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TWW Daily Feed for January 18, 2010

No snow in the mountains and high temperatures on the Front Range made for lots of muddy trail running this weekend. I spent a lot of my time on Saturday in Red Rock Canyon, getting in a couple of loops in the park in an effort to hit 2000 feet worth of climbing. I didn’t hit my mark, but I had fun watching the mountain bikers trying to peddle uphill in the slush and mud. Nothing as frustrating as moving backwards a foot for every two you climb. Aside from the mud it was a great day in the park. A lot of people, but clear and sunny skies and a good variety of trail conditions to keep you on your toes. Not a bad way to spend the weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed theirs, despite the general lack of snow in the West. The Feed:


Check out Bicycling Magazine’s race report of the 2010 Tour Down Under. So far Britain’s Team Sky looks like the team to beat, but Lance and the Radioshack crew rode a strong race. Best quote of the article, from Lance of course; “I certainly felt better today than last year. But last year in this event I felt a little like a monkey screwing a football, too..” Nice work dude. Glad you don’t feel like you’re humping a football this year.

This graphic, representing the economy of the Apple iPhone App Store, is pretty crazy. $250 million in revenues generated just from apps! It almost makes me want to learn how to be both creative and adept at programming.

If you’re into both skiing/snowboarding and photography and looking for a way to gain experience shooting skiers and riders, check out the camp that prolific photographer Scott Markewitz is hosting at Snowbird. Not a bad deal for three nights, instruction from one of the best in the business, and lift tickets.

I am always sketched out when a recipe calls for beef or vegetable broth and my only solution is to dissolve one of those industrial looking little cubes into the water to make the required broth. I think it’s kind of gross. Thankfully, Ms. Swanson has heard my Viking horn and has provided an excellent solution to the problem with her Homemade Bouillon Recipe.


There are only so many ways in which you can launch yourself off of buildings in Parkour inspired bouts of acrobatic inspiration. Instead, check out the video below for some Parkour inspiration, graphic design style:

From Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line blog, comes a look at wildlife corridors and how they can be used to better plan for infrastructure in high wildlife areas. .


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TWW Daily Feed for December 22nd

I’m heading out to Milwaukee on Friday for another Christmas in one of the coldest places in the country. Packing the thermal spandex, gloves and hat to survive a couple of runs in which my snot turns solid before it hits the ground. I’m stoked. Think warm thoughts for me. The Feed:

Goose is one fowl that I have never eaten, but this guide to cooking Goose makes it look more appetizing than I thought. Not sure I’m ready to make it part of my diet, but it’s on the radar. Where does one actually get a Goose?

A great article on the food cart scene in Portland, from a business perspective; the various costs associated with the carts, reactions by restaurant owners and so on. Good read before lunch.

The ever growing Google is reportedly in negotiations to purchase Yelp, the online review site. I use Yelp all of the time so perhaps a Google backed venture can only do bigger and better things. My question is this; will Google start dumping ads onto my gmail account based on my Yelp searches? I’m going to get annoyed if my search for “massage” turns into ads for Viagra and strip clubs.

Outside’s latest issue features a list of “Adventure Altruism All-Stars” that have combined their passion for the outdoors with some truly great programs to help various environmental causes and people in need. Each one has a pretty cool story so check them out, get inspired, and then click back over to the soft core porn site your company doesn’t block yet.

A look at how to avoid injuries on the ski slopes. Bottom line; the better equipment you have and the more control you exert over it = less injuries.

Last week I posted a Vail iPhone app that provides GPS mapping and various other features to make your stay on the mountain more navigable. Thanks to a reader for pointing me toward the Accuterra app for Aspen, which can be found here (the link asks you to open iTunes).

Kind of an interesting look at Vegas hotel room demand as compared to actual room inventory along with growth in Strip revenue. Vegas baby!!

And finally, a great video of Colorado’s Crystal Gorge, taken by some kayakers experimenting with camera techniques for the upcoming kayak film WildWater. Pretty cool, but turn the sound down, the commentary is pretty bad. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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TWW Daily Feed for December 18th

The Girl made an awesome Lentil Stew last night, worth checking out as its healthy, tasty and incredibly cheap (we spent $13 for everything and we have about 4 servings left). It was one of those great winter meals that is warm and simple and didn’t make you feel like a fat kid when you go back for more. We added a lot of feta cheese and ate it with ciabatta bread to round it out. After dinner I realized that we are officially on the one week countdown to Christmas. At this point I have acquired 0 total gifts and am now in the stage where I’m desperately walking through stores trying to come up with ideas. It’s an awesome feeling. The holidays are so relaxing. The Feed:

Team Radioshack’s team manager, Johan Bruyneel, has posted Team Radioshack’s racing schedule on his Facebook page. From the looks of it no Giro for Lance, but they are venturing to the Dauphiné Libéré and Tour of Austria, among others. If I was on the team I would be kind of pissed. The Italian podium girls are super hot. When I win a stage I don’t want a fug Austrian girl handing me flowers. Those chicks look like they could bench press me.

The registration for the RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Race across Iowa) is open. I hear a lot of great stuff about this ride so definitely on my to do list. Although I have an adversion to spending hours on a bike riding through cornfields. It sounds like Team LiveStrong is doing it right, with camping, buses and happy hours. My kind of bike tour.

The Men’s Journal guide to the Perfect Weekend, with things to do in Oregon, Utah and Yellowstone. I like these because they seem pretty accessible and inexpensive. I really want to ride some sand dunes on a board. Sounds majestic.

