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TWW Daily Feed (6.6.2010)

Work, moving and vacation have combined to squeeze out any free time I thought I had, resulting in a dusty wasteland for TWW. My apologies. Trying to straighten everything out, albeit slowly. The last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful in the sport world, with the whole Landis/Armstrong thing, the Teva Mountain Games, assorted cycling races, and of course the Bolder Boulder. Hope everyone had a good weekend. The Feed:

Morning dose

There is a renewed surge of attention on the cycling world after Floyd Landis decided to implicate almost the entire elite level cycling ranks in intricate doping schemes. As a fan, it has not been very fun to watch. Even less fun are the new rumors that arise to explain a cyclist’s incredible performance during a race. This is one of the more absurd (but plausible?) things I have seen in a while.

I’ve been to Salt Lake City a grand total of two times, so I don’t have much insight to where the cool parts of town are or if drinking in a Mormon epicenter is really that much more fun, but the NY Times thinks it is. Check out their 36 Hours in SLC feature.

A new restaurant has popped up in Portland called Gruner, with cuisine that focuses on the “Alpine” regions of Europe. It sounds amorphous, but read the review and you’ll realize how amazing Alpine food apparently is. On the list of places I need to eat.

The World Cup is almost here, and if the blitzkrieg of ESPN and American based sports marketing hasn’t captured your attention just a little bit, then the simple fact that it is one of the coolest sporting events in the world should. But when are the games?! Here you go. You are welcome.

Thanks for F’ing the planet even more car companies. There is a special circle in hell waiting for you.


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TWW Daily Feed (4.12.2010)

Person with the stupid bluetooth headset; please get off of the trail.

I’ve noticed in the past two years or so that people with cell phones on trails are becoming an increasingly common sight. Part of me understands; trails are often isolated and treacherous, and having a cell phone makes complete sense. What I don’t understand is why people choose to use their cellphones while they are hiking or exercising. To me, this defeats the purpose of being outside and active. Sitting in an office all day, interacting with people, carrying the burden of responsibilities; these are the reasons why being active is, and should be, a necessary part of the day. It provides a break from the craziness of life and lets us experience life in a more stress reduced environment. Until the a-holes start thinking that it’s a good idea to bring the phone on to the trail in order to get business done. Now, not only are you missing the whole point of what you set out to do, but you are impeding on the serenity of everyone else. So buddy, please take your stupid bluetooth headset, and yourself, off of the mountain. You are killing my vibe. The Feed:


I haven’t thrown up anything from the glorious Heidi Swanson in a while so when I saw her recipe for Chocolate Cherry Brownies I was immediately swept back in to the magic of her existence. Head over to her site to check them out. I realize that brownies are not really great for training, but you have to indulge every once in a while. Especially when you get stressed out thinking about the fat bastards on cell phones getting in your way on the trail you are trying to run.


I have never been to the Little Red Bike Cafe in Portland, OR, but it’s on my list. Especially after reading their post about some of their favorite breakfast spots. The best way to gauge the quality of a restaurant is to gauge the quality of their influences. The Little Red Bike seems to be in good company.

Google Earth is an amazingly fun program to have on your computer. Unfortunately, my computer does not like it so I have yet to see this map in action, but our friend Jake seems to be very excited about it. How do I know he was excited? He sent me the link with a lot of exclamation points in the email. And pictures of unicorns. Thanks Jake. I think.

Robert Downey Jr. Badass. Check out a preview of his interview with Men’s Journal here. And thank whatever God you pray to that we still have actors of his quality. I swear if I have to watch another movie with Ashton Kutcher I’m going to freak out.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 5, 2010

The Front Range has turned into a wind tunnel this morning. Running in these conditions is like resistance training. But strong winds here bode well for the snow conditions in the mountain; winter storms are moving in! Hope everyone has a great weekend. The Feed:


The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend with, lo and behold, a special feature on Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. The Springs gets a bad rap for its ultra conservative leanings and tendency to think of urban planning and smart growth as a sign of the apocolypse, but the town does have some incredible outdoor access.

New Portland restaurant, by some of the same people that have made Toro Bravo one of the best eateries in Portland. It has been too long since my last visit. On to ticket searching…

And for a little morning musical break, check out the Terminator’s baby making some music.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 24, 2010

Lemon ginger tea at Shuga's.

