TWW Daily Feed (6.14.2010)

For the first time in a while we were able to round together a great group of athletes and head into the Boulder foothills for one of the most challenging runs we’ve done in a while. Twelve plus miles and 4400 feet of climbing in a little over three hours; leg crumbling, soul challenging and ultimately rejuvenating. A perfect way to end the week and prepare for a new one. God bless friends with strong legs and conditioning. The Feed:

late morning dose

One of the best parts about living and recreating in Colorado is the ability to reach incredible outdoor areas with minimal costs and access fees. That may change. Thank you people who don’t realize that there is no one to clean up after your mess in our mountains. I’m going to enjoy paying for your inability to pack out what you pack in.

This is kind of a cool concept: a project designed to create and foster ideas for urban transportation that will (hopefully) result in some revolutionary thinking. Check out the project, and contribute, over at Slate.

The Portland Food Cart Scene (one of my favorite topics) is picking up steam as one of the exemplary food movements in the country, with another great food city, Vancouver, proclaiming the city as a “model to emulate.”


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