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TWW Daily Feed (6.14.2010)

For the first time in a while we were able to round together a great group of athletes and head into the Boulder foothills for one of the most challenging runs we’ve done in a while. Twelve plus miles and 4400 feet of climbing in a little over three hours; leg crumbling, soul challenging and ultimately rejuvenating. A perfect way to end the week and prepare for a new one. God bless friends with strong legs and conditioning. The Feed:

late morning dose

One of the best parts about living and recreating in Colorado is the ability to reach incredible outdoor areas with minimal costs and access fees. That may change. Thank you people who don’t realize that there is no one to clean up after your mess in our mountains. I’m going to enjoy paying for your inability to pack out what you pack in.

This is kind of a cool concept: a project designed to create and foster ideas for urban transportation that will (hopefully) result in some revolutionary thinking. Check out the project, and contribute, over at Slate.

The Portland Food Cart Scene (one of my favorite topics) is picking up steam as one of the exemplary food movements in the country, with another great food city, Vancouver, proclaiming the city as a “model to emulate.”


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TWW Daily Feed (6.11.2010)

Welcome to the end of the week! Hope everyone has a good weekend planned. I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been hellacious. Trying to mix training, work, bartending, more work and more training is slowly turning me into an emaciated and constantly sore Clydesdale. TGIF. The Feed:

late morning dose

If you are in the mood for some early morning politics, head over to the Denver Post to check out what various Colorado candidates for office are doing to ingratiate themselves with the ski industry. My favorite quote, by Republican Senate candidate Jane Norton:

“The days of the federal government cramming wilderness or monument designations down the throats of local communities, recreation enthusiasts and businesses must end,”

Yes, the scourge of protecting Colorado’s natural wonders must stop! How dare the government try to protect fragile forests, wilderness habitats, wetlands and open spaces from the benevolent forces of ATVs, jeeps, hunters and oil and gas companies. The blight of resource protection must be stopped before it is too late!

I’ve been trying to keep abreast of the Portland food cart scene but there seems to be a new cart popping up everyday and keeping track of all of the reviews, changes, openings and closings is something I can’t even come close to doing. So, as I have said before, head over to Food Carts Portland to keep on top of everything. And in lieu of that, at least check out the latest June news for the PDX food cart scene.

The big news yesterday was the plight of 16 year old Abby Sunderland who was trying to sail around the world unsupported. While in the Indian ocean during a storm two of her three emergency beacons were activated and she was feared to be lost at sea. The good news is that she is not, and a rescue boat is on the way. The bad news: another round of “how young is too young?” in the world of adventure sports. I lean towards supporting them, as long as they are able and have the resources to accomplish their goals. Anyone else?

Kind of an interesting look at how internal cycling team politics can really screw up a rider’s season goals. Head over to VeloNews to read about why Chris Horner wasn’t on last year’s Tour de France start line.

The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with one even located in the West, and the others located in places that I purposefully avoid.

I’ve been super behind on some of my favorite blogs. Panacea, the Seattle based Monday meal provider, has the menu up for June 14’s dinner. Head over to the site to check out what’s on the stove and the details for how to order.

A little music video to rock out to before the weekend:

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TWW Daily Feed (4.8.2010)

Sorry for the late post, the day quickly got ahead of me. Today’s big news is the shelacking of snow (thanks Jake) that Vail received in the last day or so; up to 20 inches of fresh powder. Hope everyone who is able gets up there to enjoy some of the best snow of the season. Thanks Mother Nature for providing your bounty at the last possible moment. The Feed:


The field for the 2010 Tour of California has been announced, with some notable names in there including Radioshack, Garmin-Transitions and Saxo-Bank.

The Portland food cart scene is getting an increasing amount of national press. Food Carts Portland recently played tour guide to Men’s Health Magazine, showing them around Portland’s scene and hopefully making a solid case for the best street food city in the country. Check out the post here and use it as your own little tour guide.

