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TWW Daily Feed (4.27.2010)

I’m back from a short but fun visit to Milwaukee and Chicago, where the highlight, at least fitness-wise, was a run in Chicago’s Lincoln Park during an epic rainstorm. It was incredibly cold and windy, but the scenery was amazing; views of downtown Chicago, Lake Michigan crashing against seawalls and a surprising number of people out for some exercise. A good way to spend a weekend and take a break from the relentless climbing that running in the mountains necessitates. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. The Feed:


I have always watched big time cycling races and wondered what happened to the water bottles that riders eject off to the sides of the road. I always assumed that clean up crews (or fans) picked up the empties. Which is apparently somewhat true, but still poses a bit of an environmental issue which has gotten some folks up in arms. I think the bigger issue issue is the hundreds of cars that are involved in big time races.

Cruise over to this link to check out GQ’s assessment of what beers to drink to improve you beer IQ. They are not a bad selection but some of them are some pretty hardcore stouts which seem a bit too much for the burgeoning summer season.

As usual the Adventure Life is featuring some fantastic photography; Ryan Tatar’s surf photography. If you have not become a fan of Steve Casimiro’s site you should. And if you need a break from the monotony of the desk jockeying the surf pictures will either soothe your soul or make you hate your existence. Enjoy!

Some of us spent the weekend shoving cheese, fried food, burgers and alcoholic ice cream drinks into our bodies. Other people did some epic ski mountaineering. Damn you Jake.

Jake on top of Culebra Peak, right before his descent that resulted in a four hour detour.



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TWW Daily Feed for January 8th

Tomorrow is Manitou’s annual Fruitcake Toss, where a mix of engineers, enthusiasts and loonies gather together to launch fruitcakes as far as they can. I suppose the festival is a good way to bring people in to town during what is otherwise a pretty slow time of year. I think of it as the symbolic end of the Holiday season. When hundreds of people show up to start throwing a holiday food item around it’s time to pack up the tree and lights. The Feed:

V02 testing typically involves a lot of tubes, monitors and treadmill or bike work inside of a hot building. For a lower tech way to test your V02 head over to Rockport Fitness to use their low tech VO 2 calculator and test which consists of a walk around a track, a heart rate monitor and an online calculator. Break 70 and you can start thinking about taking Lance down.

Everything I’ve read this week is indicating that the Portland restaurant scene is in a crazy state of flux, with a ton of restaurants (mostly in the Pearl) shutting their doors. There are bright spots, such as Slap Happy (4246 SE Belmont St), a restaurant that specializes in make-it-yourself pancakes. Basically, they have created stoner Shangri-la.

A little beer review for you: Great Divide’s Oak Aged Yeti, a winter stout that sounds great for cold nights.

Some Friday fun for you: a collection of the best “fails” from 2009, from the people at College Humor. The best one is at 1:40 in, when the music has shifted to trance and the dude stealing the purse runs toward the wrong pedestrian (safe for work as it depicts general scenes of mayhem, no nudity, and a weird soundtrack. You’re welcome).

Alright then. Hope everyone has a great weekend full of fun and adventure. We’ll get back on Monday with a new version of the Daily Feed.

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TWW Daily Feed for December 31st

I’m in Vail this morning to hike up Vail Mountain and get in some early morning reads before we head up to Aspen for New Years. Not a bad weekend in Colorado. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. We’ll see you on Monday. The Feed:

Outside Magazine’s list of the top 10 Adventure Stories of the Decade, which basically boils down to some interesting events that have occurred in the last two years. Outside’s editors are really burning the midnight oil coming up with these little gems. The Ben Stiller adoption of the Livestrong campaign is one of your top adventure stories? Fail.

The lovely Ms. Heidi Swanson has one last recipe up for you, a Bittersweet Chocolate Tart that looks delicious and filled with her usual organic ingredients. I know that I’ve moved on to Lindsey Vonn and Gretchen Bleiler, but Heidi still has a special little place in my heart.

We’re going to stick with the theme of Top 10 lists and throw Bicycling Magazine’s list of 10 Resolutions for a better cycling year. Thanks guys. Going easy more often is now my number one training approach. Bring on the Twinkies.

New Year celebrations almost always end up with people coming back to their crashpads drunk and in need of munchies. The Portland food cart scene has you covered; a list of their locations and specials for tonight.

A look at how to face down fear when it presents itself, and other tips for surviving stressful situations (basically; have more sex). This will be good for tonight with the three hundred pound chick at the bar decides that her 14th shot of Tequila has turned her into Jessica Biel and she wants to make you her Justin Timberlake. Fee Fi Fo Fum!!!

A history of beer in the West. Fun reading to get you ready for tonights intake.

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TWW Daily Feed for December 30th

Heading back to Colorado today after a cold and food filled Milwaukee visit, capped off by a great meal at Alem, an Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. I woke up with plans to go running before my flight but that was quickly forgotten about when I stepped into the below freezing morning and my testicles started yelling at me. The Feed:

There is a lot of news about the attempted terrorist attack this week, with Obama and the screening agencies taking a beating about how this whole thing was handled. I thought that this graph, documenting the various statistics associated with a terrorist attack, could calm a bit of the hysteria. Get your sh*t together people!

Apparently this week was the crowning of the wildlife photo of the year winner and because this world is apparently so controversial, anger erupted over the winning photo. Bummer, but a clever fake if it’s true. Once you’re a bit jaded, check out the actual (real) pictures.

A great roundup of Portland area “bottle shops.” Bottle shops are basically specialized beer stores, so they usually carry a much wider selection and a substantial bit of knowledge about beer. Not that buying from the semi-functioning person at the grocery store isn’t mind expanding, but sometimes you don’t like drool on your bottles.

