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TWW Daily Feed (4.19.2010)

I’m on a new yoga kick, which has been great for my flexibility but horrible for my athletic ego. When I walk into a yoga studio I transform from able runner and cyclist to a sack of un-athletic muscle and bone. I am paranoid that everyone around me thinks I’m going to pass out and I’m pretty sure that the instructors purposefully hover near my mat to make sure I don’t do something that will tear innumerable tendons and ligaments. At this point I still enjoy it immensely, even if my warrior pose looks like something from the “How Not to Practice Yoga” manual. The Feed:


This weekend’s New York Times Magazine featured numerous articles about health and exercise that are worth reading, especially this one that looks at whether exercise is truly a viable tool for weight loss (based on how you look at it; not really). However, the article discusses some interesting findings, including this; people who consistently work out tend to keep weight off, and when they stop working out and gain weight they gain less than those who never worked out in the first place. Lesson? Make sure you line up a lady/man who works out now so that when they get lazy later in life they don’t completely blow out.

Bicycling Magazine’s Editor’s picks for 2010 road bikes, in picture gallery format. Their categories are a little silly; “Dream Road” and “Recreational Road”, but the pictures are pretty and it gives you an idea of the prices ranges out there.

I’m always weary of corporate “environmental initiatives”, but IBM’s new policy is sounding somewhat legit. The company is requiring its suppliers to track their environmental emissions, and those of their subcontractors. Along with the tracking, the companies have to meet certain environmental benchmarks if they want to remain as suppliers. Impressive IBM.


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