This video is all over the Internet today. I hope this poor guy realizes that he is now a star.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 19, 2010

Yesterday was one of those days in which my motivation for working out diminished as the day progressed. More and more I’m finding that if I don’t get a run or ride or whatever in during the morning hours I don’t do anything at all. Coming home from work in the dark is not conducive to getting excited about heading out for a run, especially when the trails around your running haunts have names like “Lion’s Den” and “Bear Creek.” Getting mauled by an animal would be the worst way to end the work day. Ever. So I’m going to stick to the mornings, try to get up a little bit earlier, and tell myself that running while slightly groggy is better than running from something that is furry and pissed. The Feed:


The Tour Down Under is the big race going on right now in the cycling world, opening the proverbial “curtain” on this year’s race events. Want some results from the first stage? Here you go.

New Portland food cart review from the Portland Food Carts peeps. Mono Malo (Area23, NE 23rd and Alberta) provides tapas like dishes featuring various meat and veggie pairings. The menu looks great and the Portland Food Carters seemed to like it.

This year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver marks the beginning of the newest winter sport event: Ski Cross. A mix of racing and high velocity ski-derby, the sport is drawing a lot of older athletes that never medaled in prior games, and see Ski Cross as their last, best hope. Check out the trailer below for the new documentary Appointment in Vancouver, starring multi-Olympic athlete Casey Puckett. I’m excited for this event. Whatever happens with Ski Cross, it’s 1000 times better than figure skating.


CNN, which I feel is quickly becoming one of the more alarmist channels on TV, has a little photo gallery up of the 12 greenest cars of 2010, in case you are in the market. Aside from that, CNN; let’s have a talk. Your channel hosts Nancy Grace, who not only looks like a cartoon character but has basically created a show in which she acts like a cartoon character, but with headline bulletins. Are you serious? I get physically repulsed every time I see her on the air with her stupid headlines highlighted in yellow, screaming “Breaking News!!” No, it’s not breaking news, it’s a beacon of awfulness. And who does her hair? Take care of this CNN. I’m already cutting you a break for the whole Anderson Cooper thing. You’re pushing your luck.

A couple of weeks ago Portland Food and Drink put together a survey asking readers to rank various restaurants/bars in town based on a number of categories. The first of the rankings are up and provide a good rundown of some really great places to check out the food scene in Portland. I laughed when I read that Wildwood won the place that “Out of Town Guests Always Want to go Here” category. From personal experience, this is definitely true.

This is going to be an intense study, featuring a woman who became an ultra-runner after having a section of her brain removed. Crazy, hopefully informative and groundbreaking, and promising a lot of good pictures.

Mother Nature Network has a review/story about a new book out called Your Eco-Friendly Home. The book provides guidance in how to go about purchasing and remodeling a home in the greenest way possible while taking you through the property buying process. Apparently there is something called an Energy Efficient Mortgage. I had no idea. The book looks like a good resource if you are considering greening up your current living situation. Or impressing your hippy girlfriend.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 11th, 2010

Today we’re going to try something a little bit new for the Daily Feed. Instead of one long post at the beginning of every morning we are going to update it throughout the day, until 5pm MST every afternoon. This way we can put things up as we hear of them instead of waiting until the next day. Each Daily Feed will still exist as only one post, we’ll simply update that one post as we go. We’ll revert back to the original format on travel days, or when most of the day is going to be spent on the trails or wherever else, but as of today we’re going with the running Feed. The newest updates will be at the top of the post (below this first paragraph). Let me know what you think. The (new) Feed:


Michael Pollan is a great writer and his books on all things food are definite ‘must reads’ if you are looking for something to add to your bookshelf. Check out an interview he did with the NYTs in which he provides a few basic rules of eating. Worth checking out before you buy dinner tonight.

This video fall into the “skinny weird dudes in speedos with too much time on their hands” category.

(11:10pm) A little before lunch reading

The Seattle Library is one of the coolest buildings in the city, so it seems appropriate that some cool restaurants and bars are filling in the nooks and crannies around the neighborhood. The Seattle Food Dude has a review up of one of those places, Sip at the Wine Bar and Restaurant (909 5th Avenue). He mentions that it’s a chain, so not exactly the local flavor we typically like to endorse, but in a city that lags well behind Portland in great food, I’ll happily throw a bone. Check it out. Let me know.

