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TWW Daily Feed for January 20, 2010

My favorite overheard conversation snippet from last night, spoken by a woman that comes into the bar almost nightly and always has at least two heavy beers: “I just don’t understand why my love handles are so bad. They’re like really big! What should I do about them?” You got me honey. I have no idea how you would mitigate the extra body mass accumulating around your stomach area. One more beer? No problem.

Welcome to Wednesday! I think one of the best parts about writing this post everyday is that I get to peruse through a lot of articles about athletics, restaurants and other general areas that we cover. It’s a good way to start the day and a fun break from work or whatever else is going on. It also makes me a good date for a cocktail party where the guests are interested in coffee, running, cycling, restaurants, food carts and random charts. I’m in high demand. I hope everyone is having a great week. It feels like winter is finally showing itself in Colorado. Time to bust out the thermal spandex again. The Feed:


I’ve never heard of avalanche air bags, but apparently they are a great system for improving the likelihood of surviving slides. The problem is that not everyone deploys them in time. Thankfully, the science world has come up with a solution. Good idea dudes.

The latest results from the Tour Down Under, featuring some background info on back to back winner Andre Greipel. So far HTC-Columbia is dominating with their sprinters.

And for some post lunch rocking out, check out the new video from Ok Go. Good song. Great video:


Continuing from yesterday’s results; Portland Food and Drink’s Restaurant Survey, featuring categories 7 thru 10. Frankly, I’m a little suprised that Chipotle made it on to the list of “I’m Embarrassed to Eat Here” restaurants. I love Chipotle, and no way the food there is as bad for you as Taco Bell or Burgerville. Granted, the tortillas have 200% of your daily sodium needs, but who cares about sodium when you’re in the mood for a gigantic, fresh, burrito? I call BS on this one.

GQ’s rundown of the 25 Most Stylish Men and what makes them that way. Good for the ladies, and good for the fellas. Why? Because as much as we might insist that sneakers, jeans and a sweatshirt are perfectly appropriate wardrobe choices for hitting the town, they’re not, and everyone should know how to wear a good suit. And you know you have a man crush on David Beckham.

This is an incredibly handy graphic for tracking the various harvest seasons in the Pacific Northwest. Why in the world do you need to know when the harvest seasons are? Because then you can buy fruits and veggies when they’re in season, and avoid the whole “my Kiwis are being flown here in a jumbo jet” kind of situation (I’m talking to you Whole Foods).

Man flying through a hole in a giant cliff. Cool, I guess. People think up some crazy sh*t. The music makes me feel like I’m in an 80s action movie.


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TWW Daily Feed for January 15, 2010

I was working last night and had the TV on in the background to an old Sylvester Stallone movie called Daylight. Remember Daylight? In the movie one of the characters, an ‘outdoor superstar’, tries to rope up and climb out of the destroyed tunnel the characters are trapped in meets his demise by refusing to listen to Sylvester. The climber was played be none other than Viggo Mortenson, one of the most dynamic actors of the last decade. I was astounded. When I first turned the movie on I vaguely remembered the character and how the movie portrayed him as some sort of superstar d-bag climber. I thought the character was played by a random blond guy, but little did I know that the One True King, the naked knife fighting dude and the badass diner owner had paid the bills by playing second fiddle to Sylvester Stallone. Irony in all of its cinematic glory. The Feed:


This link isn’t really part of our general theme, but I love soccer and especially soccer highlights so what the hell. Check out Outside’s list of the Top 10 Breakout Starts for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, each with their own highlight reel.

Lance’s comeback to cycling isn’t really big news. It will get played up during the cycling season, but c’mon; he’s been riding for a year now so do we need to keep calling this his “comeback”? I don’t think so either, but thanks Bicycling Magazine for the gallery documenting his comeback and making redundant reporting a good excuse to put up pictures.

I thought this was a good idea for a menu and a tribute. Specifically, a tribute to Gourmet Magazine and the recipes that used to grace its pages before it was wiped out of existence.


I think the Vino/Contador teamup this year is one of the more interesting plot lines in what is always a drama filled sport. Velonews has a report about their first training camp day together, along with some photos of what could be one of the most powerful pairs in this year’s Tour. Vino is a scary dude. I’m pretty sure he mauls wolves and bears when not riding the bike.

The Haiti tragedy is all over the news. There are numerous websites where you can contribute money toward the rescue and recovery efforts. Check out this graphic for a look at what areas were hardest hit and the geological forces that created one of the most destructive earthquakes in modern times.

This one is for the fellas, and ladies who love Dennis Quad: a guide to style for the winter, with some good ideas for jackets, shoes and accessories. I like GQ because it makes me feel a bit less metro about my love of nice clothes.


My brother pointed me toward this website, Cheap Healthy Good, a blog that focuses on healthy cooking and a variety of food related topics. My favorite little feature so far is the list of fruits and veggies that are currently in season. What are they? Glad you asked:

Apples, Avocadoes, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celeriac, Fennel, Grapefruit, Leafy Greens, Leeks, Mushrooms, Onions, Oranges, Parsnips, Pears, Potatoes, Rutabagas, Sweet Potatoes, Tangerines, Turnips, Winter Squash

Joe Lindsey, over at Bicycling Magazine, has a really good article up about Floyd Landis that looks at Floyd’s career since his doping scandal and where his future path may take him in the cycling world. If nothing else it’s a good look at the behind the scenes moves that riders make in order to compete on an elite stage. Check out the article here.

We’re throwing this link up early so you can start planning for your weekend before you’re done with your morning coffee. The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend features a trip to Hawaii and an Ice Festival in British Columbia, along with some package deals from Whistler that will let you explore the resort before the Olympians descend en masse.

Steve Casimiro has a great post up about how exploring your backyard can be one of the best adventures you do all winter. His post features an entry from Patagonia’s Backyard Adventure contest, which sought entries detailing adventures that can be had close to home, without the attendant car or airplane exhaust needed for adventures in exotic locales. Head over to the Adventure Life to check out how one dad and his kids made the backyard their favorite place to explore. A link to the great slideshow is at the bottom of the post.

Megan Fox posing for Armani? Sure, why not.

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