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TWW Daily Feed for December 18th

The Girl made an awesome Lentil Stew last night, worth checking out as its healthy, tasty and incredibly cheap (we spent $13 for everything and we have about 4 servings left). It was one of those great winter meals that is warm and simple and didn’t make you feel like a fat kid when you go back for more. We added a lot of feta cheese and ate it with ciabatta bread to round it out. After dinner I realized that we are officially on the one week countdown to Christmas. At this point I have acquired 0 total gifts and am now in the stage where I’m desperately walking through stores trying to come up with ideas. It’s an awesome feeling. The holidays are so relaxing. The Feed:

Team Radioshack’s team manager, Johan Bruyneel, has posted Team Radioshack’s racing schedule on his Facebook page. From the looks of it no Giro for Lance, but they are venturing to the Dauphiné Libéré and Tour of Austria, among others. If I was on the team I would be kind of pissed. The Italian podium girls are super hot. When I win a stage I don’t want a fug Austrian girl handing me flowers. Those chicks look like they could bench press me.

The registration for the RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Race across Iowa) is open. I hear a lot of great stuff about this ride so definitely on my to do list. Although I have an adversion to spending hours on a bike riding through cornfields. It sounds like Team LiveStrong is doing it right, with camping, buses and happy hours. My kind of bike tour.

The Men’s Journal guide to the Perfect Weekend, with things to do in Oregon, Utah and Yellowstone. I like these because they seem pretty accessible and inexpensive. I really want to ride some sand dunes on a board. Sounds majestic.

Avatar is here! I’m trembling with excitement and nerd fever. Check out the glowing NYT’s review here and check out the trailer here. Get your 3D glasses ready!

And while we’re on dork patrol, the new Iron Man 2 trailer is out. I love RDJ and ScarJo so this one is high on my must see list. They even have War Machine in this one.

AccuTerra, a software company that makes GPS maps for various outdoor areas, has a cool GPS app for Vail Mountain. It lets you track your ski routes on the mountain and provides locations for lodges, runs by difficulty, and various other features. Pretty cool. Warning: the link dumps you into iTunes, so if you don’t have it up and running open iTunes first.

And finally, in honor of Christmas and my new found fascination with Jersey Shore culture, a little Christmas story from Jimmy Kimmel live. Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend.



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TWW Daily Feed for November 16th

Some of you might have seen the news clip about the Slovenian climber Tomaz Humar, one of the most respected big mountain climbers in the world who passed away either Friday or Saturday on Langtang Lirung in the Himalayas at an elevation of 5,600 meters (18,372 feet). His death has again sparked the typical “is it all worth it” debate that so often permeates the news after these types of events. A typical comment from a reader of the Outside clip announcing the death: “No mountain is worth leaving two children fatherless. Senseless.” I have never felt that deaths like Humar’s are senseless. He was someone living his life exactly how he wanted to live it; undertaking the challenges and experiences that made him who he was. The Himalaya is a dangerous place and he knew the risks, accounted for them and in the end decided it was worth it. In moments like this, a celebration of life and those who experience it in all of its glory and pain are what should be on our minds, not the judgmental analysis of someone who very few people could ever really understand.

Sorry to start the week on a somber note. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. It was cold and snowy in Colorado, making for some good early season turns and good football watching weather. The Feed: Continue reading

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NCAR/El Dorado Canyon Loop

These “Whopper Virgin” commercials drive me nuts. The premise is that taste testers travel around the world to find burger “virgins”, give them a Big Mac and a Whopper, and see which one they like the most – the “ultimate taste test.”  These isolated populations are probably growing and raising their own food. Which means that their diet is high on proteins, vegetables and fiber, and completely lacking in processed foods. The Whopper comes in an 1800 calorie package of processed beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and bacon (at your option). The Big Mac is a 540 calorie bomb with many of the same ingredients, but covered in a french dressing-like sauce. The “virgins” wolf down these burgers, give a thumbs up to the Whopper, and then the commercial fades out with some ominous voice-over about how the “virgins” have spoken. I have an idea; lets show these people about 2 hours after they eat the burgers – running around, holding their stomachs, vomiting and trying not to shit all over the town square. Maybe the producers could do a test of which burger resulted in less explosive diarrhea. The Whopper virgins have spoken!!

