About TWW

This Way West came about as a way to keep track of the cycling routes that we managed to come across during our time in Portland, OR. The original idea of the site was to build a database of rides in and around the Portland area that could be referenced by cyclists new to the city, or ones just looking for a bit more variety. From that idea the current TWW has expanded to include running routes and hikes and reviews of bars, restaurants and coffee shops that we’ve come across in our travels around the West, and sometimes beyond. Our current goal with the site is simple: we want you to be able to arrive in a city or town, come to our site, and not only find a good restaurant, bar or coffee shop, but a great run, fun urban feature, or amazing ride that showcases the town while providing a great workout.  As such, we are always looking for new things to do and new places to visit; as our knowledge grows, so does the site.

The routes

All of the routes on TWW have been explored by us at least two, usually more than a dozen, times, allowing us to provide accurate descriptions of not only the route, but when the route tends to get busy, what you should watch out for and how you can branch out from the route to explore the area. We emphasize routes that showcase a town or city and its best features. Anyone can throw on a pair of running shoes and run 10 blocks. We seek to find runs and rides that make you forget that you are exercising, help you explore a city or simply make you stop in amazement.

We are currently using Google Maps to map everything. The description and directions for each route are written to be the most accurate we can make them, but things can always change so make sure to do a little recon of your own before heading out. And if you find something new, or an inaccuracy in our route, please let us know.

The reviews

Like the routes, we only review places that we have been to on more than one occasion, in order to avoid the possibility of a random fluke that distorts our view of a place. Our opinions are not based on any sort of food education, just the experience of eating out a lot and knowing what we like and dislike. For the most part we only review places that we like in some way. For instance, Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs has a wonderful beer tap, but their food and service is abysmal. So if you don’t see a restaurant or coffee shop reviewed it’s either because we haven’t been there yet, or simply do not like it.

The Daily Feed

The Daily Feed is our daily morning post that is a collection of links from around the internet that we find interesting, helpful or just worth spreading the word about. Generally our topics stick to things like restaurants, coffee, outdoor stuff, athletes, training tips and so on, but we’re open to any and all interesting stories. If you have something you’d like to share, shoot us an email (thiswaywest@gmail.com) and let us know.

Our current text intensive WordPress form is a temporary waypoint (think of it as the Beta version); we have a great graphic designer helping us with our very own page that should be up sometime this fall and will include the ability to actually post pictures and media. But in the meantime we continue to explore so that this site can grow to a fun and handy guide to the West and everything it has to offer. We welcome all comments and suggestions and would love to hear input to help make the site better.

Thanks for visiting!


October 2009


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