TWW Daily Feed (5.19.2010)

Monday, May 31st is the 32nd running of the Bolder Boulder, one of the country’s most popular races and a great way to start the Colorado summer. I haven’t participated for the last several years, due to a variety of reasons (out of town, school, broke). But the main reason I haven’t returned to the starting line is the “Incident of Aught-Seven.” That year I had completed, and done well in, a couple of races. Including my first marathon and half marathon. I was primed for the Bolder Boulder; hoping to drop my personal best into the low 40s, if not under 40. But then fate intervened. Near the start line I hopped out of my wave to grab a quick bathroom break, and on my way back to the start I somehow got turned around and ended up near the actual start (the waves are stacked from the start line back). The problem? I was on the wrong side of the barricade. Not a huge deal, until the starting gun went off. Because each runner is timed from when their wave starts it was imperative that I get back to my group.   Desperately I tried to find a break in the barricade to let me back in, but to no avail. I tried climbing it a few times only to be screamed at by ectomorphic runners and irritable race officials. By the time I found a way around the barricade and into the waves I was well behind my group and found myself in the midst of the typical Boulder wave (think people in costumes, walkers, and runners who may or may not have fueled for the race with beer). I essentially started five minutes behind my group and spent the first three miles of the race desperately trying to dodge people in tutus wearing fairy wings. It was one of the most frustrating races of my life. My time went from a hopeful low 40s well into the 50s. I crossed the finish line with my head down, frantically hoping that my friends hadn’t left me for dead. Not this year Bolder Boulder! You will not foil me again. The Feed:


This is kind of a weird and random study, and even more of a reason to marry an athlete: it looks like genes may influence our desire to lead active lifestyles. Bottom line: don’t get involved with the chick that likes watching movies over going for a hike.

The daily cycling updates are showing that there has been a major shakeup in the Giro d’Italia GC. Head over to Velo News to check it out. Also, the Tour of California is heading into Stage 4, but for some reason I can’t find any sort of report on it. So head over to the photo gallery of Stage 3 instead.

In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, this season’s Everest summit push includes a 13 year old who is attempting to become the youngest person on Everest. Head over to Outside for the details.

This is no good. Careful if you are a spring skier. It might be better to consider a vacation to Hawaii or Australia to get your surfing fixes in.


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