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TWW Daily Feed for September 11th

I hope that today’s anniversary finds everyone happy and healthy, remembering the lives that were lost eight years ago, and celebrating the lives that we have now. I’m sure the newspapers, blogs, and tv channels will be filled with all manner of stuff today, so I’ll refrain from posting anything here. Just please, please DO NOT listen or tune in to this guy. If there was a monument that celebrated gigantic assholes, Glenn Beck would have not only designed the monument, he would be its star attraction. You sir, are a douchebag.

The No Impact Man project was an effort by writer Colin Beavan and his NYC based family to live with no environmental impact for one year. Two things I find interesting about this project: 1) his wife’s entry on their blog about how changing her diet to organic, local food (no more Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donughts!) made her way more energetic helped her lose 10lbs and 2) this movie review, which pokes fun at how the whole thing is a really a glimpse into a marriage that has adopted some extreme living choices. Good stuff.

The Seattle Food Geek has an awesome braised chicken recipe up that I have become obsessed with trying. Why? Because one of the essential ingredients is coffee. Yes, coffee. It really is a miracle drink. I rub it on my knees when I’m sore from running.

Mr. Armstrong Tweeted another group ride invite, this time in LA, where about 500 cyclists showed up to ride. Cool, but Ireland did it way better. What’s up with that LA? For shame.

This is a bummer, especially since the World Cup (GOAAAAALLLL!!! I’m going. Who’s in?) is being held there in 2010. These athletes have got to be getting sick of playing in countries with high pollution levels; “What’s that Landon, we’re playing in Mexico City this week, and South Africa next week? Awesome. Hey, is it cool if I just freebase some CO2 now to get ready? Rad.”

Alright, off to work. Hope everyone is having a good day and remembering to somehow pay tribute. If anyone sees Glen Beck make sure to slap him for me. And then scream “GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!”


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