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TWW Daily Feed (4.12.2010)

Person with the stupid bluetooth headset; please get off of the trail.

I’ve noticed in the past two years or so that people with cell phones on trails are becoming an increasingly common sight. Part of me understands; trails are often isolated and treacherous, and having a cell phone makes complete sense. What I don’t understand is why people choose to use their cellphones while they are hiking or exercising. To me, this defeats the purpose of being outside and active. Sitting in an office all day, interacting with people, carrying the burden of responsibilities; these are the reasons why being active is, and should be, a necessary part of the day. It provides a break from the craziness of life and lets us experience life in a more stress reduced environment. Until the a-holes start thinking that it’s a good idea to bring the phone on to the trail in order to get business done. Now, not only are you missing the whole point of what you set out to do, but you are impeding on the serenity of everyone else. So buddy, please take your stupid bluetooth headset, and yourself, off of the mountain. You are killing my vibe. The Feed:


I haven’t thrown up anything from the glorious Heidi Swanson in a while so when I saw her recipe for Chocolate Cherry Brownies I was immediately swept back in to the magic of her existence. Head over to her site to check them out. I realize that brownies are not really great for training, but you have to indulge every once in a while. Especially when you get stressed out thinking about the fat bastards on cell phones getting in your way on the trail you are trying to run.


I have never been to the Little Red Bike Cafe in Portland, OR, but it’s on my list. Especially after reading their post about some of their favorite breakfast spots. The best way to gauge the quality of a restaurant is to gauge the quality of their influences. The Little Red Bike seems to be in good company.

Google Earth is an amazingly fun program to have on your computer. Unfortunately, my computer does not like it so I have yet to see this map in action, but our friend Jake seems to be very excited about it. How do I know he was excited? He sent me the link with a lot of exclamation points in the email. And pictures of unicorns. Thanks Jake. I think.

Robert Downey Jr. Badass. Check out a preview of his interview with Men’s Journal here. And thank whatever God you pray to that we still have actors of his quality. I swear if I have to watch another movie with Ashton Kutcher I’m going to freak out.


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TWW Daily Feed for March 11, 2010

Today I’m running a lot of random errands, so in honor of days of randomness (and the ridiculously schitzophrenic weather in Colorado right now) I’m going to focus today’s DF on random websites forwarded to me by friends. None of them have much to do with what we normally focus on, so scroll down, click on and enjoy the day. The Feed:


The Team Coco tour is heading to the Western US, with stops in Boulder, California, New Mexico and points in between. I’m a huge fan of Conan so here’s to hoping the May event in Colorado doesn’t get sold out soon.

I had a roommate in college from South Korea who had a pillow with a picture of his girlfriend printed on it. It was kind of sweet while simultaneously being super creepy. I don’t really remember my roommate’s name, but hopefully it’s not this guy.

The new Iron Man 2 trailer is up. I’m really enjoying Mickey Rourke playing over muscled degenerates who look like they just pulled themselves out of a tent city in order to rise to prominence via their fighting skills.

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TWW Daily Feed for December 30th

Heading back to Colorado today after a cold and food filled Milwaukee visit, capped off by a great meal at Alem, an Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. I woke up with plans to go running before my flight but that was quickly forgotten about when I stepped into the below freezing morning and my testicles started yelling at me. The Feed:

There is a lot of news about the attempted terrorist attack this week, with Obama and the screening agencies taking a beating about how this whole thing was handled. I thought that this graph, documenting the various statistics associated with a terrorist attack, could calm a bit of the hysteria. Get your sh*t together people!

Apparently this week was the crowning of the wildlife photo of the year winner and because this world is apparently so controversial, anger erupted over the winning photo. Bummer, but a clever fake if it’s true. Once you’re a bit jaded, check out the actual (real) pictures.

A great roundup of Portland area “bottle shops.” Bottle shops are basically specialized beer stores, so they usually carry a much wider selection and a substantial bit of knowledge about beer. Not that buying from the semi-functioning person at the grocery store isn’t mind expanding, but sometimes you don’t like drool on your bottles.

I realize that there are a lot of good football associated activities happening on New Year’s Day, but so is the NHL Winter Classic. This year’s venue is Fenway Park, and this is the guy that fit an ice rink into a baseball stadium.

And to end the morning on an awesome note, head over here to check out the trailer for Hit Girl, part of the KickAss movie trailers. Frankly, this movie looks awesome and Nic Cage actually has me excited to watch him again (warning: the trailer is unsafe for work, both in visuals and in sound).

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TWW Daily Feed for December 28th

Welcome back everyone! Hope the holiday weekend was full of fun, food and cool new gear. We’re back for a short week here as we are heading up to Aspen on Thursday for the New Year. The weekend saw a couple of crazy events including the Amsterdam to Detroit bomber (which was broadcast on all of the in-flight TVs of later flights, promptly terrifying everyone. Kudos airlines for keeping the hysteria under control), the opening of the new Sherlock Holmes movie which was a bit lackluster, Charlie Sheen getting arrested in Aspen for choking his wife and, of course, the celebration of the birthday of baby Jesus. All a good warm up for this upcoming weekend’s New Year festivities. You excited? I’m excited. Let’s do this!! The Feed:

This is kind of a fun look at cycling from a writer who has no desire to ever jump into the cycling culture. It’s good for reminding us how silly we look in our spandex, shaved legs and shiny bikes to people who enjoy Doritos and beer more than energy gels and good shaving cream.

