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TWW Daily Feed for January 29, 2010

Welcome to Friday! First, I want to apologize for the lack of after-morning posting. I spent most of the week moving into a new office, so I’ve been without internet after I’ve left the house, hence a crushing inability to provide updates to the Daily Feed. My bad. Second, the Olympics are still gearing up and Colorado has added another athlete to the games; Simi Hamilton, Aspen local and sprint specialist. Another great reason to watch the Games this year. Congratulations Simi! If you get close enough to Lindsey Vonn make sure to snap a few pictures for me, and good luck in Vancouver. Very cool. Anyway, should be set up at the office today, so make sure to check back as if this week didn’t happen. The Feed:


I’m getting ready to head up to Boulder for the weekend. The nastiness of the last few days has turned into a gorgeous day here on the Front Range. Should be a great weekend to play in the mountains. To get you excited I’ve come across two great videos.

The first is from Outside, features the new Trek/K-Swiss Triatholon Team. The video below is a sort of introduction and trailer for the team, which appears to be one of the more accomplished teams on the planet.

And possibly the coolest promo for the Vancouver Olympics I have seen so far. The best part: the curling. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, curling can stop ice monsters.


Louisville, KY was awarded the Cyclocross World Championships for 2013. Apparently this is a very exciting turn of developments in the Cyclo Cross world, so congrats! I have yet to jump on cyclocross so I’m a little bit in the dark about why this is so important, but regardless, it’s exciting that those damn Euros aren’t hogging on the spotlight.

Portland is a city all about urban renewal, and thankfully a lot of the leaders behind the renewal push are tuned in to the neighborhoods, cultures and economics involved in a large scale redevelopment project. The east side of the Burnside Bridge is the latest area to receive redevelopment attention, and the new Burnside Bridgehead will hopefully make the area an economic bright spot. The developers are taking a more organic approach to the development; adjusting as they go to suit the needs of the tenants and the area. This is why Portland is great; developers intent on working with the community instead of completely altering it from the ground up. I <3 you Portland.

The Men’s Journal perfect weekend post, with a single event in the West; the Whitefish Skijoring event in Whitefish, Montana. Being hauled by a team of horses while on skis sounds like one of the coolest ways to play in the snow.

I got sent a link to this trailer, the new Chris Davenport project about him skiing in Antarctica called Australis: An Antarctic Sky Odyssey. It looks like it was an amazing adventure. Very cool. But I thought that it rarely snows in Antarctica. Am I wrong on that one? I feel like I read somewhere that it’s more of a desert climate in terms of precipitation and the snow there is pretty old. Why is this a concern? No face shots with the sweet powdery pow pow.


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