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TWW Daily Feed for December 2nd

This morning I’m recovering from a long night bartending, one which involved cutting somebody off and then getting yelled at  by his friend who helpfully explained to me that “we’re locals, you shouldn’t do that, you don’t understand.” The “I’m a local” line is my favorite when I cut someone off. Never once has a true local actually dropped that line on me. The people that do it are the ones that have been in town for about five years, have integrated themselves into the bar scene and throw around their “local” status to impress tourists. This “local” was particularly feisty, also throwing out the “I know the owners of this bar!” line. Really dude? You’re a local AND you know the owners? I should definitely serve your friend who can’t even stand up straight. Thanks for setting me straight buddy.

Fuck that guy, the good news: snow on the ground in Manitou! Hopefully the mountains are getting hit pretty hard right now, it has been pretty dry for the last couple of weeks here which is great for my shirtless running expeditions, but bad for the winter riding season. I’m patiently stalking the weather reports to pick my day of battle up there. Until then, the Feed: Continue reading


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