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TWW Daily Feed (5.12.2010)

Last night we went into downtown Colorado Springs to meet friends for Happy Hour. On the way we passed a bar that was hosting its weekly 5K run through the city. I’ve noticed that this has become a big trend on the Front Range; bars hosting running clubs that start and end their run at the bar and then head in for drink specials. Here is my top 5 list of why bar running clubs are a horrible idea:

#5: Run + beer = total mitigation of benefits from running. You are getting fatter by doing this.

#4: These things tend to draw bigger (read: chunky) folks who can handle a 5K. They then stuff themselves into a bar, resulting in a bar full of sweaty fat people. Check please.

#3: Elevating the heart rate through running increases blood flow. Adding alcohol to a body in which the blood is moving faster results in people getting drunk faster. These people aren’t running back home; they are getting into their cars. Enough said.

#2: We had a theory in college that went something like this: most people do sports for the team and fitness aspect. Some people do sports because it allows them to eat and drink more without completely blowing out. Guess which group the people that join bar running clubs belong to. Minus the early twenties metabolism.

#1: Do you really want to have this conversation with your buddies?: “There was just something about the way she shuffled through 3.2 miles and then pounded beers like a champ that made me want to get to know her better.”

No thanks. The Feed:


I know everyone has been waiting with sweaty anticipation for this tidbit of knowledge: Lance Armstrong’s yoga routine. Each pose is demonstrated by a video that you have to get to by shutting the stupid adds that pop up with each slide. Oh well. Just the thought of doing something that Lance does excites me. Deep breath. Relax my racing heart…

A preview of the teams appearing at this year’s Tour of California, in slide show format.

This is by far one of the funniest websites I’ve come across in a while: DontEvenReply.com. A website devoted to a guy finding random ads on Craig’s List and then tormenting them. Priceless.

A cool graph that looks at how much American cities spend on eating out and groceries. I don’t really see a correlation to healthier populations, which is surprising. You would think that skinnier cities (like Denver) would be spending less on eating out; as food in restaurants tends to be heavier on things like butter and calories. Instead you have cities like Milwaukee and Memphis on the frugal diner list. Interesting.

A little music video for you to start your day.


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TWW Daily Feed (4.9.2010)

Amongst our group of friends there is a common joke involving one of us being taken out by a mountain lion (as opposed to the more clever, and much more dangerous, Cougar, whose stalking grounds often involve some of our favorite bars). The scary thing about mountain lions is not the fact that they prowl the mountains where we often run; they are scary because we insist on running through their hunting grounds at exactly the same time they like to hunt. This is often the case because our group rarely does anything in a timely fashion, resulting in runs that usually start when the sun is going down. Mountain lions like this time of day for two reasons; 1) because mammalian eyes don’t work as well in transitioning light (except if you are a cat), and 2) deer like to hang out and eat grass during this time of day. Deer are just about as dumb as we are. Our jokes usually involve describing a scene in which one of us (usually me because I’m the largest and therefore have the most meat) being taken out in an open field tackle by a mountain lion. The joke is always good for a laugh, especially when it’s so dark that we can’t see the trail anymore. The mountain lion joke is funny because while there is an incredibly low chance of being mauled the danger is still out there, so the jokes make us feel better. But today on my run I realized that we don’t joke about the one predatory animal that really is a danger (at least in my mind); homeless dudes.

Before you get all PC on me and freak out think about this; if you do enough trail runs by urban areas you will eventually notice at least a few campsites and fire rings. And while it is cute to assume that these are from high school kids who are looking to go on a little adventure to smoke some pot and drink some beer that probably isn’t the case, especially when there are tents and sleeping bags that look like they are ten years old. The better assumption is that you are trespassing in what someone considers their home. Even if that “home” is in the middle of a national forest.

Homeless people can generally be defined by two major traits; they are in a bad place in life and they are probably crazy. This makes for a horrible combination when you are a few miles into a trail winding up an isolated canyon and you stumble into their home base. Ideally you keep running, but sometimes the proximity of homeless crazy to trail is a little too close for comfort and you have to slow down to step around the situation. This presents the opportune time for said crazy homeless person to shank you. Obviously, not all homeless people are murderous predators. Just like not all Republicans are idiots who think that cute phrases such as “Joe Six-pack” and the inability to conduct a question and answer session without notes written on their hand somehow means they are qualified to lead the most well armed and powerful country in the world. But, like Republicans, it only takes one homeless crazy to really screw up your day. And the fact is this; you are way more likely to come across a homeless guy than a mountain lion. And that homeless guy is way more likely to be pissed that you have run into his house. Watch your asses out there. It’s a jungle. The Feed:


Men’s Journal has up what could be considered a dumb meat head approach to fitness. The post is called “Be Your Own Trainer” and contains some, I guess, good tips. My issue is that it focuses solely on strength training and sprint work which, while good for getting into shape, do little for all around fitness. I’m stoked that you can bench two hundred pounds and sprint hard for 50 yards, but it’s going to suck when you have to haul your giant ass around for more than two miles.

