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TWW Daily Feed (6.17.2010)

This week is getting more hectic as it careens toward the weekend, so sorry about yesterday. Not too much going on in the outdoor world at the moment, but we have a few good tidbits. The Feed:

post lunch dose

Lance is pissed. Yesterday he tweeted a nice little response to the new Outside Magazine cover featuring the big guy in what appears to be a shirt that reads “38. BFD,” along with the usual Outside hysterics asking “is this the end for Lance?” Apparently the cover shot was photo shopped to add the number and the BFD (“big f*cking deal”). And evidently Lance isn’t too happy about it. Steve Casimiro points out that Lance, as one of the most photographed athletes in the world, probably knew about the alterations. One would think that Outside would have presented this idea to Lance ahead of time so I’m with Steve in thinking that this whole thing might be some disingenuous disgruntlement on Lance’s part. Then again, the rest of the cover looks like it the issue is going to focus on some things Lance doesn’t want to talk about which would make me think that the magazine roped Lance in for the cover without disclosing their angle. The mag has responded by…not really saying anything.  Big picture: whatever. Lance is a badass, Outside will continue to publish inane content, and I will still question why not one single woman has appeared on the cover in the last 6 months.

This sucks. Have to love escaping the cities and hitting our national treasures only to have to fear for your safety. When words like “National Park”, “trail running” and “situational awareness” are combined, you know something is amiss.

I’m compensating for Outside’s lack of women in their pages with a nice gallery of Megan Fox doing some underwear modeling. I’m pretty sure she would be useless on skis or in the mountains, but she would be fun to come back home to.


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TWW Daily Feed (6.11.2010)

Welcome to the end of the week! Hope everyone has a good weekend planned. I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been hellacious. Trying to mix training, work, bartending, more work and more training is slowly turning me into an emaciated and constantly sore Clydesdale. TGIF. The Feed:

late morning dose

If you are in the mood for some early morning politics, head over to the Denver Post to check out what various Colorado candidates for office are doing to ingratiate themselves with the ski industry. My favorite quote, by Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton:

“The days of the federal government cramming wilderness or monument designations down the throats of local communities, recreation enthusiasts and businesses must end,”

Yes, the scourge of protecting Colorado’s natural wonders must stop! How dare the government try to protect fragile forests, wilderness habitats, wetlands and open spaces from the benevolent forces of ATVs, jeeps, hunters and oil and gas companies. The blight of resource protection must be stopped before it is too late!

I’ve been trying to keep abreast of the Portland food cart scene but there seems to be a new cart popping up everyday and keeping track of all of the reviews, changes, openings and closings is something I can’t even come close to doing. So, as I have said before, head over to Food Carts Portland to keep on top of everything. And in lieu of that, at least check out the latest June news for the PDX food cart scene.

The big news yesterday was the plight of 16 year old Abby Sunderland who was trying to sail around the world unsupported. While in the Indian ocean during a storm two of her three emergency beacons were activated and she was feared to be lost at sea. The good news is that she is not, and a rescue boat is on the way. The bad news: another round of “how young is too young?” in the world of adventure sports. I lean towards supporting them, as long as they are able and have the resources to accomplish their goals. Anyone else?

Kind of an interesting look at how internal cycling team politics can really screw up a rider’s season goals. Head over to VeloNews to read about why Chris Horner wasn’t on last year’s Tour de France start line.

The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with one even located in the West, and the others located in places that I purposefully avoid.

I’ve been super behind on some of my favorite blogs. Panacea, the Seattle based Monday meal provider, has the menu up for June 14’s dinner. Head over to the site to check out what’s on the stove and the details for how to order.

