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TWW Daily Feed (4.14.2010)

Here is the problem with being a coffee snob; it essentially requires you to be a coffee addict. This is extremely problematic because I don’t have access to great coffee all day. My morning cup is usually great, but by the afternoon, when I’m worn down and in need of another fix, I rely on Starbucks or the office coffee machine. The reliance on crappy coffee puts my brain’s snobbal lobe in direct conflict with the addiction lobe. By five in the afternoon they are screaming at each other while the rest of me is huddled in a corner shaking and crying. It’s a vicious cycle. One that I tend to repeat everyday. Damn. The Feed:


Today is kind of a compilation of links our friend Jake has sent us. Like this one, about Telluride announcing when Gay Ski Week is next year. I also like to call Gay Ski Week “Jake-a-Palooza.” We support friends here. Friends of all kinds.

This article/blog post is all over the internet right now and if you haven’t read it you need to. And then forward it to your friends. The subject matter? KFC’s new Doubledown Sandwich. The author? One of the angriest consumers I have ever read. The result: priceless. (thanks Jim)

I’m all about time lapse videos. Especially ones showing cityscapes that are as dramatic as Hong Kong’s.


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TWW Daily Feed for March 4, 2010

Yesterday one of our intrepid readers posted a nice comment that read something like “coffee is for old people, do the DEW!”, which, of course, is in reference to the unnaturally green soda that is apparently fuel for people who like simultaneously experiencing the outdoors and disintegrating teeth. Personally, I have no desire to put something like that in my body. When the second ingredient on the bottle is high fructose corn syrup my liver starts acting out in defiance. The comment did raise an interesting question; is Mountain Dew really a more extreme caffeine delivery vehicle? I did a little research and it turns out that based on the average amount of caffeine in an 8oz serving, Mountain Dew has almost half of the caffeine found in typical brewed coffee (54 milligrams compared to the 95 milligrams in coffee). Which has led me to this conclusion: Mountain Dew is like riding a bike with training wheels. Those pink tassles are cute, but sooner or later you have to graduate to big boy school. The Feed:


I was waiting to throw up Portland Food and Drink’s and Cuisine Bonne Femme’s collaborative guide to sweet shops, pastries and chocolates until they had both posts up (they cover the shops from A to Z). A good guide to derail your diet right before the spring break season. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. I’m intrigued by Cacao. Melted chocolate served in coffee cups sounds perfect right now.

Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and core strength. Unfortunately when you weigh over 200lbs and are as functionally flexible as a cedar yoga is not the easiest thing to transition into. But I’m going to take the plunge and commit. If not for my health than at least for the girls in tight clothes cornucopia that a yoga studio represents. Anyhow, a gallery of yoga poses for cyclists. Enjoy.

Sitting at your desk annoyed at the fact it’s still cold outside? Yearning for the summer time? This isn’t going to help, but it might make you start getting on your summer planning.

Shaun White is the weirdest looking badass snowboarder around. He was on the Tonight Show with Judas the other night throwing down some knowledge about what its like to be him. Check it out here and then slam your head on the desk a couple of times to get rid of Jay Leno’s annoying voice in your ear.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 3, 2010

There are those great moments during a run, when the pain of the first mile or two subsides, hands and ears start to warm up and legs and lungs start to feel like there were made to be tested, that everything stressful in our world seeps away. The only thing your mind focuses on is the next hill, the next sprint and the scenery unfolding in front of you. A run provides a temporary escape that lets you focus your mind for the day ahead and let what happened yesterday fade away. This is why we strive to be outside, and this is why we love waking up in the morning. The Feed:


Late start today due to some work obligations this morning. I’ve managed to consume about 1000 milligrams of caffeine already this morning, so it was with great excitement that I opened this informative little graphic containing all sorts of cool coffee facts. I’m moving to the Bean Belt.

You should head over to the Clymb for their latest gear event. You should also check out the Clymb dude’s blog entry about the Vancouver Olympics. He has a lot of good pictures up that makes Vancouver look even more appealing than it sounds.

A really interesting study on how taxing “junk” food and subsidizing health food can affect a person’s shopping habits. The study shows that taxing crappy food is a much better way of reducing people’s tendency to purchase such food. And what about making health food cheaper? People tend to use the extra money for, you guessed it, junk food. F*ck.

Completely random video time: ESPN writer and podcaster Bill Simmons is a huge reality show junkie. I bring this up because he continually talks about how suprised he is that one of the idiotic Real World kids has yet to commit murder. I think one of them is getting close:

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TWW Daily Feed for March 2, 2010


I’m a big coffee drinker, and a big fan of the Pacific Northwest, so this little article caught my attention for two reasons: it deals with coffee, and it examines whether Seattle or Portland has the better coffee. My vote: Portland, but I have certainly found some great coffee in the Emerald City.

