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TWW Daily Feed (6.15.2010)

There are some mornings where waking up is more of a struggle than you anticipated and running plans get derailed in order to accommodate the body’s need for more sleep. When my morning workout plans are lost to an endless series of alarms and snooze buttons I inevitably start the day feeling anxious and restless, feelings that stay with me as I sit behind a desk and try to concentrate on other things. Damn the rising of the sun and the start of the work day. The Feed:

late morning dose

Colorado Senator Mark Udall has introduced a bill that is designed to create a Federal program to assess onshore and offshore drilling technologies and the safety mechanisms and clean up technologies that are currently available. I hope that this thing is funded by the oil companies.

Batman has a heart of gold.

Lance and his teammates have been rejected as Tour of Spain participants. Pretty shocking considering the strength of Team Radioshack. Potential Landis backlash? Maybe. Potential chance for Lance to hang out in Aspen instead? High.

The best part of this summary of a study that indicates that BPA wrecks sex? The rose. Classy.


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TWW Daily Feed (4.29.2010)

From my office I have a bird’s eye view of the parking lot for our building where everyday the same awkward little scene unfolds; a man driving a delivery truck pulls up in the parking lot and is met by a medical assistant who works in the building. They embrace in a hug and then start to go at it; making out in front of about thirty other offices. After the initial “hello” they then walk to where his delivery truck is parked, near the edge of the lot, walk around to the side of the truck not facing the building and then proceed to do God knows what. I find this little drama awkward for several reasons. The main reason is that they are both really unattractive people (I’m shallow. Sue me). The other reason is that I’m convinced they are having an affair. The whole thing makes being stuck at a desk for most of the day even worse. I can just imagine their fugly little love children running around creating havoc. The Feed:


Lance is all over the West this week. His team is at New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila for the second year in a row. A lot of people are wondering what the strategy is behind his participation in a fairly non-competitive National event. Does he really matter? Can’t the guy have some fun in the sun?

Strangely appropriate after my rant about people killing trees yesterday. They are fighting back!

Less sleep might equal more eating. Which, as appropriate with a lot of healthy article angles, could “lead to more weight gain.” I don’t sleep a lot so this one jumped out at me for a second, but then I realized this: when you don’t sleep you are awake. When you are awake you tend to be more active. Activity requires calories. Hence, more eating. To directly link less sleep with weight gain seems to be reaching. At least that is what I’m telling myself.

Vail, CO at 5:00AM this morning. Thanks for waiting until after the ski season before gracing us with your presence. (photo credit: Jake Krong)

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TWW Daily Feed for February 22, 2010

Clint's, on Main Street in Breckenridge, CO

Winter has finally come to Colorado. For the first time in weeks the term “powder day” was actually uttered by people in Our efforts to reach the snow were hampered by the closing of Vail Pass for a slide cleanup and emergency avalanche control, diverting us to Breckenridge along with the rest of the Front Range weekend crowd. Needless to say our powder expedition turned into an exercise in avoiding huge crowds. But you can’t go wrong hanging out with friends on a gorgeous day, and we were able to check out a cafe/bakery that was new to us: Clint’s (131 S Main St., Breckenridge, CO). Their food was great but, as Casey found out, their coffee left much to be desired. Hope everyone had a more powder intensive weekend (with better coffee). The Feed:


National Geographic Adventure is apparently back up and running in completely online mode (thanks for F’ing me on my subscription!) which is nice because they usually put out some pretty good articles and fitness tips. Take this one for instance: six exercises to improve your skiing, Bode Miller style. Nothing in here about fashioning a bong out of apples, but you can’t ask for everything.

I’ve been hearing a lot of conflicting feelings regarding the Obama administration’s efforts at environmental protection and improvement, which was one of the foundations of his candidacy. However, I’m encouraged. The administration just put out a new proposal for designating 14 new National Monuments and they are in the process of ramming through a Great Lakes cleanup and protection package. Much better news than the government arguing that drilling in wilderness areas is a great idea.

Casey examining our potential line down the Windows, in Breckenridge.Colorado.

