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TWW Daily Feed (6.8.2010)

Funny how when I’m not motivated to exercise a slight irritation in a knee or hamstring becomes excruciatingly painful. That is what happened to me yesterday, when my afternoon plans to run quickly succumbed to my desire for a late afternoon nap. With a workout bag packed and on the road to the venue of the day I realized that a nap sounded better than 6 miles, and suddenly my knee started to “hurt.” Thanks Brain for playing along with that one. I appreciated it. The Feed:

Afternoon dose:

We’re going to head south for a minute so that Steve at the Adventure Life can show off some amazing pictures of lava flowing from Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano. Thankfully, it appears that the tourists and bystanders in Guatemala have a much greater ability to restrain themselves than American tourists. I was in Yellowstone once and watched a tourist try to sneak up behind a moose. I can just imagine that same guy trying to get a sense for exactly how hot the lava is. Kudos Guatemala.

I was a little bit crushed with the Phoenix Suns lost in the Western Conference Finals. I have to admit I have a bit of a man crush on Steve Nash. The dude just seems super cool. He is known in the league as a bit of a fitness and nutrition freak, so his Men’s Journal blurb about what sort of natural supplements he likes caught my attention. Good advice, especially for the aging athletes out there.

In case you were curious; the latest in Landisgate 2010: The Doper Sagas. Basically; accusations from everybody, everyone telling Landis to be quiet, Armstrong and others denying everything and the usually cycling world speak when it comes to this stuff.

This is a pretty interesting study: vigorous exercise has been linked to better grads. My assumption when first reading the headline was that people who have the discipline to exercise regularly probably have the discipline to study more. And the study says? Basically the exact same thing.


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TWW Daily Feed (5.18.2010)

Colorado is turning into Portland. I’ve seen the sun once in the last four days. It’s either a weird, wet springs or the vampires are trying to take over. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Sorry we’re late to this week. The Feed:


We’re leading off the third week of May with one of the coolest snow-based accomplishments in the West: Christy Mahon has become the first woman to ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks. A huge accomplishment, especially because of the “Davenport Rule”, which dictates that a mountain has not been skied unless it is skied from the summit. Anyone having stoop atop some of Colorado’s 14ers realizes how preposterous that sounds. Nonetheless, Christy killed it. Head over to Ted Mahon’s site for a guest post by Christy herself and accompanying photo galleries (click on the dates) and then check out the Denver Post’s article about the accomplishment. Congrats Christy!

Some cycling racing check ins: The 2010 Giro d’Italia is heading into its tenth stage and Alexander Vinokourov has ascended the peloton’s ranks and is riding in pink. The Tour of California, which, based on Lance’s twitter page, sounds like it has seen more rain than sun, is heading into Stage 3. Check out the GPS tour of Stage 3 here.

I’m fully embracing yoga these days. Apart from the fact that it forces me to stretch and work on my core (two things I never do when exercising) the classes are full of incredibly attractive women. Really, its a win-win. Check out this cool graphic about the prevalence of Yoga.

The Adventure Life has a video up of Yosemite’s strange spring phenomenon, known as “frazil ice”; a mix of water, slush and ice that flows through the park during the Spring thaws. It’s an interesting phenomenon, but I think the video is more worth watching for the various Yosemite sites. Good way to start the day.

This is so F’ing frustrating: The Environmental Performance Index, a joint collaboration between Yale and Columbia that ranks countries based on various indicators, has placed the United States at number 61. Behind such environmental luminaries like Mexico and Canada (Canada! Where they have actually turned Alberta into one gargantuan landfill to mine oil). From the site:

The 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks 163 countries on 25 performance indicators tracked across ten policy categories covering both environmental public health and ecosystem vitality. These indicators provide a gauge at a national government scale of how close countries are to established environmental policy goals. The EPI’s proximity-to-target methodology facilitates cross-country comparisons as well as analysis of how the global community is doing collectively on each particular policy issue.