Continuing the post-Olympic fun, head over to Vanity Fair and check out their gallery titled “Faces of the Games” with a mix of breakout starts and some oddball competitors who despite not coming close to a medal still added some flavor to the games (the Mexican downhill skier sounds like an interesting dude).

This is a stupid, short-sighted idea to alleviate traffic between the mountains and Denver. We need trains. Not easier ways to get cars back down to the city.

In celebration of the first month of Spring I took yesterday off and enjoyed the sunshine that is pelting the Front Range. This is my favorite time of the ski season. Warm enough during the day to enjoy the mountains without a thousand layers on, but still cold enough at night to allow the snow to build up. It’s a hard time of the year to beat. Hope everyone is having a good start to the week. The Feed:


Ever wonder how a carbon bike frame is produced? Me neither. Nevertheless, this gallery is an interesting look at Giant Bicycle’s carbon fiber production facility. Apparently carbon frames are super labor intensive, requiring the fine motor skills and broad labor pool of a third world country fully of underage workers.

It was a frustrating Olympic games for Gretchen Bleiler. In 2006 she won gold in the women’s halfpipe event. This year, her hopes for a medal were lost to a fall during her second run of the finals. Regardless, Gretchen has carved a little groove in my heart. Check out her interview with Outside and pray for the day when she decides the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is her next logical career step.

Need a new career path? Check out this gallery over at the Adventure Life for some of the most artistic tree climbing pictures you’ll find on the internet. I have no idea what possessed this photography to climb trees and follow these dudes around, but the results are pretty fantastic.

I don’t know why this video is so intriguing. But it is. Are the people really models or are they real people? I don’t understand what is going on.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 22, 2010

Clint's, on Main Street in Breckenridge, CO

Winter has finally come to Colorado. For the first time in weeks the term “powder day” was actually uttered by people in Our efforts to reach the snow were hampered by the closing of Vail Pass for a slide cleanup and emergency avalanche control, diverting us to Breckenridge along with the rest of the Front Range weekend crowd. Needless to say our powder expedition turned into an exercise in avoiding huge crowds. But you can’t go wrong hanging out with friends on a gorgeous day, and we were able to check out a cafe/bakery that was new to us: Clint’s (131 S Main St., Breckenridge, CO). Their food was great but, as Casey found out, their coffee left much to be desired. Hope everyone had a more powder intensive weekend (with better coffee). The Feed:


National Geographic Adventure is apparently back up and running in completely online mode (thanks for F’ing me on my subscription!) which is nice because they usually put out some pretty good articles and fitness tips. Take this one for instance: six exercises to improve your skiing, Bode Miller style. Nothing in here about fashioning a bong out of apples, but you can’t ask for everything.

I’ve been hearing a lot of conflicting feelings regarding the Obama administration’s efforts at environmental protection and improvement, which was one of the foundations of his candidacy. However, I’m encouraged. The administration just put out a new proposal for designating 14 new National Monuments and they are in the process of ramming through a Great Lakes cleanup and protection package. Much better news than the government arguing that drilling in wilderness areas is a great idea.

Casey examining our potential line down the Windows, in Breckenridge.Colorado.

This chart is crazy. It tracks obesity levels in the United States over the past 20 years (scroll down a bit to see the map). Frankly it’s depressing that our country can’t figure out that fast food and no exercise is a bad combination.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 5, 2010

I’m in Wisconsin for a short visit and to this point, less than 12 hours into my stay here, I’ve managed to consume about half a pound of cheese in various forms. Add to my typically altered diet when I’m here the horizontal snow and ground that has been frozen since November and you get a visit that is long on food and relaxing and short on working out. My usual solution is to bundle up and head down to the Lake Drive Loop, end the run with some Alterra and hope that my fingers start working again in time for dinner. Otherwise I work out by bringing the beer to my face. The Feed:

1:15pm – Fiddleheads has great coffee

This is not good news for some people intent on running a marathon in their lifetimes; a new study demonstrates that one out of every five people will not be able to increase their endurance through exercise. Their genetic makeup prevents their body from increasing its natural VO2 Max, a key indicator of endurance. 1 in 5! My girlfriend checklist just added another item.

Valentine’s Day is a stupid, made up holiday that forces romantic situations that reduce the overall spontaneity of a relationship and basically kill any desire to spend time with your significant other. At least that’s my view. But just in case you plan on going all out, a gallery of Valentine’s Day presents for your loved one who cycles. In the meantime, someone stab me in the eye.