This chart is crazy. It tracks obesity levels in the United States over the past 20 years (scroll down a bit to see the map). Frankly it’s depressing that our country can’t figure out that fast food and no exercise is a bad combination.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 19, 2010

Snow on the ground down on the Front Range and word on the street that the mountains are getting dumped on; it’s going to be a good weekend. The other reason it’s going to be a good weekend; no more male Olympic figure skating. Can we seriously justify this as an athletic event when the athletes wear outfits like this and commentators say things like “he is trying to overcome his inability to stick a landing by shaking his hips and flirting with the judges.” Johnny Weir is to athletes as Kevin Smith is to people who fit in airplane seats. The Feed:

I’m remote posting from Boulder where it is incredibly cold and dreary out. Thankfully I have a cup of coffee to perk me up. We’re planning on running the Boulder foothills this afternoon. They don’t look welcoming: image


The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with activities in Leadville and Texas to get you excited for the weekend. The hot springs at Mt. Princeton, Colorado are truly some of the coolest in the State, if not the West. It’s a great place to spend the first weekend trip together with a new love interest. Or just  your buddies. Because bathing in hot springs together is super hetero.

Check out The Clymb. It’s a “private” gear site that looks like it has some pretty stellar deals. The Mountainsmith event starts on Monday with 70% discounts on some of their gear. Pretty cool. Head over to this Men’s Journal link which allows you to register via the MJ portal and avoid paying any registration fees. You’re welcome.

I’ve never had any desire to dope myself in order to improve my cycling or running, but now I know how to do it. Inserting the equivalent of a grain of rice into my uretha sounds like possible the worst thing I could think of spending a weekend evening doing, but anything for an extra ten seconds on my mile!

This is a cool environmental story: California, Oregon and various other interested parties have reached an agreement to remove four damns on the Klamath River. Good news for fishers, rafters and beavers. Bad news for drunk kids on jet skis.

An interview with George Hincapie, one of my favorite cyclists and an all around good dude. At least from what I hear. He also married a podium girl. Awesome.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 10, 2010

The Front Range is emerging from two days of bitter cold and snow, and while I hate how confined nasty weather can make me feel, I love how a good storm seems to clean the sky. The morning drive has been much clearer and the mountains look more striking; a result of the winds of the storm clearing the ever increasing smog that hangs over the cities down here. It truly bums me out that for all of the talk about “green energy” and sustainability, the thing that is going to make the most difference is getting rid of entrenched political leadership that thinks there is nothing wrong with a brown cloud hanging over its constituents. The Feed:


A new study is demonstrating that TV is not necessarily a culprit in the rising obesity levels in children. Rather, it’s the amount of commercials that they watch. I have no idea how the scientists came up with this one, but does monitoring a kids commercial viewing pose a viable option to fighting obesity, or is getting your chubby little bundle of joy outside and into some running shoes the way to go? I vote the latter.

I housed a almond croissant this morning, which my assistant informed me was composed of “one stick of butter plus some flour” so I’m feeling in the need of some healthy eating. A veggie sandwich on ciabatta sounds just about perfect.

A nice, soothing video to keep you entertained today when it feels like work is taking forever. Not as nice as Brooklyn Decker down there, but still pretty.


I’m on a little environmental kick right now, but I was dumbfounded by this poster, which depicts the surface area required to power the world’s energy grid via solar power. I was dumbfounded for two reasons; 1) I have no idea how to read this thing and 2) if I’m reading it right, we could basically get rid of Arizona and be carbon free in 2030. Brilliant!

This morning Heidi Swanson (one of my unicorns) has an amazing recipe up for Chocolate Puddle Cookies. And, unlike most of her other recipes, she doesn’t try and make these things more healthy than they should be. Oh, and she spotted the original cookie in Portland. What’s not to love about this woman?

I really, really hate Valentine’s Day. But I really really love Portland restaurants. So I’m going to post the Portland Food and Drink Valentine’s Day Roundup, even though I’m opposed to the very reason for its existence. Have fun on a manufactured holiday, eating good food that will be endlessly scrutinized by your lady friend who will spend the next day comparing notes with her girlfriends about how great/crappy your idea was. Awesome.

What’s that? You want a video preview of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? Okay.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 13, 2010

I’ve been dedicating my late night TV watching solely to Conan O’Brien. This whole mess with Leno (who is lame) and NBC trying to move the Tonight Show has made Conan the most amusingly irate person in the country. Watching him lob bombs at the NBC executives while on national TV is possibly one of the most entertaining things on television. Admittedly I’m a big Conan fan, so watching him in his unhinged state is nothing short of amazing. Check out this Hulu clip for a good example of how Conan is fighting the good fight, with international political leaders on his side. Keep fightin’ Conan, keep fightin’. The Feed:


A Q&A session with the Outside Online gear guy about whether a emergency blanket can be used as an alternative to a sleeping bag. It’s never the sleeping bag that makes camping uncomfortable. It’s the cold.