Avatar is here! I’m trembling with excitement and nerd fever. Check out the glowing NYT’s review here and check out the trailer here. Get your 3D glasses ready!

And while we’re on dork patrol, the new Iron Man 2 trailer is out. I love RDJ and ScarJo so this one is high on my must see list. They even have War Machine in this one.

AccuTerra, a software company that makes GPS maps for various outdoor areas, has a cool GPS app for Vail Mountain. It lets you track your ski routes on the mountain and provides locations for lodges, runs by difficulty, and various other features. Pretty cool. Warning: the link dumps you into iTunes, so if you don’t have it up and running open iTunes first.

And finally, in honor of Christmas and my new found fascination with Jersey Shore culture, a little Christmas story from Jimmy Kimmel live. Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend.


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TWW Daily Feed for October 23rd

Last night I went to dinner with my dad at a local Mexican place. Walking to dinner I had a vague notion in the back of my mind that there was a reason I generally stay away from Mexican food. This morning has clarified that notion immensely. Damn the Mexican food. Welcome to Friday everyone! Hope everyone made it through the week without getting too mauled by the working grind. The Feed: Continue reading

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TWW Daily Feed for September 29th

I’m finally feeling a bit less like walking death after an intense weekend in Aspen. The Golden Leaf Half Marathon was, for the most part, a lot of fun; minus the falls, the excruciating first mile, and the shredding apart of muscle tissue in attempts to run downhill fast. My training plan and summer in Wisconsin managed to result in exactly (to the minute) the same time I got last year. Cheese curds do not do a runner good. Max and Casey both did extremely well, finishing in the top 30 out of 800 racers. Overall, fun times. And then came our recovery plan, which essentially consisted of a Saturday night bender followed up by a speed hike up Aspen Mountain on Sunday. A summary of our conversation on the hike – Max: “All you guys do is bitch.”, Casey: “This is a bad idea. My hip hurts.” Me: “I’m hungry. Did anyone bring curds?” Thank God for the gondola ride to the bottom. I’ll have the Golden Leaf and Aspen Mountain hike posts up soon. Until then, the Feed: Continue reading

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TWW Daily Feed for September 14th

Today is our good friend Casey’s birthday, and because Monday is a work day we decided to throw a weekend long celebration involving running, hiking, beer, wine, food, more running and lots of football. The highlight for me was our speed hike up Pikes Peak. Our 5:30am start began at the bottom of the Incline, letting us avoid the more common Barr Trail route for its bottom 3 miles. When we eventually cut into the trail we immediately ran into groups of hikers participating in the Pikes Peak Challenge, a hike that raises money for brain injury research and treatment, which resulted in Casey making the following jokes: 1) “Dude, we should tie a rope around you and tell people not to get too close.” and 2) “These brain injury people are doing this hike really slowly. What’s wrong with them?” That’s our Casey. Happy Birthday buddy! The Feed:

My friend Jonathan sent along this clip of a rap/diatribe/self mocking video that manages to tear apart both the spandex cycling set and the hipsters with their retarded “fixies.” It’s all about performance baby.

Portland based Stumptown Coffee has a new cafe in the NYC. The NYT’s first impression makes a point of letting us know that the Manhattan Stumptown “is more polished” than any other coffee shop on the West Coast. What does that even mean? Are the fixtures buffed to a brighter hue? Do the baristas have nicer hair cuts? Are the shelves organized better? Thanks for the unsupported blanket statement pal. Punch yourself in the face.

National Geo Adventure has the Radiohead video up for “House of Cards” which utilizes a new 3D mapping software called LIDAR that uses lasers to create very precise maps. Very cool stuff.

Portland Food and Drink has a little roundup of some of Portland’s best coffee shops that it deems worth checking out. My new top of the list to try: Caffee Spella, which is located in the heart of downtown in a cart. Yes, a cart. And it’s only open during the convenient, non-work rush, hours of 9am to 4pm.  A very Portland approach to a coffee joint.

I found an older article on The Adventure Life site that lists some of the best iPhone outdoor oriented apps. When is Apple is going to start allowing porn oriented apps on to the App store?

And the week begins…

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TWW Daily Feed for September 10

My first run in Colorado in over three months went surprisingly well, with much less gasping for air than I anticipated. I ran through my little hometown which has been undergoing major renovations, resulting in a more accessible downtown and a lot of great new stores, restaurants and bars moving in. Good to see, especially for a place that used to be known as Colorado’s witch and satanic worship center. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but in high school it was hard to get a date when they feared being the guest star at a virgin sacrifice.

For those of you with an iPhone, the NYT has a good article about iPhone apps that provide customizable training programs and keep track of your workouts. I’m still waiting for the “That person has the following STD(s)” app.

Ecotality, a Scottsdale, Arizona firm that develops electric car charging networks, has received a ton of money from Federal and State governments to develop their networks, starting in British Columbia. Good news for the electric car movement, bad news for Mr. Flinstone.

The Outside Blog has an article up about the California Surf Project: a photography/travel journal with some amazing pictures of surfers and their natural habitat. I don’t know why I keep posting stuff about surfing. Perhaps to make myself envious.

I found a new blog that covers the Northwest food scene, mostly focusing on Seattle. Check out Eat All About It (I know, corny name, but good articles).

Livestrong has their policy statement on health care reform up. Nothing too earth shattering, it leans more towards the Democratic view of health care, which is fine by me. Republicans can be such bags of douche.

Back to some research for a new article I am trying to get up this week. I’m trying to finish up before I have to round up some chickens for the Pentagram festival going on tonight at Bob’s house.

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