A little music video to rock out to before the weekend:

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TWW Daily Feed (6.10.2010)

An intangible event almost two months ago when I signed up, the Pikes Peak Ascent is quickly crystallizing into reality. I’m constantly vacillating between feeling like I’m in a good position and dreading the day where I have to run 7000+ feet in 13 miles. Carrying around about thirty more pounds than my training partners isn’t helping either. I love my Clydesdaleness, except when it gets in the way of my runner-ness. I suppose the one benefit of being a bigger runner is that I can shove the ectomorphs out of the way near the food station. Poppa gets hungry. The Feed:

post lunch dose

Whoa, Lance is angry. In a Twitter post earlier today Armstrong linked to a news article that talks about the French anti-doping agency’s president, Pierre Bordry, calling for more testing during this year’s Tour. Lance referred to Bordry’s requests as “bullshit.” After the last two years of what appeared to be progress on the doping front it is a shame that this is an issue again this year.

The World Cup is here, requiring me to deviate from my usual focus areas and concern myself with 1) watching some quality matches 2) writing a little bit about it and 3) providing some good links for it. So here you go; a little cheat sheet for the matches, which start Friday.

I have generally been a fan of Kevin Kostner, but dude, please stop using the spill as a way to plug your company.

The strange intersection of Transformers 3 and the National Park Service.

Danny Pate, a Colorado native and rider for Garmin-Transitions, might not make this year’s Tour 9 for Garmin. A bummer, but a good sign that the Colorado based team is getting stronger year by year.

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TWW Daily Feed (6.9.2010)

This morning’s NPR news brief touched briefly on the horrific mess in the Gulf of Mexico and BP’s continued inability to clean as efficiently as they tear apart. The topic of this particular news brief was whether there are plumes of oil underneath the surface of the water which would indicate a much bigger problem and more extensive cleanup. Despite numerous reports to the contrary, BP is denying such plumes exist, arguing that it comes down to “how you define what a plume is here.” Awesome. Instead of focusing their work on cleaning up the largest oil spill in the history of the planet they are arguing over semantics. Thanks BP for another great start to the day. Simmering rage. The Feed:

late morning dose

Alec Baldwin is also feeling the rage, and writing well written posts about how BP should just die. Agreed.

A positive sign in the late of big oil messes, the Denver bike share program is in full swing and is going strong, with use rising and a large number of registered users. Kudos.

Being a male the concerns of traveling along don’t cross my mind very much. For a woman, the same situation can be much different. Thankfully, there are outfitters and guiding groups that cater to the single female adventurer. Creepy single traveling dudes just let out a disgruntled sigh.

Today is not a good news day; champion freestyle skier Arne Backstrom has passed away while skiing in Peru. Sad day for everyone. Check out the Warren Miller tribute video to Arne below:

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TWW Daily Feed (5.18.2010)

Colorado is turning into Portland. I’ve seen the sun once in the last four days. It’s either a weird, wet springs or the vampires are trying to take over. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Sorry we’re late to this week. The Feed:


We’re leading off the third week of May with one of the coolest snow-based accomplishments in the West: Christy Mahon has become the first woman to ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks. A huge accomplishment, especially because of the “Davenport Rule”, which dictates that a mountain has not been skied unless it is skied from the summit. Anyone having stoop atop some of Colorado’s 14ers realizes how preposterous that sounds. Nonetheless, Christy killed it. Head over to Ted Mahon’s site for a guest post by Christy herself and accompanying photo galleries (click on the dates) and then check out the Denver Post’s article about the accomplishment. Congrats Christy!

Some cycling racing check ins: The 2010 Giro d’Italia is heading into its tenth stage and Alexander Vinokourov has ascended the peloton’s ranks and is riding in pink. The Tour of California, which, based on Lance’s twitter page, sounds like it has seen more rain than sun, is heading into Stage 3. Check out the GPS tour of Stage 3 here.

I’m fully embracing yoga these days. Apart from the fact that it forces me to stretch and work on my core (two things I never do when exercising) the classes are full of incredibly attractive women. Really, its a win-win. Check out this cool graphic about the prevalence of Yoga.

The Adventure Life has a video up of Yosemite’s strange spring phenomenon, known as “frazil ice”; a mix of water, slush and ice that flows through the park during the Spring thaws. It’s an interesting phenomenon, but I think the video is more worth watching for the various Yosemite sites. Good way to start the day.

