TWW Daily Feed (6.15.2010)

There are some mornings where waking up is more of a struggle than you anticipated and running plans get derailed in order to accommodate the body’s need for more sleep. When my morning workout plans are lost to an endless series of alarms and snooze buttons I inevitably start the day feeling anxious and restless, feelings that stay with me as I sit behind a desk and try to concentrate on other things. Damn the rising of the sun and the start of the work day. The Feed:

late morning dose

Colorado Senator Mark Udall has introduced a bill that is designed to create a Federal program to assess onshore and offshore drilling technologies and the safety mechanisms and clean up technologies that are currently available. I hope that this thing is funded by the oil companies.

Batman has a heart of gold.

Lance and his teammates have been rejected as Tour of Spain participants. Pretty shocking considering the strength of Team Radioshack. Potential Landis backlash? Maybe. Potential chance for Lance to hang out in Aspen instead? High.

The best part of this summary of a study that indicates that BPA wrecks sex? The rose. Classy.


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