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TWW Daily Feed (6.8.2010)

Funny how when I’m not motivated to exercise a slight irritation in a knee or hamstring becomes excruciatingly painful. That is what happened to me yesterday, when my afternoon plans to run quickly succumbed to my desire for a late afternoon nap. With a workout bag packed and on the road to the venue of the day I realized that a nap sounded better than 6 miles, and suddenly my knee started to “hurt.” Thanks Brain for playing along with that one. I appreciated it. The Feed:

Afternoon dose:

We’re going to head south for a minute so that Steve at the Adventure Life can show off some amazing pictures of lava flowing from Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano. Thankfully, it appears that the tourists and bystanders in Guatemala have a much greater ability to restrain themselves than American tourists. I was in Yellowstone once and watched a tourist try to sneak up behind a moose. I can just imagine that same guy trying to get a sense for exactly how hot the lava is. Kudos Guatemala.

I was a little bit crushed with the Phoenix Suns lost in the Western Conference Finals. I have to admit I have a bit of a man crush on Steve Nash. The dude just seems super cool. He is known in the league as a bit of a fitness and nutrition freak, so his Men’s Journal blurb about what sort of natural supplements he likes caught my attention. Good advice, especially for the aging athletes out there.

In case you were curious; the latest in Landisgate 2010: The Doper Sagas. Basically; accusations from everybody, everyone telling Landis to be quiet, Armstrong and others denying everything and the usually cycling world speak when it comes to this stuff.

This is a pretty interesting study: vigorous exercise has been linked to better grads. My assumption when first reading the headline was that people who have the discipline to exercise regularly probably have the discipline to study more. And the study says? Basically the exact same thing.


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TWW Daily Feed (4.29.2010)

From my office I have a bird’s eye view of the parking lot for our building where everyday the same awkward little scene unfolds; a man driving a delivery truck pulls up in the parking lot and is met by a medical assistant who works in the building. They embrace in a hug and then start to go at it; making out in front of about thirty other offices. After the initial “hello” they then walk to where his delivery truck is parked, near the edge of the lot, walk around to the side of the truck not facing the building and then proceed to do God knows what. I find this little drama awkward for several reasons. The main reason is that they are both really unattractive people (I’m shallow. Sue me). The other reason is that I’m convinced they are having an affair. The whole thing makes being stuck at a desk for most of the day even worse. I can just imagine their fugly little love children running around creating havoc. The Feed:


Lance is all over the West this week. His team is at New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila for the second year in a row. A lot of people are wondering what the strategy is behind his participation in a fairly non-competitive National event. Does he really matter? Can’t the guy have some fun in the sun?

Strangely appropriate after my rant about people killing trees yesterday. They are fighting back!

Less sleep might equal more eating. Which, as appropriate with a lot of healthy article angles, could “lead to more weight gain.” I don’t sleep a lot so this one jumped out at me for a second, but then I realized this: when you don’t sleep you are awake. When you are awake you tend to be more active. Activity requires calories. Hence, more eating. To directly link less sleep with weight gain seems to be reaching. At least that is what I’m telling myself.

Vail, CO at 5:00AM this morning. Thanks for waiting until after the ski season before gracing us with your presence. (photo credit: Jake Krong)

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TWW Daily Feed (4.21.2010)

It’s a cold and slightly misty morning on the Front Range; weather that reminds me of Portland and is making me a bit nostalgic for the Northwest. The thing I enjoy most about mornings like this are the way that my morning run is much more fragrant that usual. The moisture accentuates the smell of the grass, trees and flowers; making the olfactory workout almost as intense. These days are the reason why I love the spring. When a morning run is imbued with the smells of reawakened trees and plants it puts an extra spring in my step and makes me excited for the day. The Feed:


The rights of commercial river guides to access Colorado rivers that run through private property has become a big issue lately. Sadly, a bill that sought to define the rights of paddlers v. property holders has been stalled. Right in time for the summer season. Great timing.

The FDA is preparing to start attacking salt as an ingredient that American’s apparently need to shed from their diets in order to stop being so fat. Forget the fact that salt is not the problem; fast food is the problem. What an incredibly dumb way to deal with a bigger issue. Institute a fast food tax. That would solve way more than telling us how much salt we are allowed to have.


I’m more of a beer and wine guy but I like my hard liquor every now and then. The Portland Food Dude has a good post up about some Portland area distilleries.