You would think that a country that insists on telling other nations how to operate and gives tons of lip service to “environmentalism” and “green job creation” would maybe, just maybe, be a little higher on this list. But then again, this is the same country that allows oil companies to drill in oceans with little to no oversight, and formulates plans to stop the Gulf oil leak that involve shooting golf balls and garbage into the pipe. Fuck.

Done ranting. A music video for you from The National:

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TWW Daily Feed (5.7.2010)

My real job is crushing me this week. Sorry about the lack of posting. I keep experiencing these weird ebb and flos in my ability to get to the office and find the time to regale you with inane observations. I hope everyone had a great week. The Feed:


Bicycling Magazine’s look at the field for the upcoming Giro d’Italia. Looks like no presence from Team Radioshack/Livestrong, but Garmin-Transitions is looking to make an impact.

A fantastic gallery of landscape scenery in Lapland, taken by photographer Henrik Bonnevier.

Going worldwide with this one: a map of the world’s 50 top restaurants, as determined by Restaurant Magazine. Who knows how objective it is, but it is kind of a fun way to spend five minutes and plan a vacation you can’t afford. The list of restaurants is on the right; click on each for a description and its location on the map.

Last week I put up a link to Opedix; a company that designs clothing meant to provide better joint support for improved performance. Check out the video below for a more comprehensive look at how the clothing works:

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TWW Daily Feed (5.3.2010)


New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila is over, with Levi Leipheimer once again taking the first overall position in the race; repeating his victory from last year. Lance took 17th. A shout out to Tom Danielson for his second place finish. Nice work boys.

The recession is really creating a buyer’s market. Especially in the resort towns. Aspen is looking more affordable everyday.

For the most part I feel that “green” gyms are really using environmental consciousness as a marketing ploy rather than a wholehearted attempt to reduce the impact that gyms have. When you have a facility that combines a laundromat, saunas, showers and huge square footage and the attendant heating/cooling requirements the fact that your stationary bikes are linked into the power grid (and produce a tiny fraction of the building’s energy needs) doesn’t make you a conscious gym. It makes you look like you are trying too hard.

About a month ago a few of us signed up for the Pikes Peak Ascent; a half-marathon that winds its way up one of Colorado’s eminent 14’ers, gaining 7,815 feet from start to finish. Yesterday we set off for our first run on the actual course, with the initial goal of reaching Barr Camp and the halfway point of the race. At about mile 1.2 the light snow flakes that were teasing us turned into a full on snow storm; dumping about an inch and a half on the ground before we reached 8000 feet. Due to the weather (and the crushing realization that the first five miles of the run is brutally difficult) we turned around early. Overall, a somewhat frustrating run and that hammered home the sheer difficulty of a run like this. Thankfully it is only May; a fact I repeat to myself over and over as I catch glimpses of the behemoth that will be our adversary come August. The Feed:


I mentioned snow on the Front Range above. We had just a taste of what the Central Mountains experienced. Head on over to Jake’s gallery for a peek at why Colorado in the Spring is bipolar.

Oregon is known for its pro-environment policies and its wines. This NYTs article provides a good look at how both elements come together to create some of the most progressive wine making enterprises in the country. I miss Oregon. (Thanks to Brook for the link).

A couple of friends of TWW have been working on a pretty cool gear line that manages to jump outside of the Nike/Adidas box for active wear. Opedix designs active-wear that helps with body alignment and support; making activity easier and recovery faster. I’m hoping that a pair of the running tights might make it less likely that my overly large body does not result in a blown out knee in the coming months.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.27.2010)

I’m back from a short but fun visit to Milwaukee and Chicago, where the highlight, at least fitness-wise, was a run in Chicago’s Lincoln Park during an epic rainstorm. It was incredibly cold and windy, but the scenery was amazing; views of downtown Chicago, Lake Michigan crashing against seawalls and a surprising number of people out for some exercise. A good way to spend a weekend and take a break from the relentless climbing that running in the mountains necessitates. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. The Feed:


I have always watched big time cycling races and wondered what happened to the water bottles that riders eject off to the sides of the road. I always assumed that clean up crews (or fans) picked up the empties. Which is apparently somewhat true, but still poses a bit of an environmental issue which has gotten some folks up in arms. I think the bigger issue issue is the hundreds of cars that are involved in big time races.

