TWW Daily Feed (5.12.2010)

Last night we went into downtown Colorado Springs to meet friends for Happy Hour. On the way we passed a bar that was hosting its weekly 5K run through the city. I’ve noticed that this has become a big trend on the Front Range; bars hosting running clubs that start and end their run at the bar and then head in for drink specials. Here is my top 5 list of why bar running clubs are a horrible idea:

#5: Run + beer = total mitigation of benefits from running. You are getting fatter by doing this.

#4: These things tend to draw bigger (read: chunky) folks who can handle a 5K. They then stuff themselves into a bar, resulting in a bar full of sweaty fat people. Check please.

#3: Elevating the heart rate through running increases blood flow. Adding alcohol to a body in which the blood is moving faster results in people getting drunk faster. These people aren’t running back home; they are getting into their cars. Enough said.

#2: We had a theory in college that went something like this: most people do sports for the team and fitness aspect. Some people do sports because it allows them to eat and drink more without completely blowing out. Guess which group the people that join bar running clubs belong to. Minus the early twenties metabolism.

#1: Do you really want to have this conversation with your buddies?: “There was just something about the way she shuffled through 3.2 miles and then pounded beers like a champ that made me want to get to know her better.”

No thanks. The Feed:


I know everyone has been waiting with sweaty anticipation for this tidbit of knowledge: Lance Armstrong’s yoga routine. Each pose is demonstrated by a video that you have to get to by shutting the stupid adds that pop up with each slide. Oh well. Just the thought of doing something that Lance does excites me. Deep breath. Relax my racing heart…

A preview of the teams appearing at this year’s Tour of California, in slide show format.

This is by far one of the funniest websites I’ve come across in a while: A website devoted to a guy finding random ads on Craig’s List and then tormenting them. Priceless.

A cool graph that looks at how much American cities spend on eating out and groceries. I don’t really see a correlation to healthier populations, which is surprising. You would think that skinnier cities (like Denver) would be spending less on eating out; as food in restaurants tends to be heavier on things like butter and calories. Instead you have cities like Milwaukee and Memphis on the frugal diner list. Interesting.

A little music video for you to start your day.


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