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TWW Daily Feed (6.11.2010)

Welcome to the end of the week! Hope everyone has a good weekend planned. I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been hellacious. Trying to mix training, work, bartending, more work and more training is slowly turning me into an emaciated and constantly sore Clydesdale. TGIF. The Feed:

late morning dose

If you are in the mood for some early morning politics, head over to the Denver Post to check out what various Colorado candidates for office are doing to ingratiate themselves with the ski industry. My favorite quote, by Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton:

“The days of the federal government cramming wilderness or monument designations down the throats of local communities, recreation enthusiasts and businesses must end,”

Yes, the scourge of protecting Colorado’s natural wonders must stop! How dare the government try to protect fragile forests, wilderness habitats, wetlands and open spaces from the benevolent forces of ATVs, jeeps, hunters and oil and gas companies. The blight of resource protection must be stopped before it is too late!

I’ve been trying to keep abreast of the Portland food cart scene but there seems to be a new cart popping up everyday and keeping track of all of the reviews, changes, openings and closings is something I can’t even come close to doing. So, as I have said before, head over to Food Carts Portland to keep on top of everything. And in lieu of that, at least check out the latest June news for the PDX food cart scene.

The big news yesterday was the plight of 16 year old Abby Sunderland who was trying to sail around the world unsupported. While in the Indian ocean during a storm two of her three emergency beacons were activated and she was feared to be lost at sea. The good news is that she is not, and a rescue boat is on the way. The bad news: another round of “how young is too young?” in the world of adventure sports. I lean towards supporting them, as long as they are able and have the resources to accomplish their goals. Anyone else?

Kind of an interesting look at how internal cycling team politics can really screw up a rider’s season goals. Head over to VeloNews to read about why Chris Horner wasn’t on last year’s Tour de France start line.

The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with one even located in the West, and the others located in places that I purposefully avoid.

I’ve been super behind on some of my favorite blogs. Panacea, the Seattle based Monday meal provider, has the menu up for June 14’s dinner. Head over to the site to check out what’s on the stove and the details for how to order.

A little music video to rock out to before the weekend:


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TWW Daily Feed (5.7.2010)

My real job is crushing me this week. Sorry about the lack of posting. I keep experiencing these weird ebb and flos in my ability to get to the office and find the time to regale you with inane observations. I hope everyone had a great week. The Feed:


Bicycling Magazine’s look at the field for the upcoming Giro d’Italia. Looks like no presence from Team Radioshack/Livestrong, but Garmin-Transitions is looking to make an impact.

A fantastic gallery of landscape scenery in Lapland, taken by photographer Henrik Bonnevier.

Going worldwide with this one: a map of the world’s 50 top restaurants, as determined by Restaurant Magazine. Who knows how objective it is, but it is kind of a fun way to spend five minutes and plan a vacation you can’t afford. The list of restaurants is on the right; click on each for a description and its location on the map.

Last week I put up a link to Opedix; a company that designs clothing meant to provide better joint support for improved performance. Check out the video below for a more comprehensive look at how the clothing works:

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TWW Daily Feed (4.13.2010)

Good morning! I started my day with a great hike on a glorious morning, so instead of spewing vitriol toward whatever annoying/homeless/overweight person that annoyed me in the last twenty four hours I’m going to enjoy the sunshine. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  The Feed:


It’s hard to keep up with all of the European cycling races, but when photo galleries pop up I’m always drawn in. The photography and the scenes it captures provides for a good little escape from the day. And makes me envy the athletes that make their living riding bikes. Head over here for a gallery of Paris-Roubaix.

I’m trying to be optimistic today but hearing about the dust storms, and the attendant red snow, in the high country is bumming me out. It’s about time that political and business leaders start to realize that human activity has an impact well beyond their sight lines. Check out Ted Mahon’s newest post about the dust, with some amazing (in a scary way) comparison pictures.

Nevada’s Ruby Mountains have intrigued me for years. I have yet to explore them but the desire gets stronger every year. Especially when the Adventure Life piques my interest by throwing up pictures of Eighties ski rock stars shredding the Van Halen out of the powder.