This site gets a lot of searches for “caffeine”, “caffeine in coffee” and “is coffee more caffeinated than redbull?” (yes), so to answer the queries I have finally tracked down a great chart showing the various levels of caffeine in coffee compared to some popular energy drinks. I love how a drink called “NOS” is actually NOT the winner in this one.

A cool little article about the amazing Lindsey Vonn and how she has become, and remains, successful in a hyper competitive sport. A little known fact: her skiing victories have won her numerous cows. Seriously.

For the fellas: 10 tips (from GQ Magazine) on how to acquire a smooth, non-irritating shave. Although I hope that after the age of 16 most of us have figured out how to shave without destroying our faces, but whatever, there are always the slow ones. This one is good for finding excuses to pamper yourself that doesn’t involve manicures, pedicures and the like. Not that I’ve ever received one of those things. They sound girly. And I don’t like the colors they use.

(5:45am) Good Morning!: a couple of food related posts for you, and one gear review because we love your backcountry adventures –

Heidi Swanson has a hearty looking recipe up for Ribollita, a thick Tuscan stew that uses a lot of greens and beans to form a hearty, winter appropriate meal. She came up with this one after, what sounds like, a cathartic cleansing of her freezer. I can’t even imagine what that thing would look like. I picture a refrigerator fool of magical, yet healthy, treats.

I’m surprised that the gluten free food trend is still going strong, but it is and it presents people numerous problems with choosing what to eat, especially when going out. Portland’s strong suite with food is catering to a huge range of appetites and diets. So combine gluten free with Portland food carts and you get the list of carts that serve gluten free meals of delicious goodness. You’re welcome glu-tards.

You have to love Anthony Bourdain. The dude has built an empire by being a cynical, slightly unhinged New Yorker unleashed onto world cultures. My favorite episodes of No Reservations involve Bourdain checking out a new dish and the traditional alcohol that comes with it and then watching him continue to sample the alcohol until he ends up slightly wasted while still trying to function as a host. Brilliant TV. Check out this Q&A he did with Men’s Journal, in which he describes how Ozzy Osbourne somehow became a grandfather to him.

And for the last post of the morning we have a Gear Junkie review for the GPS/SPOT device, a super high tech avalanche beacon that uses GPS to provide your location and others who are carrying the device. It also has the capability to send out a SOS signal for the dicey situations. Pretty cool looking little toy.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 7th: Something New(ish)

We’re changing the layout a little bit to spruce the site up for you before we shift it completely over to the new design. What do you think? Personally, I like that the logo is now our header, but on the downside the column width is narrower which makes everything look a little too bunched together for my liking. We’ll try it for a few days to see what happens. On Monday we’re also going to do the Daily Feed in a slightly different format to allow for more developing news stories that happen during the day. Check it out, love it, hug it. The Feed:

Nissan has announced that it is becoming a sponsor of Team Radioshack, solidifying the team’s financial health while presumably providing some vehicle support for this year’s races. The article emphasizes Nissan’s green initiatives, making me wonder if Radioshack is undertaking an effort to “green” their program. Hmmmm…

A list of “green resorts” that make vacationing in an exotic destination easier for your green minded self. Until you remember that you flew a plane to the airport that was built on a wetland that has little public transportation requiring you to rent a car to drive to the remote location of the “green” resort that was built on a different wetland but that has a recycling system for it’s sprinkler system for the non-native grass. Wow! I think I need some more coffee to mellow out.

Although, maybe the airport at the resort location has a green parking garage that produces its own energy, which is connected to an airport with an ever expanding green energy production system. Where would such an innovative airport thrive? Try Denver. That’s right baby, the Denver Airport has its thumb to the greenstone.

My new favorite piece of gear that I desperately need: the portable espresso machine. Check this thing out, it looks like you could shove it in a pack and carry it with you skiing, hiking or whatever. Get some hot water going and voila! Espresso on the run. Poppa likey.

If you are in the Seattle area and want something to do this weekend check out the Chow Down, a one day event where some of the best food carts in Seattle gather to provide you samplings of their mobile food fare. It’s located at Interbay at 1616 W Bertona. I haven’t sampled much of the Seattle cart scene so I don’t have any recommendations, but you can’t go wrong with the doughnut cart.