Cruise over to this link to check out GQ’s assessment of what beers to drink to improve you beer IQ. They are not a bad selection but some of them are some pretty hardcore stouts which seem a bit too much for the burgeoning summer season.

As usual the Adventure Life is featuring some fantastic photography; Ryan Tatar’s surf photography. If you have not become a fan of Steve Casimiro’s site you should. And if you need a break from the monotony of the desk jockeying the surf pictures will either soothe your soul or make you hate your existence. Enjoy!

Some of us spent the weekend shoving cheese, fried food, burgers and alcoholic ice cream drinks into our bodies. Other people did some epic ski mountaineering. Damn you Jake.

Jake on top of Culebra Peak, right before his descent that resulted in a four hour detour.


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TWW Daily Feed (4.21.2010)

It’s a cold and slightly misty morning on the Front Range; weather that reminds me of Portland and is making me a bit nostalgic for the Northwest. The thing I enjoy most about mornings like this are the way that my morning run is much more fragrant that usual. The moisture accentuates the smell of the grass, trees and flowers; making the olfactory workout almost as intense. These days are the reason why I love the spring. When a morning run is imbued with the smells of reawakened trees and plants it puts an extra spring in my step and makes me excited for the day. The Feed:


The rights of commercial river guides to access Colorado rivers that run through private property has become a big issue lately. Sadly, a bill that sought to define the rights of paddlers v. property holders has been stalled. Right in time for the summer season. Great timing.

The FDA is preparing to start attacking salt as an ingredient that American’s apparently need to shed from their diets in order to stop being so fat. Forget the fact that salt is not the problem; fast food is the problem. What an incredibly dumb way to deal with a bigger issue. Institute a fast food tax. That would solve way more than telling us how much salt we are allowed to have.


I’m more of a beer and wine guy but I like my hard liquor every now and then. The Portland Food Dude has a good post up about some Portland area distilleries.

Lance is racing in this year’s Tour of the Gila. I always hear a lot of great things about this race so it’s cool to see that it is growing in stature every year. Although it has to be frustrating for the weekend warrior guys who probably populated this race en masse before Lance found it. Getting crushed by some pro riders at the beginning of your season could really put you in a funk for the rest of the season. Bummer.

A few of our friends went out to Coachella this year which piqued my interest in the music festival for about 2 seconds before I realized from a bit of research that it is 1) about 100 miles away from L.A., which means a bunch of southern Cali kids who think that Paris Hilton is a role model, 2) composed of a fan base that seems to be more focused on the fact that it’s a place to be seen instead of a place to listen to incredible music and 3) composed almost entirely of white people that suck at dancing. No thanks. That said, I can always appreciate the fantastic scenery at the festival.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.20.2010)

I am intent on finding a job that involves spending every single day of my life playing outside. I don’t know what such a job would entail, but I know it would involve a lot of pretty girls, helicopters, really good parties and buffets and a ridiculous amount of gear. This job would involve traveling all over the world and experiencing hundreds, if not thousands, of different cultures. This job would involve minimal oversight from management and would let me make my own hours. I’m going to dream the impossible dream. And try not to freak out on the next client that calls me complaining about how “unconstitutional” it is that they have to pay taxes. The Feed:


I realized yesterday that I have been doing a poor job of updating later in the afternoons. Mostly because by the time the afternoon hits I have a hard time getting back in front of the computer. Which really means I’m brain dead by about 3:00pm everyday. Which means that anyone I give advice to after 3:00pm is really not getting what they paid for. My solution: waffles from Heidi Swanson. I don’t know how they help, but picturing Heidi in a cooking apron and not much else always makes me feel better.

Dhani Jones basically has the job I want. He travels the world, checks out sporting culture in a variety of global locations, and gets paid for it. Dhani, I am simultaneously loathe/worship you. Please don’t hold that against me.

My little computer screen is not doing these pictures justice, so hopefully yours will. The photographs are literally out of this world. And as Casimiro points out, the captions aren’t working. I think Venice is in there along with Mt. Fuji or Mt. St. Helens.

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