Lance is racing in this year’s Tour of the Gila. I always hear a lot of great things about this race so it’s cool to see that it is growing in stature every year. Although it has to be frustrating for the weekend warrior guys who probably populated this race en masse before Lance found it. Getting crushed by some pro riders at the beginning of your season could really put you in a funk for the rest of the season. Bummer.

A few of our friends went out to Coachella this year which piqued my interest in the music festival for about 2 seconds before I realized from a bit of research that it is 1) about 100 miles away from L.A., which means a bunch of southern Cali kids who think that Paris Hilton is a role model, 2) composed of a fan base that seems to be more focused on the fact that it’s a place to be seen instead of a place to listen to incredible music and 3) composed almost entirely of white people that suck at dancing. No thanks. That said, I can always appreciate the fantastic scenery at the festival.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.14.2010)

Here is the problem with being a coffee snob; it essentially requires you to be a coffee addict. This is extremely problematic because I don’t have access to great coffee all day. My morning cup is usually great, but by the afternoon, when I’m worn down and in need of another fix, I rely on Starbucks or the office coffee machine. The reliance on crappy coffee puts my brain’s snobbal lobe in direct conflict with the addiction lobe. By five in the afternoon they are screaming at each other while the rest of me is huddled in a corner shaking and crying. It’s a vicious cycle. One that I tend to repeat everyday. Damn. The Feed:


Today is kind of a compilation of links our friend Jake has sent us. Like this one, about Telluride announcing when Gay Ski Week is next year. I also like to call Gay Ski Week “Jake-a-Palooza.” We support friends here. Friends of all kinds.

This article/blog post is all over the internet right now and if you haven’t read it you need to. And then forward it to your friends. The subject matter? KFC’s new Doubledown Sandwich. The author? One of the angriest consumers I have ever read. The result: priceless. (thanks Jim)

I’m all about time lapse videos. Especially ones showing cityscapes that are as dramatic as Hong Kong’s.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 3, 2010

There are those great moments during a run, when the pain of the first mile or two subsides, hands and ears start to warm up and legs and lungs start to feel like there were made to be tested, that everything stressful in our world seeps away. The only thing your mind focuses on is the next hill, the next sprint and the scenery unfolding in front of you. A run provides a temporary escape that lets you focus your mind for the day ahead and let what happened yesterday fade away. This is why we strive to be outside, and this is why we love waking up in the morning. The Feed:


Late start today due to some work obligations this morning. I’ve managed to consume about 1000 milligrams of caffeine already this morning, so it was with great excitement that I opened this informative little graphic containing all sorts of cool coffee facts. I’m moving to the Bean Belt.

You should head over to the Clymb for their latest gear event. You should also check out the Clymb dude’s blog entry about the Vancouver Olympics. He has a lot of good pictures up that makes Vancouver look even more appealing than it sounds.

A really interesting study on how taxing “junk” food and subsidizing health food can affect a person’s shopping habits. The study shows that taxing crappy food is a much better way of reducing people’s tendency to purchase such food. And what about making health food cheaper? People tend to use the extra money for, you guessed it, junk food. F*ck.

Completely random video time: ESPN writer and podcaster Bill Simmons is a huge reality show junkie. I bring this up because he continually talks about how suprised he is that one of the idiotic Real World kids has yet to commit murder. I think one of them is getting close:

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TWW Daily Feed for February 23, 2010

I’m slamming coffee down and hoping that the 2 degree reading on the outside thermometer somehow climbs into the mid-teens

Please stop messing with my salt intake.

in the next thirty minutes so I can head out on a run without worrying about my fingers falling off. I’m also reading an interesting take on the salt debate. As in “should the government regulate salt in foods in order to make America healthier?”. I grew up with the notion that an overabundance of salt was bad and that cutting back on it was good for your heart. But, as with a lot of scientific studies declaring the evils of things like “fats” and ” sugars”, the idea that salt is detrimental to health is not as clear cut as we would like to believe. I mention this article for two reasons: 1) The idea of regulating America’s diet has not really worked, and in many cases has made us fatter. So why does the government keep doing it? Getting rid of vending machines in schools is a good idea. What is not a good idea is trying to push dietary recommendations that have little grounding in fact, and 2) I love the new restaurant Salt in Boulder. Stop messing with its main ingredient. The Feed:


While we’re on the nutrition kick for a second, check out this graphic of the actual ingredient list for Hot Pockets, as done in a hipster/modern art style to make you feel cool while simultaneously making your stomach hurt. I love that they contain “natural smoke flavor.” Where do you get that in the grocery store?

