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TWW Daily Feed (4.7.2010)

Jake's work day started with fresh tracks. My day started by making the Starbucks barista cry.

Waking up in the morning to news that Vail and the rest of the Colorado resorts are getting nailed by fresh snow is the best way to start a day at the office in a disgruntled funk. My guess is that the Vail residents are dancing in glee. I am their darkside. They wake up to the euphoric rush of fresh snow. I wake up to the annoyance of a long commute. Their screams of joy echo throughout Blue Sky Basin. My screams of agony over caffeine withdrawal echo throughout the coffee shop. Damn you weather gods! I hope everyone is enjoying fresh tracks. I’ll be silently stewing until May.


Head over here to check out a slide show/slash map of the top 50 bicycling cities in the country and what makes them great. The descriptive commentary isn’t that great (for example, Milwaukee is considered a great biking town because it built a bridge for bikes under another bridge), but it’s a good planning tool if you are thinking about moving soon.

This sounds like a much better way to spend millions of dollars of oil money.

I love snowboarding, but have a weird love/hate with the fact that the very nature of a ski mountain results in environmental damage. Vail’s Blue Sky Basin is amazing, but knowing that its creation most likely eliminated lynx habitat bums me out. Stories about efforts to protect wilderness areas from ski resort expansion make me feel better.

This study indicates that exercising while pregnant can result in lower birth weights. High birth weights are indicators of childhood obesity, so a little sweat during pregnancy might prevent your kid from blowing out. Good news for dudes who are worried that their ladies are going to use pregnancy to justify eight ice cream sundaes a day. “Momma hungry!!!”


This seems like a horrible idea to me, but maybe 13 years old on Everest are a great way to inspire kids to exercise and get outdoors more.

The Front Range morning started with heavy snow and high winds and has now transitioned to a perfect spring day. Nice for my mood and for golf. But the snow on the ground this morning, and this photo gallery, gave me a yearning desire to head to the mountains this weekend.


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TWW Daily Feed for March 10, 2010

Sign that Spring is almost here: attractive women, hiking the Incline, in the morning, in shorts. Lord have mercy! I have loved every second of this winter, but the anticipation of warm sunny days and mornings that don’t required eight layers is tempting me beyond belief. I’ll be sad to bid the snow season adieu, but welcoming the Spring (and the girls) with open arms is going to quickly become my new favorite past time. The Feed:


Updating a little late into the day due to my eyes feeling like someone is stabbing them with a fork. I can’t tell if it’s because the air is dry, I’ve been staring at a computer screen for most of the day or if my contacts are finally ready to move on. I look like I’ve been smoking pot all day. Anyway, this gallery made my eyes feel better (LSFW).

While we’re on the gallery kick, the Adventure Life has a weird little gallery up of some of the oldest things on the planet.

The Teva Mountain Games has officially opened its registration. Head on over if you like mud, rock climbing, kayaking and hanging out in a town where the female population is more dangerous than the wild animals that have inspired their hunting tactics.


Google is killing it. Finally (finally!) the company has added a bike directions feature to its online map tool. The new feature allows you to find directions from point A to point B via bike, and also provides information on bike lanes, bike friendly roads, etc. Check out the Bicycling Magazine article for a full rundown. Thank you creepy, privacy invading geniuses!

I realize that New York is well East of TWW’s area of general concern, but I have to give a shout out to any city that has begun to realize that coffee can be so much more than a stop at the local Starbucks. New York City is the midst of a coffee revolution, inspired by the influx of West Coast coffee roasters. Although I’m not too sure the East Coast denizens need more potent sources of caffeine.

I realize that Vampire Weekend is not everybody’s favorite band, but their videos are actually pretty fun to watch. Especially when Jake Gyllenhal makes a pretty awesome cameo. Turn up the speakers, enjoy, and have a good start to the morning.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 9, 2010

Craig finishing the Vail Mountain hike to the Eagle's Nest. Perfect way to start a day of riding.