This is great: Panacea, a Seattle based company that cooks Monday night dinners. The menu is emailed (and posted) on Thursday along with a blog post and pictures to give you an idea of what is going in to your stomach on Monday night. Place your order by Saturday and either pick it up or have it delivered (for an extra $3). Businesses like this are one of the major reasons I miss the Northwest. Check out a snippet from their blog below for a better idea of pricing and pick up/delivery:

Meals will be available for pick-up Monday after 4:30 or delivered to your doorstep by 5:30 pm for an additional $3. For now, deliveries are limited to neighborhoods in Central & South Seattle.  We have two pick-up spots – one in Columbia City, another in the Central District.


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TWW Daily Feed (4.12.2010)

Person with the stupid bluetooth headset; please get off of the trail.

I’ve noticed in the past two years or so that people with cell phones on trails are becoming an increasingly common sight. Part of me understands; trails are often isolated and treacherous, and having a cell phone makes complete sense. What I don’t understand is why people choose to use their cellphones while they are hiking or exercising. To me, this defeats the purpose of being outside and active. Sitting in an office all day, interacting with people, carrying the burden of responsibilities; these are the reasons why being active is, and should be, a necessary part of the day. It provides a break from the craziness of life and lets us experience life in a more stress reduced environment. Until the a-holes start thinking that it’s a good idea to bring the phone on to the trail in order to get business done. Now, not only are you missing the whole point of what you set out to do, but you are impeding on the serenity of everyone else. So buddy, please take your stupid bluetooth headset, and yourself, off of the mountain. You are killing my vibe. The Feed:


I haven’t thrown up anything from the glorious Heidi Swanson in a while so when I saw her recipe for Chocolate Cherry Brownies I was immediately swept back in to the magic of her existence. Head over to her site to check them out. I realize that brownies are not really great for training, but you have to indulge every once in a while. Especially when you get stressed out thinking about the fat bastards on cell phones getting in your way on the trail you are trying to run.


I have never been to the Little Red Bike Cafe in Portland, OR, but it’s on my list. Especially after reading their post about some of their favorite breakfast spots. The best way to gauge the quality of a restaurant is to gauge the quality of their influences. The Little Red Bike seems to be in good company.

Google Earth is an amazingly fun program to have on your computer. Unfortunately, my computer does not like it so I have yet to see this map in action, but our friend Jake seems to be very excited about it. How do I know he was excited? He sent me the link with a lot of exclamation points in the email. And pictures of unicorns. Thanks Jake. I think.

Robert Downey Jr. Badass. Check out a preview of his interview with Men’s Journal here. And thank whatever God you pray to that we still have actors of his quality. I swear if I have to watch another movie with Ashton Kutcher I’m going to freak out.

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TWW Daily Feed for March 4, 2010

Yesterday one of our intrepid readers posted a nice comment that read something like “coffee is for old people, do the DEW!”, which, of course, is in reference to the unnaturally green soda that is apparently fuel for people who like simultaneously experiencing the outdoors and disintegrating teeth. Personally, I have no desire to put something like that in my body. When the second ingredient on the bottle is high fructose corn syrup my liver starts acting out in defiance. The comment did raise an interesting question; is Mountain Dew really a more extreme caffeine delivery vehicle? I did a little research and it turns out that based on the average amount of caffeine in an 8oz serving, Mountain Dew has almost half of the caffeine found in typical brewed coffee (54 milligrams compared to the 95 milligrams in coffee). Which has led me to this conclusion: Mountain Dew is like riding a bike with training wheels. Those pink tassles are cute, but sooner or later you have to graduate to big boy school. The Feed:


I was waiting to throw up Portland Food and Drink’s and Cuisine Bonne Femme’s collaborative guide to sweet shops, pastries and chocolates until they had both posts up (they cover the shops from A to Z). A good guide to derail your diet right before the spring break season. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. I’m intrigued by Cacao. Melted chocolate served in coffee cups sounds perfect right now.

Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and core strength. Unfortunately when you weigh over 200lbs and are as functionally flexible as a cedar yoga is not the easiest thing to transition into. But I’m going to take the plunge and commit. If not for my health than at least for the girls in tight clothes cornucopia that a yoga studio represents. Anyhow, a gallery of yoga poses for cyclists. Enjoy.

