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TWW Daily Feed (5.7.2010)

My real job is crushing me this week. Sorry about the lack of posting. I keep experiencing these weird ebb and flos in my ability to get to the office and find the time to regale you with inane observations. I hope everyone had a great week. The Feed:


Bicycling Magazine’s look at the field for the upcoming Giro d’Italia. Looks like no presence from Team Radioshack/Livestrong, but Garmin-Transitions is looking to make an impact.

A fantastic gallery of landscape scenery in Lapland, taken by photographer Henrik Bonnevier.

Going worldwide with this one: a map of the world’s 50 top restaurants, as determined by Restaurant Magazine. Who knows how objective it is, but it is kind of a fun way to spend five minutes and plan a vacation you can’t afford. The list of restaurants is on the right; click on each for a description and its location on the map.

Last week I put up a link to Opedix; a company that designs clothing meant to provide better joint support for improved performance. Check out the video below for a more comprehensive look at how the clothing works:


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TWW Daily Feed (5.3.2010)


New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila is over, with Levi Leipheimer once again taking the first overall position in the race; repeating his victory from last year. Lance took 17th. A shout out to Tom Danielson for his second place finish. Nice work boys.

The recession is really creating a buyer’s market. Especially in the resort towns. Aspen is looking more affordable everyday.

For the most part I feel that “green” gyms are really using environmental consciousness as a marketing ploy rather than a wholehearted attempt to reduce the impact that gyms have. When you have a facility that combines a laundromat, saunas, showers and huge square footage and the attendant heating/cooling requirements the fact that your stationary bikes are linked into the power grid (and produce a tiny fraction of the building’s energy needs) doesn’t make you a conscious gym. It makes you look like you are trying too hard.

About a month ago a few of us signed up for the Pikes Peak Ascent; a half-marathon that winds its way up one of Colorado’s eminent 14’ers, gaining 7,815 feet from start to finish. Yesterday we set off for our first run on the actual course, with the initial goal of reaching Barr Camp and the halfway point of the race. At about mile 1.2 the light snow flakes that were teasing us turned into a full on snow storm; dumping about an inch and a half on the ground before we reached 8000 feet. Due to the weather (and the crushing realization that the first five miles of the run is brutally difficult) we turned around early. Overall, a somewhat frustrating run and that hammered home the sheer difficulty of a run like this. Thankfully it is only May; a fact I repeat to myself over and over as I catch glimpses of the behemoth that will be our adversary come August. The Feed:


I mentioned snow on the Front Range above. We had just a taste of what the Central Mountains experienced. Head on over to Jake’s gallery for a peek at why Colorado in the Spring is bipolar.

Oregon is known for its pro-environment policies and its wines. This NYTs article provides a good look at how both elements come together to create some of the most progressive wine making enterprises in the country. I miss Oregon. (Thanks to Brook for the link).

A couple of friends of TWW have been working on a pretty cool gear line that manages to jump outside of the Nike/Adidas box for active wear. Opedix designs active-wear that helps with body alignment and support; making activity easier and recovery faster. I’m hoping that a pair of the running tights might make it less likely that my overly large body does not result in a blown out knee in the coming months.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.28.2010)

Colorado is a windy tempest today. I woke up to howling winds and trees that looked frighteningly close to toppling over. Trees, of course, are incredibly sturdy and designed to resist the potential damage of winds. The problem is that I have an irrational fear of a tree crushing me to death. I realize that the possibility of death-by-tree is probably located somewhere in between getting struck by lightning and going down in an airplane on the “Extreme Death Possibility Scale,” but this fact does not alleviate my fears. I spend a lot of my mornings running through heavily forested areas. Areas in which man has carved paths through forest floors, cleared trees to provide better access and has generally done mean things to the most prevalent resident in the area. I can see the forest sacrificing one of its own to exact some righteous vigilante justice on its oppressors. I saw the Lord of the Rings. I know their powers. The Feed:


A Boulder mainstay is possibly on his way out of the country. You would think that someone that makes a living stuffing himself into plastic enclosures would find a way to escape the arms of the law.

The economic shit storm that is finally starting to turn around is still leaving a lot of damage in its wake. State budgets have been hit incredibly hard. Arizona’s effort to close the budget gap has resulted in the shuttering of 21 out of the State’s 30 State parks. A huge bummer for outdoor enthusiasts. My guess is that closed park systems will lead to people poaching the facilities and causing damage to the parks. Not cool.

A listing of the Seattle area Farmer’s Markets. I love entire events dedicated to food.

From the internet rumors and random articles that keep popping up (and Lance’s Twitter feed) it sounds like the big man is taking a pretty active stake in Colorado, which is fantastic. He is a galvanizing leader on so many fronts and provides the state with another great leader. His latest move; purchasing an ownership stake in Steamboat based Honey Stinger.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.19.2010)

I’m on a new yoga kick, which has been great for my flexibility but horrible for my athletic ego. When I walk into a yoga studio I transform from able runner and cyclist to a sack of un-athletic muscle and bone. I am paranoid that everyone around me thinks I’m going to pass out and I’m pretty sure that the instructors purposefully hover near my mat to make sure I don’t do something that will tear innumerable tendons and ligaments. At this point I still enjoy it immensely, even if my warrior pose looks like something from the “How Not to Practice Yoga” manual. The Feed:


This weekend’s New York Times Magazine featured numerous articles about health and exercise that are worth reading, especially this one that looks at whether exercise is truly a viable tool for weight loss (based on how you look at it; not really). However, the article discusses some interesting findings, including this; people who consistently work out tend to keep weight off, and when they stop working out and gain weight they gain less than those who never worked out in the first place. Lesson? Make sure you line up a lady/man who works out now so that when they get lazy later in life they don’t completely blow out.

