TWW Daily Feed (5.11.2010)

We are well into May and Colorado has yet to fully embrace the heat of the late spring/summer. Days on the Front Range start out sunny, turn into a windy tempest by noon and by the time I want to go for a run around six have devolved into cloudy and cold brick wall upon which my motivation crashes into and dies. Yay for Spring! I’m ready for the summer. The Feed:


I wrote about the Giro on Friday and then promptly forgot about its existence. The latest pink jersey leader: Alexandre Vinokourov, a blast from the doping past. Head over here to check out the race report and to view the rather phallic celebration photo of Vino.

This is a great little photo graphic that lets you do a quick calculation of how many watts your appliances are using. When you click on the link all of the appliances have been selected and added to the total. To get a reading for your home just unselect the appliances you don’t have. Pretty cool way to do a quick read of how environmentally irresponsible you are. Go air conditioning!

Crested Butte has been trying to expand its existing terrain; a move that has been geared toward making the mountain more “family friendly” by creating more beginner to intermediate terrain. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your views) the proposed expansion has been rejected by the US Forest Service. Crested Butte is a vibrant town, and the pushback against resort expansion is a nice change of pace relative to the Vail and Breckenridge expansions of the last few years.

Confession: I saw Iron Man 2 this week. I now love RDJ more than ever. The Girl is worried. I’m sorry, but how can you not be enthralled by a dude that manages his propensity to get wasted by engaging in hard core martial arts training.


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