Check out the Adventure Life for a great post about endangered species photography with photographer Joel Sartore. The video below is the “portrait trailer” for his new book Rare – Portraits of Endangered Species.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 4, 2010

Yesterday one of our intrepid readers posted a nice comment that read something like “coffee is for old people, do the DEW!”, which, of course, is in reference to the unnaturally green soda that is apparently fuel for people who like simultaneously experiencing the outdoors and disintegrating teeth. Personally, I have no desire to put something like that in my body. When the second ingredient on the bottle is high fructose corn syrup my liver starts acting out in defiance. The comment did raise an interesting question; is Mountain Dew really a more extreme caffeine delivery vehicle? I did a little research and it turns out that based on the average amount of caffeine in an 8oz serving, Mountain Dew has almost half of the caffeine found in typical brewed coffee (54 milligrams compared to the 95 milligrams in coffee). Which has led me to this conclusion: Mountain Dew is like riding a bike with training wheels. Those pink tassles are cute, but sooner or later you have to graduate to big boy school. The Feed:


I was waiting to throw up Portland Food and Drink’s and Cuisine Bonne Femme’s collaborative guide to sweet shops, pastries and chocolates until they had both posts up (they cover the shops from A to Z). A good guide to derail your diet right before the spring break season. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. I’m intrigued by Cacao. Melted chocolate served in coffee cups sounds perfect right now.

Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and core strength. Unfortunately when you weigh over 200lbs and are as functionally flexible as a cedar yoga is not the easiest thing to transition into. But I’m going to take the plunge and commit. If not for my health than at least for the girls in tight clothes cornucopia that a yoga studio represents. Anyhow, a gallery of yoga poses for cyclists. Enjoy.

Sitting at your desk annoyed at the fact it’s still cold outside? Yearning for the summer time? This isn’t going to help, but it might make you start getting on your summer planning.

Shaun White is the weirdest looking badass snowboarder around. He was on the Tonight Show with Judas the other night throwing down some knowledge about what its like to be him. Check it out here and then slam your head on the desk a couple of times to get rid of Jay Leno’s annoying voice in your ear.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 24, 2010

Lemon ginger tea at Shuga's.

Running short on time this morning. Long nights make early mornings brutal and rushed. Thankfully yesterday I took a quick trip to Shuga’s for some of their revitalizing hot lemon ginger tea. If anyone can faithfully reproduce this nectar of the Gods I will purchase some sort of expensive ski or snowboard equipment piece for you. From The Clymb or Steep and Cheap. Hope everyone is having a good week. The Feed:


I’m not much for religion lately and honestly it freaks me out a lot that Americans seem so intent on basing their life decisions on concepts from a book written 2000 years ago. Take for instance this story, about a man’s efforts to rename Mt. Diablo in California because, as he puts it, the devil is “a living person.” To each their own, but if you want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, try volunteering at a soup kitchen or start organizing food and clothing drives.

Times are rough and if you’re like us you are always looking for good deals. Especially in the mountains where the cost of everything shoots up. Casey calls it the “mountain tax.” For example, the “five dollar foot long” Subway deal turns into the “six dollar foot long” once you breach the central mountains of Colorado. Anyway, Outside has a good little guide to some of the most economical ski resorts in the country. Check it out, hit the mountains, save your money for the regular priced foot longs.

US Downhill Skier Ted Ligety’s workout regime. I love how he talks about how he is constantly trying to gain weight. Based on his ideal dimensions for a downhill skier, I should be on the podium in Vancouver. I’ve got gravity coach, put me in!

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TWW Daily Feed for February 22, 2010

Clint's, on Main Street in Breckenridge, CO

Winter has finally come to Colorado. For the first time in weeks the term “powder day” was actually uttered by people in Our efforts to reach the snow were hampered by the closing of Vail Pass for a slide cleanup and emergency avalanche control, diverting us to Breckenridge along with the rest of the Front Range weekend crowd. Needless to say our powder expedition turned into an exercise in avoiding huge crowds. But you can’t go wrong hanging out with friends on a gorgeous day, and we were able to check out a cafe/bakery that was new to us: Clint’s (131 S Main St., Breckenridge, CO). Their food was great but, as Casey found out, their coffee left much to be desired. Hope everyone had a more powder intensive weekend (with better coffee). The Feed:


National Geographic Adventure is apparently back up and running in completely online mode (thanks for F’ing me on my subscription!) which is nice because they usually put out some pretty good articles and fitness tips. Take this one for instance: six exercises to improve your skiing, Bode Miller style. Nothing in here about fashioning a bong out of apples, but you can’t ask for everything.