I’m always kind of weary whenever I spot a celebrity advocating a cause. For instance, Bono. For some reason I just can’t take seriously the sunglassed midget advocating for third world poverty relief. Take off the damn sunglasses!! Another one; Jenny McCarthy, who advocates for alternative, non-medicinal, approaches to autism and other diseases. Okay, great cause if you believe in it, but do we need the woman who is known for farting on national TV and taking off her clothes advocating for this? This is the best spokesperson you can get? It’s just hard to get past the face to see the cause. Here is a good slideshow of celebrity environmental advocates, and how they’ve managed to do damage to an otherwise great cause by simply being themselves (ie; morons). Thanks Madonna, your song is doing a lot to help the environment, along with your bottled water bill. Also, I can now rest in peace knowing that stealing a child from Malawi is legal.

Portland Food and Drink has it’s annual New Years Eve restaurant specials posted. This is a great resource for anyone wishing to start the New Year with a great dinner. I’m in the process of finding specials for Aspen, Boulder/Denver, Seattle and whatever other cities I can find, and should have them up in tomorrow’s edition, so check back.

This one is for the rock climbers out there (especially those who need jobs): wind turbine and solar companies are in need of installers, preferably ones with rope skills. A good way to combine love of the environment with love of climbing. Check out the NYT’s article about it here, which contains some good companies that are looking for help.

The Seattle Food Geek has been kind of MIA lately, but when he does pop up he usually has something great to talk about. His latest recipe post, for sweet sausage lasagna, looks like a fantastic, and relatively easy, winter dish. Good stuff.

And to get everyone in Aspen excited about being in Aspen, here is a great shot from our friend Max of an Aspen sunset, from the top of the gondola on Aspen mountain. Colorado sunsets are hard to beat, especially when their closing the day on fields full of snow.

Now that we’ve built up how great Aspen is we’re going to direct you to a piece from the Denver Post about a new reality show about Aspen, called Secrets of Aspen. I somehow missed that this was happening until right before its debut (on January 3rd) so I’m still processing. The Aspen I know is home to a ton of great people who love the small town vibe and the outdoors. This show is depicting the lives of people who like Aspen because of the cachet of its name and the money that permeates it. It’s a bummer that the great parts of Aspen are going to be ignored in order to depict the town as a playground for the rich and obnoxious. I’m sure this show is going to make Aspen hard to stomach, but in the end these heinous chicks are going to flee for warmer climates or exotic treatment facilities for booze, drugs and venereal diseases, leaving the town more or less to the people that deserve it. Below is the trailer for the show, which is mostly filled with women screaming at each other. Has anyone ever encountered any of these people? I’d be interested to know what they are really like.

Secrets of Aspen Trailer

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Catch you tomorrow.

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TWW Daily Feed for December 18th

The Girl made an awesome Lentil Stew last night, worth checking out as its healthy, tasty and incredibly cheap (we spent $13 for everything and we have about 4 servings left). It was one of those great winter meals that is warm and simple and didn’t make you feel like a fat kid when you go back for more. We added a lot of feta cheese and ate it with ciabatta bread to round it out. After dinner I realized that we are officially on the one week countdown to Christmas. At this point I have acquired 0 total gifts and am now in the stage where I’m desperately walking through stores trying to come up with ideas. It’s an awesome feeling. The holidays are so relaxing. The Feed:

Team Radioshack’s team manager, Johan Bruyneel, has posted Team Radioshack’s racing schedule on his Facebook page. From the looks of it no Giro for Lance, but they are venturing to the Dauphiné Libéré and Tour of Austria, among others. If I was on the team I would be kind of pissed. The Italian podium girls are super hot. When I win a stage I don’t want a fug Austrian girl handing me flowers. Those chicks look like they could bench press me.

The registration for the RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Race across Iowa) is open. I hear a lot of great stuff about this ride so definitely on my to do list. Although I have an adversion to spending hours on a bike riding through cornfields. It sounds like Team LiveStrong is doing it right, with camping, buses and happy hours. My kind of bike tour.

The Men’s Journal guide to the Perfect Weekend, with things to do in Oregon, Utah and Yellowstone. I like these because they seem pretty accessible and inexpensive. I really want to ride some sand dunes on a board. Sounds majestic.

Avatar is here! I’m trembling with excitement and nerd fever. Check out the glowing NYT’s review here and check out the trailer here. Get your 3D glasses ready!

And while we’re on dork patrol, the new Iron Man 2 trailer is out. I love RDJ and ScarJo so this one is high on my must see list. They even have War Machine in this one.

