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Daily Feed for August 31st

Welcome to the last day of August, and mentally my last day of summer. I never think of September as belonging to the summer months, mostly because in Colorado September signals the beginning of cool weather, changing leaves and James Dobson burrowing into the Eighth Circle to stay warm.

Sorry about Friday’s Feed, I got up early for a golf game and ended up spending most of the day at the course. Today’s Daily Feed features a little “sorry Jeff is a lazy bastard” apology in the form of a new feature, called “What the Hell is Max Searching For“, which features my best attempt to answer the search queries that viewers to TWW check out, and that pop up in my nifty WordPress dashboard. We dedicate this one to Max because he is the only one I can think of who would want the answer to “Does coffee or espresso make you poop more?”.  Anyway, the Feed;

The NYTs has a great article about bare foot running and the debate over whether less is more and vice versa when it comes to running shoes. The article features Vibram; maker of the FiveFinger shoes which emulate the bare foot. As someone whose body weight is not doing him any favors, the idea of a shoe without much of padding is a bit scary, but I’m seriously considering buying the Vibram FiveFingers KSO.

A plea from Jeff’s knees: please convince Jeff’s dumbass that his gigantic ass needs NASA approved structural support, not some crazy “barefoot” shoe that might increase the likelihood of us blowing up like KFed after the divorce. And to lay off the cheese curds. Thanks.

The TransRockies Run finished up this weekend, and as Running World’s Lisa Jhung points out, these multi-day races are becoming the new vacation destinations. Works for me; better than getting wasted at some cheesy Mexican resort for seven days.

The Seattle Food Geek dude has a new recipe up; Mussels with a Bohemia Beer sauce. It looks good, but instead of sourdough bread try large waffle fries.

Speaking of recipes, my unicorn, the amazing Miss Heidi Swanson has a new recipe up for blueberry cake. Blueberry’s are one of the best fruits you can eat, and the fact that Heidi mixes them with cake? Pure genius.

George Hincapie killed it this weekend, winning the USA Cycling Professional National Championships in Greenville, South Carolina. One of TWW’s favorite riders. Go George!

Slate has a slide show posted about the Forest Hills community in New York; a gorgeous example of a planned community – built 100 years ago. Surely we could do the same now, but where would we park all of our H2s?

Simply badass. My legs are angry at me just for reading about it.

This is the most ridiculous thing I read all weekend. Twice he’s been rescued. I hope the next time it happens they force him to go on Mantracker. Thanks for making our permits and fees more expensive douchebag.

Alright, back to the start of the work week. Enjoy the last day of August!


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