Running short on time this morning. Long nights make early mornings brutal and rushed. Thankfully yesterday I took a quick trip to Shuga’s for some of their revitalizing hot lemon ginger tea. If anyone can faithfully reproduce this nectar of the Gods I will purchase some sort of expensive ski or snowboard equipment piece for you. From The Clymb or Steep and Cheap. Hope everyone is having a good week. The Feed:


I’m not much for religion lately and honestly it freaks me out a lot that Americans seem so intent on basing their life decisions on concepts from a book written 2000 years ago. Take for instance this story, about a man’s efforts to rename Mt. Diablo in California because, as he puts it, the devil is “a living person.” To each their own, but if you want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, try volunteering at a soup kitchen or start organizing food and clothing drives.

Times are rough and if you’re like us you are always looking for good deals. Especially in the mountains where the cost of everything shoots up. Casey calls it the “mountain tax.” For example, the “five dollar foot long” Subway deal turns into the “six dollar foot long” once you breach the central mountains of Colorado. Anyway, Outside has a good little guide to some of the most economical ski resorts in the country. Check it out, hit the mountains, save your money for the regular priced foot longs.

US Downhill Skier Ted Ligety’s workout regime. I love how he talks about how he is constantly trying to gain weight. Based on his ideal dimensions for a downhill skier, I should be on the podium in Vancouver. I’ve got gravity coach, put me in!

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TWW Daily Feed for February 18, 2010

I’ve been looking for a good way to sum up why I generally enjoy the winter Olympics more than the summer Olympics, and in lieu of talking about how hot Julia Mancuso, Gretchen Bleiler and Lindsey Vonn are, which are the primary reasons I love the games this year, I’m going to defer to Steep and Cheap’s commentary on the subject, as their reasons are a bit more rational than mine:

“The Winter Olympics are much better than the summer variety. I think it’s because anyone can at least attempt most of the sports in the summer games. I could run a mile on a track or hurl a bowling ball 15 feet after spinning around several times. I might not be any good at it, but I it’s easy to imagine myself participating in those summer sports. The winter games are stacked with things you never get to do. Going to a waterslide is as close as most of us will get to the luge or bobsled, and accidentally getting air in your car over railroad tracks is the nearest most of us come to the ski jump. I also like that they introduce shooting guns to cross country skiing in the biathlon, and if you want an everyman sport, there’s always curling. When I watch curling, I feel like the losing team should have to take a shot for every point the other team wins by.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself (thanks Ryan for the link). The Feed:


I spent most of my night watching the men’s snowboarding halfpipe finals. Shaun White is phenomenal. There is not an adequate way to describe how incredibly talented he is. The NYTs tries, but the piece sounds like the dude is grasping for a connection that he can’t understand. The best way I can describe Shaun White is by comparing him to a video game snowboarder come to life; with all of the crazy moves, smooth transitions and vibrant personality that exist in a good character. But with better hair. Congrats Shaun! If anyone can find an online video of his last run last night send it along.

Check out this cool interactive feature from the NYTs that features some of the Olympic snowboarders and has them talking about their music and what goes through their minds when they’re launching themselves off of an ice chute 30 feet into the air.


I’m getting ready to head over to Red Rocks Canyon to get in a quick run, but before I do I wanted to throw up some pictures of last night’s gold medal performance by Lindsey Vonn. Watching her race confused the hell out of my body. On one hand I was slightly aroused, on the other I got that anxious feeling you get when you thing someone is going to break their neck by crashing into a tree. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Go Lindsey! And if you ever need anyone to celebrate with by traipsing around the beaches of Hawaii, I’m here for you baby.

Last night’s performance by the US women was incredible. Gold and silver in the downhill by two of the most talented, and yes, attractive women in the sport is not only great for the US Olympic marketing team, but makes the country look like we actually know what we’re doing. At least when it comes to winter sports. God forbid they set up an international body fat percentage competition, or a contest to see who can come up with the most reasonable and comprehensive health care system. We’d be F’ed.

Backing away from the Olympic coverage for a second, check out this article about Amuse Bouche, a bistro in Suprise, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix) that has infused a far flung suburban strip mall location with some of the best dishes in the Southwest. But what’s really interesting about Amuse, and why you should read this article, is how it manages to thrive in one of the worst financial climate in history, in a community where 75% of the population is over the age of 65 and the price for the scallop meal is $24 (hint: their most popular dishes are straight from Americana). Good read.

Some electronica and digital graffiti to get the day going. I want this screen. Brilliant.

