurb about what sort of natural supplements he likes caught my attention. Good advice, especially for the aging athletes out there.

In case you were curious; the latest in Landisgate 2010: The Doper Sagas. Basically; accusations from everybody, everyone telling Landis to be quiet, Armstrong and others denying everything and the usually cycling world speak when it comes to this stuff.

This is a pretty interesting study: vigorous exercise has been linked to better grads. My assumption when first reading the headline was that people who have the discipline to exercise regularly probably have the discipline to study more. And the study says? Basically the exact same thing.

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TWW Daily Feed (6.6.2010)

Work, moving and vacation have combined to squeeze out any free time I thought I had, resulting in a dusty wasteland for TWW. My apologies. Trying to straighten everything out, albeit slowly. The last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful in the sport world, with the whole Landis/Armstrong thing, the Teva Mountain Games, assorted cycling races, and of course the Bolder Boulder. Hope everyone had a good weekend. The Feed:

Morning dose

There is a renewed surge of attention on the cycling world after Floyd Landis decided to implicate almost the entire elite level cycling ranks in intricate doping schemes. As a fan, it has not been very fun to watch. Even less fun are the new rumors that arise to explain a cyclist’s incredible performance during a race. This is one of the more absurd (but plausible?) things I have seen in a while.

I’ve been to Salt Lake City a grand total of two times, so I don’t have much insight to where the cool parts of town are or if drinking in a Mormon epicenter is really that much more fun, but the NY Times thinks it is. Check out their 36 Hours in SLC feature.

A new restaurant has popped up in Portland called Gruner, with cuisine that focuses on the “Alpine” regions of Europe. It sounds amorphous, but read the review and you’ll realize how amazing Alpine food apparently is. On the list of places I need to eat.

The World Cup is almost here, and if the blitzkrieg of ESPN and American based sports marketing hasn’t captured your attention just a little bit, then the simple fact that it is one of the coolest sporting events in the world should. But when are the games?! Here you go. You are welcome.

Thanks for F’ing the planet even more car companies. There is a special circle in hell waiting for you.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 12, 2010

Friday! This week has dragged like no other and finally liberation is almost here. I’m trying to get an Incline session in before work so this morning’s update will be pretty brief. Hope everyone had a great week and is well rested for what looks to be a great weekend in the West. The Feed:


This is why I hate magazine’s like Outside and Men’s Journal sometimes; they post these ridiculous “trips” and “adventures” that end up costing a fortune. I understand the need to draw a wealthier readership and I suppose these types of trips appeal to people like that, but when magazine’s that focus on outdoor lifestyles start pushing events involving Champagne they start treading into trendier versions of Lifestyles of the Rich and In Shape territory. Oh, and good look attending the Aspen thing with the 200 mile detour on I-70.

This is why it sometimes depresses me to be an American. This is the best we can do with our train systems? Really?

When I saw the headline for this video on the Adventure Life I was imagining expecting something completely different. I’m glad my expectations were not met. This is a clever one:

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TWW Daily Feed for February 19, 2010

Snow on the ground down on the Front Range and word on the street that the mountains are getting dumped on; it’s going to be a good weekend. The other reason it’s going to be a good weekend; no more male Olympic figure skating. Can we seriously justify this as an athletic event when the athletes wear outfits like this and commentators say things like “he is trying to overcome his inability to stick a landing by shaking his hips and flirting with the judges.” Johnny Weir is to athletes as Kevin Smith is to people who fit in airplane seats. The Feed:

I’m remote posting from Boulder where it is incredibly cold and dreary out. Thankfully I have a cup of coffee to perk me up. We’re planning on running the Boulder foothills this afternoon. They don’t look welcoming: image


The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with activities in Leadville and Texas to get you excited for the weekend. The hot springs at Mt. Princeton, Colorado are truly some of the coolest in the State, if not the West. It’s a great place to spend the first weekend trip together with a new love interest. Or just  your buddies. Because bathing in hot springs together is super hetero.

Check out The Clymb. It’s a “private” gear site that looks like it has some pretty stellar deals. The Mountainsmith event starts on Monday with 70% discounts on some of their gear. Pretty cool. Head over to this Men’s Journal link which allows you to register via the MJ portal and avoid paying any registration fees. You’re welcome.

I’ve never had any desire to dope myself in order to improve my cycling or running, but now I know how to do it. Inserting the equivalent of a grain of rice into my uretha sounds like possible the worst thing I could think of spending a weekend evening doing, but anything for an extra ten seconds on my mile!

This is a cool environmental story: California, Oregon and various other interested parties have reached an agreement to remove four damns on the Klamath River. Good news for fishers, rafters and beavers. Bad news for drunk kids on jet skis.

An interview with George Hincapie, one of my favorite cyclists and an all around good dude. At least from what I hear. He also married a podium girl. Awesome.

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