I’m in love with coffee and Vimeo:

8:30am – I’m on Wisco time, which involves a lot of slumber

Last weekend Craig and I were put through some pretty straightforward but incredibly difficult back and ab exercises. As athletes that run and ride for a majority of our workouts our backs and abs were understandably weak. The exercises annihilated us, and led to a realization that we both need to do more core support exercises. Thankfully, the Adventure Life guy is in the same situation, and provides a good primer on how to get your back and abs in the shape they’re supposed to be. As Craig put it best: “Your body is like the Golden Gate Bridge, and it needs A LOT of suspension.”

I think I missed one, but here are the next results from Portland Food and Drinks Restaurant Survey (numbers 25 thru 25). Somewhat ironic reading the results now that I’m in a state where bacon is often used as a substitute for peanuts at the local bars.

The Men’s Journal perfect weekend post, with 0 activities in the Western US. However, if you happen to be in Texas or Vermont make sure to check it out.

I have to admit that while I love Lindsey Vonn, I’m a bit tired of the extent of the media coverage about her. She is literally everywhere. So while the video below does feature her (and makes me a raging hypocrite) this link to one of her more attractive and talented teammates, Julia Mancuso, should mitigate the Vonn-dom.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 11th, 2010

Today we’re going to try something a little bit new for the Daily Feed. Instead of one long post at the beginning of every morning we are going to update it throughout the day, until 5pm MST every afternoon. This way we can put things up as we hear of them instead of waiting until the next day. Each Daily Feed will still exist as only one post, we’ll simply update that one post as we go. We’ll revert back to the original format on travel days, or when most of the day is going to be spent on the trails or wherever else, but as of today we’re going with the running Feed. The newest updates will be at the top of the post (below this first paragraph). Let me know what you think. The (new) Feed:


Michael Pollan is a great writer and his books on all things food are definite ‘must reads’ if you are looking for something to add to your bookshelf. Check out an interview he did with the NYTs in which he provides a few basic rules of eating. Worth checking out before you buy dinner tonight.

This video fall into the “skinny weird dudes in speedos with too much time on their hands” category.

(11:10pm) A little before lunch reading

The Seattle Library is one of the coolest buildings in the city, so it seems appropriate that some cool restaurants and bars are filling in the nooks and crannies around the neighborhood. The Seattle Food Dude has a review up of one of those places, Sip at the Wine Bar and Restaurant (909 5th Avenue). He mentions that it’s a chain, so not exactly the local flavor we typically like to endorse, but in a city that lags well behind Portland in great food, I’ll happily throw a bone. Check it out. Let me know.

This site gets a lot of searches for “caffeine”, “caffeine in coffee” and “is coffee more caffeinated than redbull?” (yes), so to answer the queries I have finally tracked down a great chart showing the various levels of caffeine in coffee compared to some popular energy drinks. I love how a drink called “NOS” is actually NOT the winner in this one.

A cool little article about the amazing Lindsey Vonn and how she has become, and remains, successful in a hyper competitive sport. A little known fact: her skiing victories have won her numerous cows. Seriously.

For the fellas: 10 tips (from GQ Magazine) on how to acquire a smooth, non-irritating shave. Although I hope that after the age of 16 most of us have figured out how to shave without destroying our faces, but whatever, there are always the slow ones. This one is good for finding excuses to pamper yourself that doesn’t involve manicures, pedicures and the like. Not that I’ve ever received one of those things. They sound girly. And I don’t like the colors they use.

(5:45am) Good Morning!: a couple of food related posts for you, and one gear review because we love your backcountry adventures –

Heidi Swanson has a hearty looking recipe up for Ribollita, a thick Tuscan stew that uses a lot of greens and beans to form a hearty, winter appropriate meal. She came up with this one after, what sounds like, a cathartic cleansing of her freezer. I can’t even imagine what that thing would look like. I picture a refrigerator fool of magical, yet healthy, treats.

I’m surprised that the gluten free food trend is still going strong, but it is and it presents people numerous problems with choosing what to eat, especially when going out. Portland’s strong suite with food is catering to a huge range of appetites and diets. So combine gluten free with Portland food carts and you get the list of carts that serve gluten free meals of delicious goodness. You’re welcome glu-tards.

You have to love Anthony Bourdain. The dude has built an empire by being a cynical, slightly unhinged New Yorker unleashed onto world cultures. My favorite episodes of No Reservations involve Bourdain checking out a new dish and the traditional alcohol that comes with it and then watching him continue to sample the alcohol until he ends up slightly wasted while still trying to function as a host. Brilliant TV. Check out this Q&A he did with Men’s Journal, in which he describes how Ozzy Osbourne somehow became a grandfather to him.

And for the last post of the morning we have a Gear Junkie review for the GPS/SPOT device, a super high tech avalanche beacon that uses GPS to provide your location and others who are carrying the device. It also has the capability to send out a SOS signal for the dicey situations. Pretty cool looking little toy.

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