This is so F’ing frustrating: The Environmental Performance Index, a joint collaboration between Yale and Columbia that ranks countries based on various indicators, has placed the United States at number 61. Behind such environmental luminaries like Mexico and Canada (Canada! Where they have actually turned Alberta into one gargantuan landfill to mine oil). From the site:

The 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks 163 countries on 25 performance indicators tracked across ten policy categories covering both environmental public health and ecosystem vitality. These indicators provide a gauge at a national government scale of how close countries are to established environmental policy goals. The EPI’s proximity-to-target methodology facilitates cross-country comparisons as well as analysis of how the global community is doing collectively on each particular policy issue.

You would think that a country that insists on telling other nations how to operate and gives tons of lip service to “environmentalism” and “green job creation” would maybe, just maybe, be a little higher on this list. But then again, this is the same country that allows oil companies to drill in oceans with little to no oversight, and formulates plans to stop the Gulf oil leak that involve shooting golf balls and garbage into the pipe. Fuck.

Done ranting. A music video for you from The National:

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TWW Daily Feed (5.13.2010)

Last night, after a long and stressful day of work, I wandered home and promptly sunk in a lethargic binge of bad tacos and wine. The perfect way to end three solid days of no exercise. I’ve realized, with a mix of anxiety and curiosity, my addiction to sweating. My descents into irritability and random spouts of anger (see yesterday’s post) are directly correlated with my lack of exercise. The best solution I can think of? Quit my job and dedicate myself to being a fitness nomad. Sounds perfect. The Feed:


A Q & A with Garmin-Tranisition’s Tyler Farrar, discussing his prospects for the racing season and his dissapointment that he is not able slam free burritos this year.

A fun graph that shows the correlation between the average miles Americans driver per year as they relate to gas prices. I wonder what a European country’s would look like; especially considering their new-fangled train and subway systems. If only America could discover how such advanced, alien-like urban planning has been accomplished.

Summertime music! Courtesy of Men’s Journal. I have listened to the playlist yet so if it is bad I’m sorry. But if it is awesome, then you’re welcome.

As a denzien of the mountains I have yet to have the pleasure of learning to surf, but Steve Pezman makes it sound like a central component of a beautiful life. I am in.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.28.2010)

Colorado is a windy tempest today. I woke up to howling winds and trees that looked frighteningly close to toppling over. Trees, of course, are incredibly sturdy and designed to resist the potential damage of winds. The problem is that I have an irrational fear of a tree crushing me to death. I realize that the possibility of death-by-tree is probably located somewhere in between getting struck by lightning and going down in an airplane on the “Extreme Death Possibility Scale,” but this fact does not alleviate my fears. I spend a lot of my mornings running through heavily forested areas. Areas in which man has carved paths through forest floors, cleared trees to provide better access and has generally done mean things to the most prevalent resident in the area. I can see the forest sacrificing one of its own to exact some righteous vigilante justice on its oppressors. I saw the Lord of the Rings. I know their powers. The Feed:


A Boulder mainstay is possibly on his way out of the country. You would think that someone that makes a living stuffing himself into plastic enclosures would find a way to escape the arms of the law.

The economic shit storm that is finally starting to turn around is still leaving a lot of damage in its wake. State budgets have been hit incredibly hard. Arizona’s effort to close the budget gap has resulted in the shuttering of 21 out of the State’s 30 State parks. A huge bummer for outdoor enthusiasts. My guess is that closed park systems will lead to people poaching the facilities and causing damage to the parks. Not cool.

A listing of the Seattle area Farmer’s Markets. I love entire events dedicated to food.

From the internet rumors and random articles that keep popping up (and Lance’s Twitter feed) it sounds like the big man is taking a pretty active stake in Colorado, which is fantastic. He is a galvanizing leader on so many fronts and provides the state with another great leader. His latest move; purchasing an ownership stake in Steamboat based Honey Stinger.

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