I realize that there are a lot of good football associated activities happening on New Year’s Day, but so is the NHL Winter Classic. This year’s venue is Fenway Park, and this is the guy that fit an ice rink into a baseball stadium.

And to end the morning on an awesome note, head over here to check out the trailer for Hit Girl, part of the KickAss movie trailers. Frankly, this movie looks awesome and Nic Cage actually has me excited to watch him again (warning: the trailer is unsafe for work, both in visuals and in sound).

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TWW Daily Feed for December 1st

This is one of the those mornings where I’m running behind already and I’ve only been awake for ten minutes. Forgive me if this one is a little short, I have an appointment this morning that I need to get to. Hope everyone is having a good first day of December. The Feed:

A winter workout program from Chris Carmichael (Lance’s coach) geared toward maintaining your fitness when epic all day rides aren’t an option on the snow covered roads.

Just in time for the holidays, Outside has their 2009 Gift Guide up. Outside’s readership is geared toward upper income folks with money to spend on weekend warrior activities and gear, so be prepared for some of the prices on this sucker. No way I’m taking a $500 vest backcountry riding.

A study looking at whether exercise helps you sleep, or not. I feel like it’s a pretty obvious conclusion, but I suppose the research docs need something to do.

This photo gallery of surfer Maya Gabeira landing the largest wave ever surfed by a woman is pretty cool. Check out the last photo of a beach in Rio. That place looks amazing. Maya, I might consider adding you to my dating roster if Lindsey Vonn gives me the go ahead.

Another photo gallery that is worth checking out, but not because it has to do with athletes or being outside. Check this one out because it is a good reminder that living within your means is a good ideal to strive for, and that people who think that creating gigantic houses indicate some sort of importance in this world really kind of suck.

I don’t know why this is list of beers is the “best” Fall/Winter beers for bicyclists. It’s not like they have extra nutrients or lower amounts of alcohol in them. My guess is that they think that these beers will impress the cowbell waving ‘Cross crowd.

A touch of style for this one: the best coats (for men, sorry ladies) under $500. Good gift ideas for the slightly metro (me) people in your life.

Alright, off to get ready for the day. Hope everyone is enjoying the slow return to work and working off the Thanksgiving LB’s. See you tomorrow.

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TWW Daily Feed for November 30th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that the long Thanksgiving weekend treated you well. Mine involved a lot of bonding time with friends, some intense food, drink and exercise action and numerous moments of questioning my masculinity as I ordered yet more spiced pumpkin lattes from Starbucks. The highlights from our holiday week:

1) Doing the Incline at night: very peaceful, great views of the city, numerous scary moments of almost tumbling back down the face.

2) Putting in a 12+ mile run that involved numerous sections of ice and several near trail derailment slips (the loop is fantastic, but I suggest going the opposite for a more intense run).

3) My friends calling my youngest, 6’6″ 250 pound brother “Shrek” and “The Ogre” all weekend “Fe fi fo fum!!”

4) Snowboarding at Breckenridge on Friday. The snow wasn’t that great, but it was awesome to be back on the board.

5) Our good friend Craig venturing beyond his Boulder/Denver bubble to pay a little visit. We marked the date down. Doubtful it will happen again in our lifetimes.

6) The Trinity Brewery Winter Beer Tapping. Great event and fantastic beer. For some inexplicable reason I’m in love with one of the treadlocked bartenders there. Don’t judge me.

7) Casey, while we were out on the town, finding a rose on the floor of the bar and doing a little jig which somehow led to him giving the rose to a woman and striking up a little conversation.

8) Capping the weekend off with a good loop in Red Rocks Canyon, followed up by, what else, a spiced pumpkin latte.

One for the record books boys! The Feed:

I thought this was an interesting article about approaches to opening a microbrewery during a recession, and how the business model is evolving away from trying to ship your beer all over the place. A pretty cool look at brewery startups.

Garmin-Slipstream has acquired a new sponsor; Transitions Optical (the people that make lenses that change tint levels based on the conditions). What happened to Chipotle? I somehow missed that they aren’t one of the big sponsors anymore. Maybe the team managers realized that jamming huge burritos into their riders made for some pretty funky training rides together.

An interesting piece about whether stretching is really necessary. Studies are showing that the most efficient runners are those who have the least amount of flexibility relative to other runners at their level. I love this study for the simple fact that it alleviates my guilt over never stretching.

It’s about freaking time Denver. Finally a light rail to the airport! I swear to God if this doesn’t go through I’m moving to Portland. What’s that? You don’t want to lose me? I know, I know. That was a little harsh. I’m sorry. C’mere baby.

NatGeo Adventure has been running these “best new trips in the world” features, and finally they have some based in America, and the Western part no-less. Check out biking, hiking and kayaking in the Bitterroot Mountains and camping and biking in Colorado’s Hovenweep National Monument near the Four Corners area.

A great article from Adventure Life about why the U.S. Skiing Hall of Fame is out of touch with the sport and its culture. Worth a read.

Alright everyone, off to the wilderness of the working world. Hope everyone is having a great, albeit lethargic, Monday. See you tomorrow.

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TWW Daily Feed for November 24th

I forget how everything generally slows down or shuts down during holiday weeks, and this one is no different. The news cycle is pretty slow right now as everyone is either busting ass to get a lot of work done before Thursday or have just taken the whole week off. Whatever the cause, this week is definitely lacking in interesting things going on. The highlight of my week so far? Being stuck in the Milwaukee airport (where I am right now) for the next 8 hours. Why is this? Because I’m dumb and don’t know how to schedule flights. Forgive me if this one is extra long; I have a lot of free time. The Feed: Continue reading

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