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TWW Daily Feed (5.19.2010)

Monday, May 31st is the 32nd running of the Bolder Boulder, one of the country’s most popular races and a great way to start the Colorado summer. I haven’t participated for the last several years, due to a variety of reasons (out of town, school, broke). But the main reason I haven’t returned to the starting line is the “Incident of Aught-Seven.” That year I had completed, and done well in, a couple of races. Including my first marathon and half marathon. I was primed for the Bolder Boulder; hoping to drop my personal best into the low 40s, if not under 40. But then fate intervened. Near the start line I hopped out of my wave to grab a quick bathroom break, and on my way back to the start I somehow got turned around and ended up near the actual start (the waves are stacked from the start line back). The problem? I was on the wrong side of the barricade. Not a huge deal, until the starting gun went off. Because each runner is timed from when their wave starts it was imperative that I get back to my group.   Desperately I tried to find a break in the barricade to let me back in, but to no avail. I tried climbing it a few times only to be screamed at by ectomorphic runners and irritable race officials. By the time I found a way around the barricade and into the waves I was well behind my group and found myself in the midst of the typical Boulder wave (think people in costumes, walkers, and runners who may or may not have fueled for the race with beer). I essentially started five minutes behind my group and spent the first three miles of the race desperately trying to dodge people in tutus wearing fairy wings. It was one of the most frustrating races of my life. My time went from a hopeful low 40s well into the 50s. I crossed the finish line with my head down, frantically hoping that my friends hadn’t left me for dead. Not this year Bolder Boulder! You will not foil me again. The Feed:


This is kind of a weird and random study, and even more of a reason to marry an athlete: it looks like genes may influence our desire to lead active lifestyles. Bottom line: don’t get involved with the chick that likes watching movies over going for a hike.

The daily cycling updates are showing that there has been a major shakeup in the Giro d’Italia GC. Head over to Velo News to check it out. Also, the Tour of California is heading into Stage 4, but for some reason I can’t find any sort of report on it. So head over to the photo gallery of Stage 3 instead.

In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, this season’s Everest summit push includes a 13 year old who is attempting to become the youngest person on Everest. Head over to Outside for the details.

This is no good. Careful if you are a spring skier. It might be better to consider a vacation to Hawaii or Australia to get your surfing fixes in.


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TWW Daily Feed (5.18.2010)

Colorado is turning into Portland. I’ve seen the sun once in the last four days. It’s either a weird, wet springs or the vampires are trying to take over. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Sorry we’re late to this week. The Feed:


We’re leading off the third week of May with one of the coolest snow-based accomplishments in the West: Christy Mahon has become the first woman to ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks. A huge accomplishment, especially because of the “Davenport Rule”, which dictates that a mountain has not been skied unless it is skied from the summit. Anyone having stoop atop some of Colorado’s 14ers realizes how preposterous that sounds. Nonetheless, Christy killed it. Head over to Ted Mahon’s site for a guest post by Christy herself and accompanying photo galleries (click on the dates) and then check out the Denver Post’s article about the accomplishment. Congrats Christy!

Some cycling racing check ins: The 2010 Giro d’Italia is heading into its tenth stage and Alexander Vinokourov has ascended the peloton’s ranks and is riding in pink. The Tour of California, which, based on Lance’s twitter page, sounds like it has seen more rain than sun, is heading into Stage 3. Check out the GPS tour of Stage 3 here.

I’m fully embracing yoga these days. Apart from the fact that it forces me to stretch and work on my core (two things I never do when exercising) the classes are full of incredibly attractive women. Really, its a win-win. Check out this cool graphic about the prevalence of Yoga.

The Adventure Life has a video up of Yosemite’s strange spring phenomenon, known as “frazil ice”; a mix of water, slush and ice that flows through the park during the Spring thaws. It’s an interesting phenomenon, but I think the video is more worth watching for the various Yosemite sites. Good way to start the day.

This is so F’ing frustrating: The Environmental Performance Index, a joint collaboration between Yale and Columbia that ranks countries based on various indicators, has placed the United States at number 61. Behind such environmental luminaries like Mexico and Canada (Canada! Where they have actually turned Alberta into one gargantuan landfill to mine oil). From the site:

The 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks 163 countries on 25 performance indicators tracked across ten policy categories covering both environmental public health and ecosystem vitality. These indicators provide a gauge at a national government scale of how close countries are to established environmental policy goals. The EPI’s proximity-to-target methodology facilitates cross-country comparisons as well as analysis of how the global community is doing collectively on each particular policy issue.

