TWW Daily Feed (5.13.2010)

Last night, after a long and stressful day of work, I wandered home and promptly sunk in a lethargic binge of bad tacos and wine. The perfect way to end three solid days of no exercise. I’ve realized, with a mix of anxiety and curiosity, my addiction to sweating. My descents into irritability and random spouts of anger (see yesterday’s post) are directly correlated with my lack of exercise. The best solution I can think of? Quit my job and dedicate myself to being a fitness nomad. Sounds perfect. The Feed:


A Q & A with Garmin-Tranisition’s Tyler Farrar, discussing his prospects for the racing season and his dissapointment that he is not able slam free burritos this year.

A fun graph that shows the correlation between the average miles Americans driver per year as they relate to gas prices. I wonder what a European country’s would look like; especially considering their new-fangled train and subway systems. If only America could discover how such advanced, alien-like urban planning has been accomplished.

Summertime music! Courtesy of Men’s Journal. I have listened to the playlist yet so if it is bad I’m sorry. But if it is awesome, then you’re welcome.

As a denzien of the mountains I have yet to have the pleasure of learning to surf, but Steve Pezman makes it sound like a central component of a beautiful life. I am in.


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