Thankfully we have bikes to work off any Whopper/Big Mac damage we’ve managed to do to ourselves, and thankfully mountain towns have an abundance of great rides. The NCAR/El Dorado Canyon Loop is a great flatter ride that runs through the South Boulder area. Featuring a few moderate climbs, great views of the southern Flatirons and a cool, isolated canyon, this ride is great for putting in some base building miles.

Starting from downtown Boulder, the ride takes you up the bike path that runs parallel to Broadway and runs through the CU campus. This bike path will take you all the way into South Boulder and to the first climb of this ride, the NCAR Climb which summits on top of a hill underneath the Flatirons. This climb is long and fairly gradual, providing some great views of the plains and foothills and functioned more as a warmup for the rest of the ride. The descent, however, is a ton of fun – very fast, great sight lines, and fairly smooth road. Back to the bottom of NCAR, the ride climbs up through a Boulder neighborhood that provides some more great views of the meadows that abut the Flatirons, before diving back down towards Table Mesa Road.

From Table Mesa the ride heads further south and eventually heads back to the El Dorado Canyon area. This part of the ride is my favorite – a long, slightly uphill road that heads West directly into the Canyon area, which is  a great spot for hiking and rock climbing. The road eventually comes into a small little town before it turns to dirt. This is our turnaround point. After winding back out of the canyon, the ride heads up Cherryvale Road – another long, rolling road that heads northeast. You’ll roll past meadows, farmland and a reservoir. Not the mountains, but a beautiful part of Boulder nonetheless. From Cherryvale road its easy to hop onto the Boulder Creek Path, which will take you back into downtown.

The best part of this ride is the long, fairly even straightaways that are great for intervals or sprinting. The moderate climbing is nice if your legs are sore or if you just want something more lowkey.

Do it because: the ride is a good mix of flats and climbs, with some great views of the city, mountains and plains. It is also a great ride for exploring some of the neighborhoods in the South Boulder area.

Distance: 26.5 miles

Directions: Starting at 9th and Pearl Street, take 9th South to Canyon Ave and take the Boulder Creek Path east. Hop on to the bike path in Central Park, at Arapahoe Ave and Broadway St. Take the path as it climbs up Broadway towards south Boulder. The path will parallel the CU campus. About a quarter mile after Regent Drive you can either go under Broadway or straight towards the law school. Take the tunnel under Broadway, and then turn left, as you continue to head south (you’ll be able to see CU’s law school across the street). You will cross Baseline, where the path will briefly put you onto the road. The path will continue to parallel Broadway all the way up to Table Mesa Drive (sometimes putting you onto a road). Take a right on Table Mesa (towards the Flatirons). Stay on Table Mesa, as it climbs all the way up to the NCAR campus. Turn around once you reach the top and bomb back down Table Mesa.

Toward the bottom of where Table Mesa begins to climb to NCAR you want to take a right on Lehigh St. There isn’t a stop sign here, so make sure to keep a look out for the road. Lehigh will climb and eventually crest above a large meadow before descending down all the way to Broadway (Lehigh will eventually turn into Greenbriar Road before intersecting with Broadway). At Broadway you will come to a light. Cross Broadway and you will be able to pick up a bike path, which you will take a right on (towards the south). This path will eventually put you on to Marshall Road. Take Marshall Road until it intersects with Eldorado Springs Drive, where you want to take a right. This road will take you up to a light. Go through the light, crossing Foothills Parkway, and then bear left at the convenience store. Eldorado will take you all the way back towards the canyon. Once the road turns to dirt, turnaround and head back, again crossing Foothills Parkway at the light. However, instead of heading back on Marshall Road, take a right onto Marshall Drive (your first right after you cross Foothills Parkway), and then a left onto S. Cherryvale Road, which is the first left you can take.

Cherryvale winds through the plains east of Boulder, passing farms and a resevoir before bringing you to a stop sign at the intersection of Baseline and Cherryvale. At this intersection, go straight and then take your first left on to Dimmit Drive. This road will eventually dead end at an entrance to another paved bike path. Take the path until it ends at Centennial Trail. Take a left and then your first right on to Merritt Drive. Take Merritt Drive until it intersects with Eisenhower Drive, where you will take a right and head toward the intersection of Eisenhower and Arapahoe Ave. Cross Arapahoe and then take a left on the the sidewalk/bike path that parralels Arapahoe and eventually intersect with the Boulder Creek Path to take you all the back to downtown Boulder.

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