You would think that a country that insists on telling other nations how to operate and gives tons of lip service to “environmentalism” and “green job creation” would maybe, just maybe, be a little higher on this list. But then again, this is the same country that allows oil companies to drill in oceans with little to no oversight, and formulates plans to stop the Gulf oil leak that involve shooting golf balls and garbage into the pipe. Fuck.

Done ranting. A music video for you from The National:

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TWW Daily Feed (5.12.2010)

Last night we went into downtown Colorado Springs to meet friends for Happy Hour. On the way we passed a bar that was hosting its weekly 5K run through the city. I’ve noticed that this has become a big trend on the Front Range; bars hosting running clubs that start and end their run at the bar and then head in for drink specials. Here is my top 5 list of why bar running clubs are a horrible idea:

#5: Run + beer = total mitigation of benefits from running. You are getting fatter by doing this.

#4: These things tend to draw bigger (read: chunky) folks who can handle a 5K. They then stuff themselves into a bar, resulting in a bar full of sweaty fat people. Check please.

#3: Elevating the heart rate through running increases blood flow. Adding alcohol to a body in which the blood is moving faster results in people getting drunk faster. These people aren’t running back home; they are getting into their cars. Enough said.

#2: We had a theory in college that went something like this: most people do sports for the team and fitness aspect. Some people do sports because it allows them to eat and drink more without completely blowing out. Guess which group the people that join bar running clubs belong to. Minus the early twenties metabolism.

#1: Do you really want to have this conversation with your buddies?: “There was just something about the way she shuffled through 3.2 miles and then pounded beers like a champ that made me want to get to know her better.”

No thanks. The Feed:


I know everyone has been waiting with sweaty anticipation for this tidbit of knowledge: Lance Armstrong’s yoga routine. Each pose is demonstrated by a video that you have to get to by shutting the stupid adds that pop up with each slide. Oh well. Just the thought of doing something that Lance does excites me. Deep breath. Relax my racing heart…

A preview of the teams appearing at this year’s Tour of California, in slide show format.

This is by far one of the funniest websites I’ve come across in a while: DontEvenReply.com. A website devoted to a guy finding random ads on Craig’s List and then tormenting them. Priceless.

A cool graph that looks at how much American cities spend on eating out and groceries. I don’t really see a correlation to healthier populations, which is surprising. You would think that skinnier cities (like Denver) would be spending less on eating out; as food in restaurants tends to be heavier on things like butter and calories. Instead you have cities like Milwaukee and Memphis on the frugal diner list. Interesting.

A little music video for you to start your day.

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TWW Daily Feed (5.11.2010)

We are well into May and Colorado has yet to fully embrace the heat of the late spring/summer. Days on the Front Range start out sunny, turn into a windy tempest by noon and by the time I want to go for a run around six have devolved into cloudy and cold brick wall upon which my motivation crashes into and dies. Yay for Spring! I’m ready for the summer. The Feed:


I wrote about the Giro on Friday and then promptly forgot about its existence. The latest pink jersey leader: Alexandre Vinokourov, a blast from the doping past. Head over here to check out the race report and to view the rather phallic celebration photo of Vino.

This is a great little photo graphic that lets you do a quick calculation of how many watts your appliances are using. When you click on the link all of the appliances have been selected and added to the total. To get a reading for your home just unselect the appliances you don’t have. Pretty cool way to do a quick read of how environmentally irresponsible you are. Go air conditioning!

Crested Butte has been trying to expand its existing terrain; a move that has been geared toward making the mountain more “family friendly” by creating more beginner to intermediate terrain. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your views) the proposed expansion has been rejected by the US Forest Service. Crested Butte is a vibrant town, and the pushback against resort expansion is a nice change of pace relative to the Vail and Breckenridge expansions of the last few years.

Confession: I saw Iron Man 2 this week. I now love RDJ more than ever. The Girl is worried. I’m sorry, but how can you not be enthralled by a dude that manages his propensity to get wasted by engaging in hard core martial arts training.

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TWW Daily Feed (5.7.2010)

My real job is crushing me this week. Sorry about the lack of posting. I keep experiencing these weird ebb and flos in my ability to get to the office and find the time to regale you with inane observations. I hope everyone had a great week. The Feed:


Bicycling Magazine’s look at the field for the upcoming Giro d’Italia. Looks like no presence from Team Radioshack/Livestrong, but Garmin-Transitions is looking to make an impact.