I keep telling my friends that I wear a helmet with headphones because sometimes my life just needs a soundtrack. I’m not sure I need the Freeskiing World Tour Official Mixtape as my soundtrack, but you might. So click on the link, download the mp3 and enjoy. It’s mostly a mix of rap that is upbeat and fun. Basically what you would expect from a freeskiing competition sound system.

The intrepid Heidi Swanson has a great collection of recipes up for you to check out. The garlic soup sounds particularly tasty. Girl, I love you.

And now for the craziest thing that got posted to the internet yesterday. Below, check out the video of a Japanese whaling ship destroying a Sea Shepherd boat. Sea Shepherd is the organization that uses harassment techniques to protest and derail whaling expeditions. The video shows their boat getting mauled, and then doused with high pressure water hoses. A good ‘holy sh*t’ way to start your day:

We’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day and if you have time head over to the Sea Shepherd website to check out their cause and some after pictures of the boat.

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TWW Daily Feed for January 5th

For our New Years celebrations we got together in Aspen for a few days of riding, big dinners and bar hopping. Great times. I always forget how much I love Aspen until I go back, and then the scenery, people, town and recreating options smack me around a bit and make me realize that Aspen is possibly one of my favorite places in the West. Hiking Aspen Mountain and the Highlands Bowl, checking out the view from the Sundeck and hitting some of the coolest bars in Colorado – how can you beat a town that provides all of this? And that’s only in the winter. My new favorite part of Aspen are the oatmeal pancakes at Bonnie’s Restaurant on Aspen Mountain (they are really good and relatively cheap, but as Casey pointed out we could use a bit less of the seasonal visitors screaming at the cooks to hurry up). I’m not sure I could live there for very long, but every time I go there it gets harder to leave. The Feed:

The Gear Junkie has his Top Ten of the Year’s Best Gear up. I get sick of the random reviews that pop up everytime you Google a piece of gear. I’m glad that the jacket “is rad” bro, but your expository language abilities are lacking a bit. This is why I love the GJ: great writing, great pictures and reviews that provide helpful information that doesn’t make me want to curse the American educational system.

While we’re on the gear review kick, check out the Adventure Life’s review of Polartec’s Power Shield Pro, a new material that combines the waterproofing material of a typical softshell with a more porous membrane that is meant to allow for more breathabilitly. Basically the material is attempting to reach the holy grail of the softshell world: a water and wind proof jacket that adjusts to your temperature. The Adventure Life dude checked out the material as used in the Northface Kishtwar Jacket. Bottom line: good stuff.

It’s time for New Year Resolutions, so avoid the gym for the next two weeks until everyone reverts back to last year’s exercise habits, and check out this list of ways to enhance your sprint triathlon training.

Beginning of the year forecasts are pretty banal and I’m loathe to throw up links to any, but I was drawn to Bicycle Magazine’s list of predictions in the cycling world for 2010 mainly because of the background info it provides on the new Team Sky and Radioshack, and the American racing scene. I love how the nickname for Team Radioshack is “Graydioshack.” You clever bitches.

Portland has a new, awesomely named, food cart called Bruce Lee’s Kitchen (SE 13th and Lexington) down in Sellwood. Looks like a stir fry/paid thai kind of place, with “huge” portions. Sellwood is a bit far to travel for a cart, but it might be worth a look when Saburo’s is packed.

Another new food place in Portland (this is mainly for my buddy Ethan, who I know loves a good burger); Foster Burger (5339 SE Foster Road) is a partnership between various Portland food stars including Andy Ricker, the brain behind Pok Pok. Check out the menu here. The food is supposed to be amazing. Check it out, let me know.

The Wall Street Journal’s pictures of 2009, arranged by topic. Some pretty amazing pics in here that don’t focuse solely on Wall Street’s implosion.

This story is pretty awesome: the CIA is working with environmental scientists to pour over satellite images taken by CIA satellites in order to study ice flows and other ecological systems. Super random, very cool of the CIA and the Obama administration (Bush put a stop to it during his tenure).

And finally, as discovered by Ryan over at RypeArts, a website that documents coffee art. I’m finding that the more I look at this site the more upset I get when the local barista doesn’t provide me a symmetrical flower in my latte. Get your stuff together man!

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