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TWW Daily Feed (6.8.2010)

Funny how when I’m not motivated to exercise a slight irritation in a knee or hamstring becomes excruciatingly painful. That is what happened to me yesterday, when my afternoon plans to run quickly succumbed to my desire for a late afternoon nap. With a workout bag packed and on the road to the venue of the day I realized that a nap sounded better than 6 miles, and suddenly my knee started to “hurt.” Thanks Brain for playing along with that one. I appreciated it. The Feed:

Afternoon dose:

We’re going to head south for a minute so that Steve at the Adventure Life can show off some amazing pictures of lava flowing from Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano. Thankfully, it appears that the tourists and bystanders in Guatemala have a much greater ability to restrain themselves than American tourists. I was in Yellowstone once and watched a tourist try to sneak up behind a moose. I can just imagine that same guy trying to get a sense for exactly how hot the lava is. Kudos Guatemala.

I was a little bit crushed with the Phoenix Suns lost in the Western Conference Finals. I have to admit I have a bit of a man crush on Steve Nash. The dude just seems super cool. He is known in the league as a bit of a fitness and nutrition freak, so his Men’s Journal blurb about what sort of natural supplements he likes caught my attention. Good advice, especially for the aging athletes out there.

In case you were curious; the latest in Landisgate 2010: The Doper Sagas. Basically; accusations from everybody, everyone telling Landis to be quiet, Armstrong and others denying everything and the usually cycling world speak when it comes to this stuff.

This is a pretty interesting study: vigorous exercise has been linked to better grads. My assumption when first reading the headline was that people who have the discipline to exercise regularly probably have the discipline to study more. And the study says? Basically the exact same thing.

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TWW Daily Feed (4.13.2010)

Good morning! I started my day with a great hike on a glorious morning, so instead of spewing vitriol toward whatever annoying/homeless/overweight person that annoyed me in the last twenty four hours I’m going to enjoy the sunshine. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  The Feed:


It’s hard to keep up with all of the European cycling races, but when photo galleries pop up I’m always drawn in. The photography and the scenes it captures provides for a good little escape from the day. And makes me envy the athletes that make their living riding bikes. Head over here for a gallery of Paris-Roubaix.

I’m trying to be optimistic today but hearing about the dust storms, and the attendant red snow, in the high country is bumming me out. It’s about time that political and business leaders start to realize that human activity has an impact well beyond their sight lines. Check out Ted Mahon’s newest post about the dust, with some amazing (in a scary way) comparison pictures.

Nevada’s Ruby Mountains have intrigued me for years. I have yet to explore them but the desire gets stronger every year. Especially when the Adventure Life piques my interest by throwing up pictures of Eighties ski rock stars shredding the Van Halen out of the powder.

This is great: Panacea, a Seattle based company that cooks Monday night dinners. The menu is emailed (and posted) on Thursday along with a blog post and pictures to give you an idea of what is going in to your stomach on Monday night. Place your order by Saturday and either pick it up or have it delivered (for an extra $3). Businesses like this are one of the major reasons I miss the Northwest. Check out a snippet from their blog below for a better idea of pricing and pick up/delivery:

Meals will be available for pick-up Monday after 4:30 or delivered to your doorstep by 5:30 pm for an additional $3. For now, deliveries are limited to neighborhoods in Central & South Seattle.  We have two pick-up spots – one in Columbia City, another in the Central District.


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The Return…

The first hopeful signs of Spring have finally arrived: warmer weather, no snow on the higher running trails, Spring Break, girls in short shorts on the Incline and the first buds of flowers and leaves. The longer, warmer days are a sign that winter is finally (sadly) behind us and that it’s almost time to shed the thermal tights (NOOO!!!) and start strapping on the spandex with our newly hairless legs.

For This Way West, the early Spring has managed to usher in a perfect storm of non-outdoor obligations, excessive travel and a general inability to spend the time necessary to produce marginally entertaining content. Being locked in an office all day does not provide the best opportunity to document the things that really matter: runs, rides, food, beer and coffee. But I’m committed to this little endeavor, so please excuse any periodic absences as they arise. I’m not a machine people!!