Jack Bauer is an environmentalist. At least that’s what Kiefer Sutherland is trying to tell us about 24’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of its production. I would argue the point but for some reason I’m afraid that Jack is going to bust down my door, scream at me a bit and then attach some sort of electrical probe to my nether regions. No thanks.

Who is everyone afraid of in the 2010 Tour de France? It’s not Team Radioshack. I wonder if Lance is going to say “F it” this year and just relentlessly sandbag Contador to get in his head. That’s the route I would go. Contador looks like he might be emotionally vulnerable. Go for the throat Lance!


Going with the whole ‘support Conan’ creed of the site today, check out his statement regarding his potential move from the traditional Tonight Show slot. I want to know what Jay Leno is doing with all of this. He sounds like an underhanded big-chinned weeny.

Chart Porn has a couple of really cool graphs up of historical events. This one, detailing the history of Everest climbing expeditions, is incredibly detailed (and large). You have to play around a bit with the zoom but the presentation is pretty cool and worth taking a peek at.

No one is claiming that the movers and shakers for sustainability improvements are the smartest cookies. The solar powered dog is possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while, but whatever, at least these people aren’t making the green movement seem fringe and irrational. Oh wait…


To start the day check out this list of 11 foods you need to be eating, but you aren’t. Because really, how often do you think of what to eat for dinner and sardines pops into your head? Regardless, some good things to add to your shelves for some healthier options.

With the cycling season coming up the pro teams are getting prepared to launch 10 month assaults on the racing world. If you’ve ever wondered how a team prepares for the season behind the scenes, check out this article from Velo News about what it takes to get a typical pro team up an running for the year. Pretty crazy logistics. Head over to the photo gallery to stare enviously at endless supplies of Clif Bars and bike gear.

Two days in a row of Anthony Bourdain’s crazy antics. Today, check out the Eater PDX recap of the debut of the 6th season of No Reservations in which Anthony manages to get drunk in one of the most violent drug countries in South America. And then below check out the video of him helping to cook some cocaine. Awesome.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 6th

Last night my little town held the swearing in ceremony for the new city council and mayor, ushering out the old (who did some really great things in town) and bringing in the new; a mix of experienced community leaders and one person new to the whole politics game; Matt Carpenter, high altitude runner extraordinaire. Matt and the new mayor came in to celebrate last night and it was the first time I got to interact with him outside of his usual “don’t f*ck with me” training mode. I always think it’s interesting to see different sides of elite athletes. From my limited experiences with Matt he seemed like a super intense dude that was more interested on getting around you than stopping to talk. But last night he was great; super laid back, telling us stories about what it was like to fly into Nepal and Katamandu to train for races around Mt. Everest. He was funny, nice, inquisitive and all around seemed like a great new addition to the town’s leadership. It was also nice to talk to an athlete who obviously did not need a PR team surrounding him and did not seem to have a rapacious appetite for nasty porn star sex. The Feed:

The NYTs has an article up about a study showing that women in relationships gain more weight than women that are single. Why is this a study? This effect has been common guy knowledge for years. Once a girl locks a dude up in a relationship say goodbye to the gym, healthy eating, and the clothes that got the guy’s attention in the first place.

Men’s Journal has a great post up about how martial arts can be worked into your training routine, and lists the various disciplines and breaks down what they are good for (ie: which one is the best for strength building, endurance training and so on). So this winter you can improve your conditioning and learn how to break someone’s arm? I’m in.

Kind of a sobering chart about the expenses of college and other associated statistics with obtaining an undergraduate degree. My favorite part is the section that lists what history majors (that’s me!) typically do with their degrees. I guess I can call myself lucky that I don’t wear a green apron at work everyday.

A collection of off-season training tips from various cyclists. One of them is planning on hitting Mount Sanitas a lot. Holla!!

Check out this little video tutorial from Boulder’s West End teaching you how to make a Blueberry Lace.

And last, but not least, and certainly not in line with the current season is this great video of the winning trick from last year’s Kustom Airstrike Surfing Competition where the top trick wins $50,000.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

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