A fantastic gallery of landscape scenery in Lapland, taken by photographer Henrik Bonnevier.

Going worldwide with this one: a map of the world’s 50 top restaurants, as determined by Restaurant Magazine. Who knows how objective it is, but it is kind of a fun way to spend five minutes and plan a vacation you can’t afford. The list of restaurants is on the right; click on each for a description and its location on the map.

Last week I put up a link to Opedix; a company that designs clothing meant to provide better joint support for improved performance. Check out the video below for a more comprehensive look at how the clothing works:

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TWW Daily Feed (5.3.2010)


New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila is over, with Levi Leipheimer once again taking the first overall position in the race; repeating his victory from last year. Lance took 17th. A shout out to Tom Danielson for his second place finish. Nice work boys.

The recession is really creating a buyer’s market. Especially in the resort towns. Aspen is looking more affordable everyday.

For the most part I feel that “green” gyms are really using environmental consciousness as a marketing ploy rather than a wholehearted attempt to reduce the impact that gyms have. When you have a facility that combines a laundromat, saunas, showers and huge square footage and the attendant heating/cooling requirements the fact that your stationary bikes are linked into the power grid (and produce a tiny fraction of the building’s energy needs) doesn’t make you a conscious gym. It makes you look like you are trying too hard.

About a month ago a few of us signed up for the Pikes Peak Ascent; a half-marathon that winds its way up one of Colorado’s eminent 14’ers, gaining 7,815 feet from start to finish. Yesterday we set off for our first run on the actual course, with the initial goal of reaching Barr Camp and the halfway point of the race. At about mile 1.2 the light snow flakes that were teasing us turned into a full on snow storm; dumping about an inch and a half on the ground before we reached 8000 feet. Due to the weather (and the crushing realization that the first five miles of the run is brutally difficult) we turned around early. Overall, a somewhat frustrating run and that hammered home the sheer difficulty of a run like this. Thankfully it is only May; a fact I repeat to myself over and over as I catch glimpses of the behemoth that will be our adversary come August. The Feed:


I mentioned snow on the Front Range above. We had just a taste of what the Central Mountains experienced. Head on over to Jake’s gallery for a peek at why Colorado in the Spring is bipolar.

Oregon is known for its pro-environment policies and its wines. This NYTs article provides a good look at how both elements come together to create some of the most progressive wine making enterprises in the country. I miss Oregon. (Thanks to Brook for the link).

A couple of friends of TWW have been working on a pretty cool gear line that manages to jump outside of the Nike/Adidas box for active wear. Opedix designs active-wear that helps with body alignment and support; making activity easier and recovery faster. I’m hoping that a pair of the running tights might make it less likely that my overly large body does not result in a blown out knee in the coming months.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.29.2010)

From my office I have a bird’s eye view of the parking lot for our building where everyday the same awkward little scene unfolds; a man driving a delivery truck pulls up in the parking lot and is met by a medical assistant who works in the building. They embrace in a hug and then start to go at it; making out in front of about thirty other offices. After the initial “hello” they then walk to where his delivery truck is parked, near the edge of the lot, walk around to the side of the truck not facing the building and then proceed to do God knows what. I find this little drama awkward for several reasons. The main reason is that they are both really unattractive people (I’m shallow. Sue me). The other reason is that I’m convinced they are having an affair. The whole thing makes being stuck at a desk for most of the day even worse. I can just imagine their fugly little love children running around creating havoc. The Feed:


Lance is all over the West this week. His team is at New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila for the second year in a row. A lot of people are wondering what the strategy is behind his participation in a fairly non-competitive National event. Does he really matter? Can’t the guy have some fun in the sun?

Strangely appropriate after my rant about people killing trees yesterday. They are fighting back!

Less sleep might equal more eating. Which, as appropriate with a lot of healthy article angles, could “lead to more weight gain.” I don’t sleep a lot so this one jumped out at me for a second, but then I realized this: when you don’t sleep you are awake. When you are awake you tend to be more active. Activity requires calories. Hence, more eating. To directly link less sleep with weight gain seems to be reaching. At least that is what I’m telling myself.

Vail, CO at 5:00AM this morning. Thanks for waiting until after the ski season before gracing us with your presence. (photo credit: Jake Krong)

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