Weekends in the mountains are destroying my Monday morning productivity. When nights are filled with ski town bar activities and days are spend hurtling down the mountain there is little room for sleep or recovery. Well worth it. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is well on their way to a great week. It was beautiful in the Colorado mountains this weekend. Perfect weather for a dawn hike up Vail Mountain. The Feed:


I just realized that this is the earliest Daily Feed I’ve posted in a while. My mornings have been a mix of getting up early to workout or sleeping past my alarm and running behind all day. Such is life. The Clymb has made my morning today already worth it. New deals up on Salomon Snowboards. Good stuff.

Using cycling races as a bellwether for an improving economy is a bit of a reach, but from the news about the Tour of Utah lining up some big sponsors as well as other races around the country able to put together some dollars it seems that the economic shock of 2008/2009 might, just might, be falling by the wayside.

This week Denver is kicking off a huge bike share program in the city; providing access to Trek three speed bikes that can be used for free for the first half hour. Programs like this make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I posted a flyover video focusing on Norway a couple of weeks ago and this one is from the same people, but its the compilation video of their Norway loving videos. Very cool. Strangely inspiring. And a great way to spend a few minutes this morning. Thanks to Ryan for this one:


This link is more related to Western Europe than to the Western US, but it involves one of our favorite people (Max) and has some great pictures to go along with the Ski Mountaineering World Championship narrative. Good read. And good job Team USA!

Lynsey Dyer; skier, surfer, bikini-wearer, all around amazing girl. Check out her fantastic gallery from Outside Magazine and consider relocating your life to wherever she is. You crazy bastard.

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Christmas Morning on the Incline: an adventure in snow hiking.

Before we delved into the presents, food and general laziness of Christmas morning, my brother and I headed up to the Incline for a quick early morning workout. The Incline is generally full of icy patches and packed snow from late November until April, and hiking it becomes almost more about foot placement than conditioning. Thankfully, and pretty late to the game, we have discovered Yaktrax which make hiking this thing much more manageable. Starting the day by hiking 2000 feet while the sun is rising is a great start to Christmas mornings. Check out our gallery below for a glimpse into how the Incline will look for the next few months.

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TWW Daily Feed for December 11th

I stayed up last night to watch MTV’s Jersey Shore (please, judge me). I couldn’t help it. It was on, I was bored, I had a beer or two in me and it just happened, ok? But I’m so glad it did because the Jersey Shore has managed to pump out some of the best characters and quotes on a reality TV in years and it put me in a great mood (as in: Thank God I am not one of those people). I cannot even come close to doing it justice here, so check it out. If anything it’s a great glimpse into a vacation destination that you never ever want your twenty year old daughter to go near. Otherwise, Happy Friday! This week for some reason was inordinately long. Maybe the cold weather, maybe the lead up to the holidays. Whatever it was, it’s over and the weather is finally warming up. Back to the outdoors! The Feed: Continue reading

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Video to brighten the day

I tried to embed this video in the Daily Feed from yesterday but I’m computer-tarded lately and just found out how to do it. I realize this may be a bit redundant, but it’s a good video that is worth checking out if only to warm yourself up from the single digit temperatures out there. I wish summer was tomorrow.

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TWW Daily Feed for December 9th

I recently had a brief foray working in the corporate restaurant scene. I was looking to pick up another bartending gig and I made the rash decision to call in a favor and get a job working in a brewery/restaurant in Denver. Having never worked in a corporateĀ  environment I was definitely caught off guard by the focus on quick turnover, ridiculously scripted table side presentations and the abject loathing that I felt every time one of the managers quizzed me on my “5 Principles of Service.” Like a true gentlemen, I resolved the situation by not showing up for my last training shift. Classy stuff. But here is why I don’t feel bad: instead of driving to Denver to hate my life for about 5 hours, I went for a great swimming lesson at the CU Rec Center. Totally worth it. The Feed: Continue reading

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