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/17/dining/17amuse.html (Phoenix restaurant)

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TWW Daily Feed for February 10, 2010

The Front Range is emerging from two days of bitter cold and snow, and while I hate how confined nasty weather can make me feel, I love how a good storm seems to clean the sky. The morning drive has been much clearer and the mountains look more striking; a result of the winds of the storm clearing the ever increasing smog that hangs over the cities down here. It truly bums me out that for all of the talk about “green energy” and sustainability, the thing that is going to make the most difference is getting rid of entrenched political leadership that thinks there is nothing wrong with a brown cloud hanging over its constituents. The Feed:


A new study is demonstrating that TV is not necessarily a culprit in the rising obesity levels in children. Rather, it’s the amount of commercials that they watch. I have no idea how the scientists came up with this one, but does monitoring a kids commercial viewing pose a viable option to fighting obesity, or is getting your chubby little bundle of joy outside and into some running shoes the way to go? I vote the latter.

I housed a almond croissant this morning, which my assistant informed me was composed of “one stick of butter plus some flour” so I’m feeling in the need of some healthy eating. A veggie sandwich on ciabatta sounds just about perfect.

A nice, soothing video to keep you entertained today when it feels like work is taking forever. Not as nice as Brooklyn Decker down there, but still pretty.


I’m on a little environmental kick right now, but I was dumbfounded by this poster, which depicts the surface area required to power the world’s energy grid via solar power. I was dumbfounded for two reasons; 1) I have no idea how to read this thing and 2) if I’m reading it right, we could basically get rid of Arizona and be carbon free in 2030. Brilliant!

This morning Heidi Swanson (one of my unicorns) has an amazing recipe up for Chocolate Puddle Cookies. And, unlike most of her other recipes, she doesn’t try and make these things more healthy than they should be. Oh, and she spotted the original cookie in Portland. What’s not to love about this woman?

I really, really hate Valentine’s Day. But I really really love Portland restaurants. So I’m going to post the Portland Food and Drink Valentine’s Day Roundup, even though I’m opposed to the very reason for its existence. Have fun on a manufactured holiday, eating good food that will be endlessly scrutinized by your lady friend who will spend the next day comparing notes with her girlfriends about how great/crappy your idea was. Awesome.

What’s that? You want a video preview of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? Okay.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 9, 2010

Sorry about yesterday, I was traveling from Milwaukee back to Denver and ran out of time in the morning. Now I’m back in Colorado, pounding down some coffee and enjoying the six inches of new snow that has blanketed the Front Range in the last 24 hours. Like a lot of the West, we’ve been pretty parched this winter, so hopefully this is the start of a good snow trend for the next couple of months. If not, F this place, I’m going somewhere with a beach and surfing. Welcome to the week! Hope everyone had a great weekend. The Feed:


For most of my bike maintenance needs I relied on my old college roommate Max who grew so impatient with our group’s inability to fix something as simple as a flat that he began doing weekly bike maintenance in order to avoid having to deal with our whining on the rides. As a result, my bike was a well oiled machine and I gained nothing in the way of maintenance knowledge. So to fill in my knowledge gaps I’ve been doing some research and reading and checking out things like a slide show to help with the baby steps of bike maintenance. I’ll always miss Max, but time to grow up.

With the Olympics in town Vancouver is the star of numerous “guide to” articles. I like this Men’s Journal one because its quick, well organized and has a couple of helpful links for furthering exploring. And it guides you to some of the more debaucherous venues.

The first stage details for this years Tour of California are popping up. Head over to Velo News for a breakdown of the first two stages along with some good pictures. I think this would be one of the greater spectator races in the word. It combines cycling, California, wine, beer, beaches and girls who frequent beaches into a multi-day event. Perfect.

Wondering why the West is hurting for snow? Because we still think that these things are good ideas:


The end of Portland Food and Drink’s survey results, with the official unveiling of the Best Restaurant in Portland and the Best New Restaurant. There are a lot of favorites on this list, and a lot of new places I need to check out. Get on it people! Who knows when the next restaurant apocalypse will strike.

A great breakdown of the building drama and trash talk between the Pro teams in the run up to this year’s major cycling event. I love how Bicycling Magazine basically called Lance Armstrong a baby. Wow. Goodbye exclusive interviews with Lance. I’m not sure how I feel about the need to trash talk in a sport where everyone shaves their body hair and spandex is the uniform of choice, but whatever guys, get after it.

Because its never too early in the morning to be inspired by disabled animals who can still do their thing:

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