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TWW Daily Feed for January 25, 2010

The mountains in Colorado go slammed with snow this weekend. Silverton and Wolf Creek reaped the usual big rewards, each accumulating well over fifty inches from this last storm. And where were we? Not in the mountains. No, for some reason I got it in my head that this weekend wouldn’t be worth the trip, only to be proven wrong and continually reminded of it by the news, twitter, Facebook, text and phone calls. Hope everyone who was there had a blast, it looked like it was great. Welcome to Monday everyone! The Feed:


Running behind today due to some late night caffeine and the attendant inability to fall asleep. I was also catching up on my Portland food news. The rumor is that Junior Ambassadors, one of my favorite carts, is closed. Not cool. To cheer me up, and you, check out Portland Food and Drink survey results 11 thru 15. I would vote Simpatica for best breakfast, or Broder. Screen Door seems to be the new breakfast hot spot these days.

The final results from the Tour Down Under, with Lance placing 25th overall and Team HTC-Columbia sending Andre Greipel to the podium. I would love to spend a week in Australia riding. Put me in coach! I’ll just be the fat kid at the front that everyone can draft behind.

The Adventure Life guy pointed the way toward an incredible artist that is worth checking out. Head over here, click ‘play’ on the image and enjoy.


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