That said, enjoy yet another temporary layout for the blog as we work toward getting the fuller version of TWW up and running. The Daily Feed will be back tomorrow. Along with the Daily Feed will be a running commentary on the training we have undertaken for the Pikes Peak Ascent, because there is nothing more amusing than following a two hundred plus pound runner as he tries to tackle a run that involves 7000 feet of climbing. I hope everyone is having a great start to the Spring. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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Where is the Daily Feed?

This week has been hellacious at my “day” job, so in lieu of going absolutely insane trying to do everything I am concentrating on the desk jockey stuff until next week. Sorry for the absence but we will be back next week. Have a great week everyone!

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TWW Daily Feed for February 18, 2010

I’ve been looking for a good way to sum up why I generally enjoy the winter Olympics more than the summer Olympics, and in lieu of talking about how hot Julia Mancuso, Gretchen Bleiler and Lindsey Vonn are, which are the primary reasons I love the games this year, I’m going to defer to Steep and Cheap’s commentary on the subject, as their reasons are a bit more rational than mine:

“The Winter Olympics are much better than the summer variety. I think it’s because anyone can at least attempt most of the sports in the summer games. I could run a mile on a track or hurl a bowling ball 15 feet after spinning around several times. I might not be any good at it, but I it’s easy to imagine myself participating in those summer sports. The winter games are stacked with things you never get to do. Going to a waterslide is as close as most of us will get to the luge or bobsled, and accidentally getting air in your car over railroad tracks is the nearest most of us come to the ski jump. I also like that they introduce shooting guns to cross country skiing in the biathlon, and if you want an everyman sport, there’s always curling. When I watch curling, I feel like the losing team should have to take a shot for every point the other team wins by.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself (thanks Ryan for the link). The Feed:


I spent most of my night watching the men’s snowboarding halfpipe finals. Shaun White is phenomenal. There is not an adequate way to describe how incredibly talented he is. The NYTs tries, but the piece sounds like the dude is grasping for a connection that he can’t understand. The best way I can describe Shaun White is by comparing him to a video game snowboarder come to life; with all of the crazy moves, smooth transitions and vibrant personality that exist in a good character. But with better hair. Congrats Shaun! If anyone can find an online video of his last run last night send it along.

Check out this cool interactive feature from the NYTs that features some of the Olympic snowboarders and has them talking about their music and what goes through their minds when they’re launching themselves off of an ice chute 30 feet into the air.


I’m getting ready to head over to Red Rocks Canyon to get in a quick run, but before I do I wanted to throw up some pictures of last night’s gold medal performance by Lindsey Vonn. Watching her race confused the hell out of my body. On one hand I was slightly aroused, on the other I got that anxious feeling you get when you thing someone is going to break their neck by crashing into a tree. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Go Lindsey! And if you ever need anyone to celebrate with by traipsing around the beaches of Hawaii, I’m here for you baby.

Last night’s performance by the US women was incredible. Gold and silver in the downhill by two of the most talented, and yes, attractive women in the sport is not only great for the US Olympic marketing team, but makes the country look like we actually know what we’re doing. At least when it comes to winter sports. God forbid they set up an international body fat percentage competition, or a contest to see who can come up with the most reasonable and comprehensive health care system. We’d be F’ed.

Backing away from the Olympic coverage for a second, check out this article about Amuse Bouche, a bistro in Suprise, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix) that has infused a far flung suburban strip mall location with some of the best dishes in the Southwest. But what’s really interesting about Amuse, and why you should read this article, is how it manages to thrive in one of the worst financial climate in history, in a community where 75% of the population is over the age of 65 and the price for the scallop meal is $24 (hint: their most popular dishes are straight from Americana). Good read.

Some electronica and digital graffiti to get the day going. I want this screen. Brilliant. (Phoenix restaurant)

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