Bicycling Magazine’s Editor’s picks for 2010 road bikes, in picture gallery format. Their categories are a little silly; “Dream Road” and “Recreational Road”, but the pictures are pretty and it gives you an idea of the prices ranges out there.

I’m always weary of corporate “environmental initiatives”, but IBM’s new policy is sounding somewhat legit. The company is requiring its suppliers to track their environmental emissions, and those of their subcontractors. Along with the tracking, the companies have to meet certain environmental benchmarks if they want to remain as suppliers. Impressive IBM.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 9, 2010

Craig finishing the Vail Mountain hike to the Eagle's Nest. Perfect way to start a day of riding.

Weekends in the mountains are destroying my Monday morning productivity. When nights are filled with ski town bar activities and days are spend hurtling down the mountain there is little room for sleep or recovery. Well worth it. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is well on their way to a great week. It was beautiful in the Colorado mountains this weekend. Perfect weather for a dawn hike up Vail Mountain. The Feed:


I just realized that this is the earliest Daily Feed I’ve posted in a while. My mornings have been a mix of getting up early to workout or sleeping past my alarm and running behind all day. Such is life. The Clymb has made my morning today already worth it. New deals up on Salomon Snowboards. Good stuff.

Using cycling races as a bellwether for an improving economy is a bit of a reach, but from the news about the Tour of Utah lining up some big sponsors as well as other races around the country able to put together some dollars it seems that the economic shock of 2008/2009 might, just might, be falling by the wayside.

This week Denver is kicking off a huge bike share program in the city; providing access to Trek three speed bikes that can be used for free for the first half hour. Programs like this make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I posted a flyover video focusing on Norway a couple of weeks ago and this one is from the same people, but its the compilation video of their Norway loving videos. Very cool. Strangely inspiring. And a great way to spend a few minutes this morning. Thanks to Ryan for this one:


This link is more related to Western Europe than to the Western US, but it involves one of our favorite people (Max) and has some great pictures to go along with the Ski Mountaineering World Championship narrative. Good read. And good job Team USA!

Lynsey Dyer; skier, surfer, bikini-wearer, all around amazing girl. Check out her fantastic gallery from Outside Magazine and consider relocating your life to wherever she is. You crazy bastard.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 3, 2010

There are those great moments during a run, when the pain of the first mile or two subsides, hands and ears start to warm up and legs and lungs start to feel like there were made to be tested, that everything stressful in our world seeps away. The only thing your mind focuses on is the next hill, the next sprint and the scenery unfolding in front of you. A run provides a temporary escape that lets you focus your mind for the day ahead and let what happened yesterday fade away. This is why we strive to be outside, and this is why we love waking up in the morning. The Feed:


Late start today due to some work obligations this morning. I’ve managed to consume about 1000 milligrams of caffeine already this morning, so it was with great excitement that I opened this informative little graphic containing all sorts of cool coffee facts. I’m moving to the Bean Belt.

You should head over to the Clymb for their latest gear event. You should also check out the Clymb dude’s blog entry about the Vancouver Olympics. He has a lot of good pictures up that makes Vancouver look even more appealing than it sounds.

A really interesting study on how taxing “junk” food and subsidizing health food can affect a person’s shopping habits. The study shows that taxing crappy food is a much better way of reducing people’s tendency to purchase such food. And what about making health food cheaper? People tend to use the extra money for, you guessed it, junk food. F*ck.

Completely random video time: ESPN writer and podcaster Bill Simmons is a huge reality show junkie. I bring this up because he continually talks about how suprised he is that one of the idiotic Real World kids has yet to commit murder. I think one of them is getting close:

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TWW Daily Feed for February 19, 2010

Snow on the ground down on the Front Range and word on the street that the mountains are getting dumped on; it’s going to be a good weekend. The other reason it’s going to be a good weekend; no more male Olympic figure skating. Can we seriously justify this as an athletic event when the athletes wear outfits like this and commentators say things like “he is trying to overcome his inability to stick a landing by shaking his hips and flirting with the judges.” Johnny Weir is to athletes as Kevin Smith is to people who fit in airplane seats. The Feed:

I’m remote posting from Boulder where it is incredibly cold and dreary out. Thankfully I have a cup of coffee to perk me up. We’re planning on running the Boulder foothills this afternoon. They don’t look welcoming: image


The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with activities in Leadville and Texas to get you excited for the weekend. The hot springs at Mt. Princeton, Colorado are truly some of the coolest in the State, if not the West. It’s a great place to spend the first weekend trip together with a new love interest. Or just  your buddies. Because bathing in hot springs together is super hetero.

Check out The Clymb. It’s a “private” gear site that looks like it has some pretty stellar deals. The Mountainsmith event starts on Monday with 70% discounts on some of their gear. Pretty cool. Head over to this Men’s Journal link which allows you to register via the MJ portal and avoid paying any registration fees. You’re welcome.

I’ve never had any desire to dope myself in order to improve my cycling or running, but now I know how to do it. Inserting the equivalent of a grain of rice into my uretha sounds like possible the worst thing I could think of spending a weekend evening doing, but anything for an extra ten seconds on my mile!

This is a cool environmental story: California, Oregon and various other interested parties have reached an agreement to remove four damns on the Klamath River. Good news for fishers, rafters and beavers. Bad news for drunk kids on jet skis.

An interview with George Hincapie, one of my favorite cyclists and an all around good dude. At least from what I hear. He also married a podium girl. Awesome.

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