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TWW Daily Feed (6.17.2010)

This week is getting more hectic as it careens toward the weekend, so sorry about yesterday. Not too much going on in the outdoor world at the moment, but we have a few good tidbits. The Feed:

post lunch dose

Lance is pissed. Yesterday he tweeted a nice little response to the new Outside Magazine cover featuring the big guy in what appears to be a shirt that reads “38. BFD,” along with the usual Outside hysterics asking “is this the end for Lance?” Apparently the cover shot was photo shopped to add the number and the BFD (“big f*cking deal”). And evidently Lance isn’t too happy about it. Steve Casimiro points out that Lance, as one of the most photographed athletes in the world, probably knew about the alterations. One would think that Outside would have presented this idea to Lance ahead of time so I’m with Steve in thinking that this whole thing might be some disingenuous disgruntlement on Lance’s part. Then again, the rest of the cover looks like it the issue is going to focus on some things Lance doesn’t want to talk about which would make me think that the magazine roped Lance in for the cover without disclosing their angle. The mag has responded by…not really saying anything.  Big picture: whatever. Lance is a badass, Outside will continue to publish inane content, and I will still question why not one single woman has appeared on the cover in the last 6 months.

This sucks. Have to love escaping the cities and hitting our national treasures only to have to fear for your safety. When words like “National Park”, “trail running” and “situational awareness” are combined, you know something is amiss.

I’m compensating for Outside’s lack of women in their pages with a nice gallery of Megan Fox doing some underwear modeling. I’m pretty sure she would be useless on skis or in the mountains, but she would be fun to come back home to.


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TWW Daily Feed for September 23rd: race week cont

In lieu of bitching about the weather, I’ve decided to focus on what I’m going to be eating this weekend in Aspen. There are a couple of restaurants I would like to check out, but mostly I’m excited about whatever Max decides he’s hungry for. Sometimes it means pizza, sometimes it means veal chili, a lot of times it means stir fry and all of the time it means Max eating so much that I get worried about things exploding out of his stomach. The Feed: Continue reading

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