AccuTerra, a software company that makes GPS maps for various outdoor areas, has a cool GPS app for Vail Mountain. It lets you track your ski routes on the mountain and provides locations for lodges, runs by difficulty, and various other features. Pretty cool. Warning: the link dumps you into iTunes, so if you don’t have it up and running open iTunes first.

And finally, in honor of Christmas and my new found fascination with Jersey Shore culture, a little Christmas story from Jimmy Kimmel live. Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend.


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TWW Daily Feed for December 16th

I’m getting insanely excited for Jame’s Cameron’s new movie, Avatar. Why? Because I have a strange attraction to giant blue alien chicks that can shoot arrows and swing from vines. Wouldn’t it be so cool to bring a girl like that to the family reunion? “Grandma, Grandpa, this is Neytiri. Please don’t make any sudden movements, I don’t want her to accidentally spear you.” Awesome. On top of that, you could basically pick a fight with anybody you wanted. Who is going to mess with a chick that is 10 feet tall? Exactly. The Feed:

The North Face is suing a company, started by a 19 year old, that parodies the North Face Brand. The offending company: The South Butt. It’s motto? “Never stop relaxing.” Clever little bastard. Really North Face people? You’re threatened by someone that is basing his company on the lazy/stoner/couch potato market? Please tell me that you have better things to do before Christmas.

A look at the validity of “organic” wines in the market and the veracity of environmental claims made by wineries producing these wines. This one contains a good list of wines that are from more environmentally friendly companies. Pick a bottle up and support a good company or two.

AEG, the organizer of the Tour of California, is organizing a couple of Grand Fondos in Northern and Southern California in April. Grand Fondos are essentially large, competitive group rides that attract a low of old pro riders, amateurs and other cycling enthusiasts. The AEG fondos will follow some of the course sections from this year’s Tour of California. Check it out.Report back. Let me know if anyone tried to run Greg Lemond off the road.

A couple of good ski shots from this weekend, when the West got pummeled by snow. I think the one of the dude spraying his friends is my favorite. Good timing dude.

This one is kind of beyond the site’s focus, but it relates to Colorado so I’m posting it. Dan Hawkins is destroying CU’s football team. How? NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY FOR HIM. Great, another year of mediocrity. Thanks Hawk. I was at CU during the whole football sex scandal thing and this is almost worse. Why? Because Barnett was kind of a sleazy dude and you kind of knew the whole thing was true, so you dealt with it in your mind and moved on. With Hawkins it’s like a big, dumb kid took over one of those magnetic football team sets and keeps hitting the button and giggling at how the little pieces move around the board. He does things that keep making me pound my head against a wall and then reacts like everything is “fantastic!” It’s not fantastic you dumbass. Do us a favor and let one of your assistants run the team next year. Preferably not one related to you.

When Hawkins is putting you in a bad mood, close your eyes and dream of Gretchen Bleiler. Always cheers me up. I <3 you girl!  See you this weekend. What? You want us to stay in bed all weekend? I’m on board baby. Whatever you want to do.

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TWW Daily Feed for November 10th

We were at the Bronco’s game last night in Denver to witness a tough loss against a Pittsburgh team that apparently has nearly as many fans in Denver as the Bronco’s. The ratio of yellow to orange was ridiculously high. A rough game to watch, but one that provided some many moments of hilarity. My favorites: 1. us trash talking to the Steeler’s fans in front of us, who managed to not get offended when we a) insulted their education system b) called them coal miners and c) told them that they were bandwagon fans, but got pissed when Casey refereed to the terrible towel as the Shamwow towel; “dude, that’s not funny. Broncos fans are dicks.” 2. Our friend Pat screaming at a rather large Polumolu fan, well after the game was over, who was there with his family for some wholesome family fun: “Hey!! Polumolu! Shoehorn yourself back in to your seat you fat bastard!!” Pat was very angry all night. And finally 3. Pat, again very angry, trying to pick fights with Steelers fans as we descended 5 stories down to the exit; “Hey, give me your kid’s terrible towel! I need to wipe my ass!!” Truly a wholesome evening for all. The Feed:

I had forgotten about this handy little website that lists a huge number of cycling climbs in Colorado, their total ascents and average pitch, and relative ranking. I’m super excited to try to blow out a quad checking some of these out.

Outside’s list of the top 5 environmental (non-documentary) movies of all time. What does this translate to? About three movies that belong and then Outside scraping the bottom of the barrel for number 4 thru 5 (Waterworld? We get it. Kevin Kostner lives in a world where the ice caps have melted. Thanks for the subtle message). At least the Day after Tomorrow didn’t make it.

This is kind of cool: universities are turning to thermal power to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. I don’t really have anything too witty to say about this one, other than to say that I really enjoy the existence of schools where girls make it a point to look super hot everyday just to “fit in.” Ahh college.

I thought this little advice column about how to prevent altitude sickness was amusing (one of the medicines often prescribed is Viagra). Because often I wanted to ascend a mountain with a boner.

Lindsey Vonn‘s gym workout. This stuff looks incredibly difficult. Dear Lindsey; I am currently taken, but I’ll keep your number around in case something happens. You never know, I might give you a shot. Keep up those workouts. I like ’em fit.

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