I’ve been hearing a lot of conflicting feelings regarding the Obama administration’s efforts at environmental protection and improvement, which was one of the foundations of his candidacy. However, I’m encouraged. The administration just put out a new proposal for designating 14 new National Monuments and they are in the process of ramming through a Great Lakes cleanup and protection package. Much better news than the government arguing that drilling in wilderness areas is a great idea.

Casey examining our potential line down the Windows, in Breckenridge.Colorado.

This chart is crazy. It tracks obesity levels in the United States over the past 20 years (scroll down a bit to see the map). Frankly it’s depressing that our country can’t figure out that fast food and no exercise is a bad combination.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 5, 2010

I’m in Wisconsin for a short visit and to this point, less than 12 hours into my stay here, I’ve managed to consume about half a pound of cheese in various forms. Add to my typically altered diet when I’m here the horizontal snow and ground that has been frozen since November and you get a visit that is long on food and relaxing and short on working out. My usual solution is to bundle up and head down to the Lake Drive Loop, end the run with some Alterra and hope that my fingers start working again in time for dinner. Otherwise I work out by bringing the beer to my face. The Feed:

1:15pm – Fiddleheads has great coffee

This is not good news for some people intent on running a marathon in their lifetimes; a new study demonstrates that one out of every five people will not be able to increase their endurance through exercise. Their genetic makeup prevents their body from increasing its natural VO2 Max, a key indicator of endurance. 1 in 5! My girlfriend checklist just added another item.

Valentine’s Day is a stupid, made up holiday that forces romantic situations that reduce the overall spontaneity of a relationship and basically kill any desire to spend time with your significant other. At least that’s my view. But just in case you plan on going all out, a gallery of Valentine’s Day presents for your loved one who cycles. In the meantime, someone stab me in the eye.

I’m in love with coffee and Vimeo:

8:30am – I’m on Wisco time, which involves a lot of slumber

Last weekend Craig and I were put through some pretty straightforward but incredibly difficult back and ab exercises. As athletes that run and ride for a majority of our workouts our backs and abs were understandably weak. The exercises annihilated us, and led to a realization that we both need to do more core support exercises. Thankfully, the Adventure Life guy is in the same situation, and provides a good primer on how to get your back and abs in the shape they’re supposed to be. As Craig put it best: “Your body is like the Golden Gate Bridge, and it needs A LOT of suspension.”

I think I missed one, but here are the next results from Portland Food and Drinks Restaurant Survey (numbers 25 thru 25). Somewhat ironic reading the results now that I’m in a state where bacon is often used as a substitute for peanuts at the local bars.

The Men’s Journal perfect weekend post, with 0 activities in the Western US. However, if you happen to be in Texas or Vermont make sure to check it out.

I have to admit that while I love Lindsey Vonn, I’m a bit tired of the extent of the media coverage about her. She is literally everywhere. So while the video below does feature her (and makes me a raging hypocrite) this link to one of her more attractive and talented teammates, Julia Mancuso, should mitigate the Vonn-dom.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 8th

Tomorrow is Manitou’s annual Fruitcake Toss, where a mix of engineers, enthusiasts and loonies gather together to launch fruitcakes as far as they can. I suppose the festival is a good way to bring people in to town during what is otherwise a pretty slow time of year. I think of it as the symbolic end of the Holiday season. When hundreds of people show up to start throwing a holiday food item around it’s time to pack up the tree and lights. The Feed:

V02 testing typically involves a lot of tubes, monitors and treadmill or bike work inside of a hot building. For a lower tech way to test your V02 head over to Rockport Fitness to use their low tech VO 2 calculator and test which consists of a walk around a track, a heart rate monitor and an online calculator. Break 70 and you can start thinking about taking Lance down.

Everything I’ve read this week is indicating that the Portland restaurant scene is in a crazy state of flux, with a ton of restaurants (mostly in the Pearl) shutting their doors. There are bright spots, such as Slap Happy (4246 SE Belmont St), a restaurant that specializes in make-it-yourself pancakes. Basically, they have created stoner Shangri-la.

A little beer review for you: Great Divide’s Oak Aged Yeti, a winter stout that sounds great for cold nights.

Some Friday fun for you: a collection of the best “fails” from 2009, from the people at College Humor. The best one is at 1:40 in, when the music has shifted to trance and the dude stealing the purse runs toward the wrong pedestrian (safe for work as it depicts general scenes of mayhem, no nudity, and a weird soundtrack. You’re welcome).

Alright then. Hope everyone has a great weekend full of fun and adventure. We’ll get back on Monday with a new version of the Daily Feed.

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