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TWW Daily Feed for February 1, 2010

The greatness of Boulder in a stream of activity: hiking Mt. Sanitas at night under a full moon, with the threat of a mountain lion visit, followed up by the Japango late night sushi happy hour. A morning run up the Mesa Trail in Chataqua Park, capped off by a visit to Spruce Street Confections, home to one of the best Americano’s to be had east of Portland. A late afternoon gym visit to the new Colorado Athletic Club’s Boulder location followed up by burritos and happy hour margaritas at Illegal Pete’s and drinks at Salt’s basement bar. All capped off by a huge take home breakfast from the southern infused Lucile’s on Sunday morning. Boulder, I love you. The Feed:


I’ve spent the last hour putting together a filing cabinet. Time to think about food and being outside. Head over to 101 Cookbooks for the lovely Ms. Swanson’s recipe for Palak Daal, an Indian grain dish that is pretty common in Indian restaurants, and fairly easy to make.

Looking for a new career path? Check out this company and its business model. Great idea, great service.

A little trailer action for the new film North Face, about a 1930s climbing expedition up the Eiger that did not end so well. Apparently the movie is supposed to be pretty good.


This article in the NYTs about a new renovation in Portland in an interesting turn of events for “living” sections of the building. Instead of a garden top roof this building will have an entire side of its facade covered in vegetation. Expected energy savings? 65% per year.

There have been a lot of Portland restaurants closing in the last couple of months, so instead of posting something about that let’s celebrate the expansion of the Portland Farmers Market, with new locations on NW 23rd and the Pioneer Courthouse Square.

An interesting little guide to what food packaging really means when in trumpets things like “boosts your immune system” and “high in fiber.” Not cool food companies. If you’re going to lie to us, try to do it about things that we don’t put into our body, such as your company’s profit margin and crap like that.

Travel for only a few days in Europe and you’ll notice the abundance of trains. Travel in America and you notice way too many cars. So this project has me excited. High speed rail between Portland and Vancouver, BC? Yes please.


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