I love this story: Kelly Hansen is a runner who is trying to become the youngest runner to complete a marathon on all seven continents. She completed her first marathon, the Boston Marathon, because her boyfriend at the time told her she would never be able to complete one. So in a bought of “F you” spiting effort she banged it out and has been doing them since. Most girls would react to a challenge like this by having some sort of epic emotional meltdown that would end with flowers and a nice dinner. Kelly ran 26.2 miles with minimal training. I don’t usually do this Kelly, but I would like to be given the opportunity to be your boyfriend. And drive you into another epic spite filled pursuit.

Some random bike porn for you; the Team Bissell’s Pinarello Dogma 60.1. Red makes it look fast.

Guns are now allowed in National Parks. Thanks Congress for making our camping trips that much more exciting. Nothing says “enjoying nature” like strapping on a gun (that’s not allowed to be loaded) and walking around with families in places like Yosemite and Grand Teton. The Adventure Life has a great look at the ridiculous reasoning behind our new found “security” in the parks system.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 15, 2010

I was working last night and had the TV on in the background to an old Sylvester Stallone movie called Daylight. Remember Daylight? In the movie one of the characters, an ‘outdoor superstar’, tries to rope up and climb out of the destroyed tunnel the characters are trapped in meets his demise by refusing to listen to Sylvester. The climber was played be none other than Viggo Mortenson, one of the most dynamic actors of the last decade. I was astounded. When I first turned the movie on I vaguely remembered the character and how the movie portrayed him as some sort of superstar d-bag climber. I thought the character was played by a random blond guy, but little did I know that the One True King, the naked knife fighting dude and the badass diner owner had paid the bills by playing second fiddle to Sylvester Stallone. Irony in all of its cinematic glory. The Feed:


This link isn’t really part of our general theme, but I love soccer and especially soccer highlights so what the hell. Check out Outside’s list of the Top 10 Breakout Starts for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, each with their own highlight reel.

Lance’s comeback to cycling isn’t really big news. It will get played up during the cycling season, but c’mon; he’s been riding for a year now so do we need to keep calling this his “comeback”? I don’t think so either, but thanks Bicycling Magazine for the gallery documenting his comeback and making redundant reporting a good excuse to put up pictures.

I thought this was a good idea for a menu and a tribute. Specifically, a tribute to Gourmet Magazine and the recipes that used to grace its pages before it was wiped out of existence.


I think the Vino/Contador teamup this year is one of the more interesting plot lines in what is always a drama filled sport. Velonews has a report about their first training camp day together, along with some photos of what could be one of the most powerful pairs in this year’s Tour. Vino is a scary dude. I’m pretty sure he mauls wolves and bears when not riding the bike.

The Haiti tragedy is all over the news. There are numerous websites where you can contribute money toward the rescue and recovery efforts. Check out this graphic for a look at what areas were hardest hit and the geological forces that created one of the most destructive earthquakes in modern times.

This one is for the fellas, and ladies who love Dennis Quad: a guide to style for the winter, with some good ideas for jackets, shoes and accessories. I like GQ because it makes me feel a bit less metro about my love of nice clothes.


My brother pointed me toward this website, Cheap Healthy Good, a blog that focuses on healthy cooking and a variety of food related topics. My favorite little feature so far is the list of fruits and veggies that are currently in season. What are they? Glad you asked:

Apples, Avocadoes, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celeriac, Fennel, Grapefruit, Leafy Greens, Leeks, Mushrooms, Onions, Oranges, Parsnips, Pears, Potatoes, Rutabagas, Sweet Potatoes, Tangerines, Turnips, Winter Squash

Joe Lindsey, over at Bicycling Magazine, has a really good article up about Floyd Landis that looks at Floyd’s career since his doping scandal and where his future path may take him in the cycling world. If nothing else it’s a good look at the behind the scenes moves that riders make in order to compete on an elite stage. Check out the article here.

We’re throwing this link up early so you can start planning for your weekend before you’re done with your morning coffee. The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend features a trip to Hawaii and an Ice Festival in British Columbia, along with some package deals from Whistler that will let you explore the resort before the Olympians descend en masse.

Steve Casimiro has a great post up about how exploring your backyard can be one of the best adventures you do all winter. His post features an entry from Patagonia’s Backyard Adventure contest, which sought entries detailing adventures that can be had close to home, without the attendant car or airplane exhaust needed for adventures in exotic locales. Head over to the Adventure Life to check out how one dad and his kids made the backyard their favorite place to explore. A link to the great slideshow is at the bottom of the post.

Megan Fox posing for Armani? Sure, why not.

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