Sitting at your desk annoyed at the fact it’s still cold outside? Yearning for the summer time? This isn’t going to help, but it might make you start getting on your summer planning.

Shaun White is the weirdest looking badass snowboarder around. He was on the Tonight Show with Judas the other night throwing down some knowledge about what its like to be him. Check it out here and then slam your head on the desk a couple of times to get rid of Jay Leno’s annoying voice in your ear.

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TWW Daily Feed for February 15, 2010

I’m suffering from a bout of age at the moment. I spent the weekend both working and working out, which has somehow resulted in a incredibly sore and stiff back. I’m not sure if it was carrying boxes of beer up stairs or doing a lot of uphill running that has me feeling like an old man, but regardless I’m definitely NOT feeling like a 21 year old anymore. Damn aging. I hope everyone is working their way into the week with minimal regret about it only being Monday. The Feed:


The Winter Olympics are all over the TV right now and so far most of my event watching has been focusing on speed skating. Why? Mostly because it’s fun to watch and the anticipation at every turn of an epic crash involving skate inflicted wounds keeps it interesting. And, of course, the awesomeness of Apolo Ohno’s facial hair. I especially like Apolo because there are rumors of him doing the Incline. And you know what I found today? Rumor confirmed! My journalistic abilities are astounding.

Whoa, this is crazy: Floyd Landis – bicycling star/pariah, always interesting interviewee, and now internationally wanted hacker? WTF. The cycling world is crazy.

9:30am (working my way into the week slowly)

Let’s start the week off with a hearty recipe from Heidi Swanson; Kabocha French Lentil Soup. I’m fully entrenched in my typical boredom with cold winter days, so little nuggets of goodness from Heidi, especially soups, seem like a more appealing way to spend the evening than running in weather that makes my eyebrows freeze.

A little late for Valentine’s Day (the scourge of my holiday season) comes this guide to Sweet Shops and Chocolate from Portland Food and Drink. My suggestion; check out these shops for post-Valentine’s Day deals on their heart shaped confectionery, purchase it, and freeze it for next year. “Romantic” is my middle name.

Finally into some sports related posts. Check out Bicycling Magazine’s breakdown of some of the Tour of California stages and where it’s going to get hard and nasty (their words, not mine).

Last week saw the Eastern Seaboard getting annihilated by storms. And this week? Satellite pictures of the end results of those storms. Slightly reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow.

I know Lindsey Vonn is America’s darling right now, but if you like brunettes then Julia Mancuso is the girl for you. The downhill skier is an underdog favorite for Vancouver, but her training regime, based in Maui (as in Hawaii) has elevated her to the top of my girlfriend podium:

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TWW Daily Feed for February 3, 2010

After a whopping three hours at the office yesterday I took a trip over to Red Rocks Canyon and got in a run before heading back to work. A mid-work run is one of my favorite ways to break up the day. It gets me energized for the afternoon and lets me think about what I need to get done. It also gets me out of the office for an extended period of time. And there are way more attractive girls in Red Rocks than there are in the building. The Feed:


Oatmeal on a cold winter day is one of life’s little treats. It’s even better when you add blueberries on top of it. Check out this simple and delicious sounding recipe for Blueberry Oatmeal. Thank me later.

I don’t know why this video is so funny. But it is. The captions really add to the laugh value.


Vancouver, BC, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics (in case you didn’t know) is also home to some of the best food in the northwest. Thankfully the NYTs bourgeois sensibilities have stumbled upon this fact and wrote this story. On top of your game aren’t you?

This is one of the weirdest but apparently most effective ways to battle global warming. So start saving the planet, and start painting your roof white. I suppose it makes perfect sense, but it just sounds so simple. We’ll know it’s effective when the GOP starts speaking out against it.

I can’t say that it’s been cold at all in Colorado this winter. In fact, it’s been scarily balmy and dry, making for crap skiing and shorts rich running. But in case it does start to get cold, and in honor of my upcoming trip to Milwaukee, a recipe for cassoulet, a french stew involving beans, meat, and lots of other hearty ingredients.

Ever wonder whether the size of a country’s GDP had any correlation to its medal count at the Olympics? Is it really true that richer countries win more medals (with their attendant nicer facilities, farm systems, etc)? Apparently, not really.

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