TWW Daily Feed (4.28.2010)

Colorado is a windy tempest today. I woke up to howling winds and trees that looked frighteningly close to toppling over. Trees, of course, are incredibly sturdy and designed to resist the potential damage of winds. The problem is that I have an irrational fear of a tree crushing me to death. I realize that the possibility of death-by-tree is probably located somewhere in between getting struck by lightning and going down in an airplane on the “Extreme Death Possibility Scale,” but this fact does not alleviate my fears. I spend a lot of my mornings running through heavily forested areas. Areas in which man has carved paths through forest floors, cleared trees to provide better access and has generally done mean things to the most prevalent resident in the area. I can see the forest sacrificing one of its own to exact some righteous vigilante justice on its oppressors. I saw the Lord of the Rings. I know their powers. The Feed:


A Boulder mainstay is possibly on his way out of the country. You would think that someone that makes a living stuffing himself into plastic enclosures would find a way to escape the arms of the law.

The economic shit storm that is finally starting to turn around is still leaving a lot of damage in its wake. State budgets have been hit incredibly hard. Arizona’s effort to close the budget gap has resulted in the shuttering of 21 out of the State’s 30 State parks. A huge bummer for outdoor enthusiasts. My guess is that closed park systems will lead to people poaching the facilities and causing damage to the parks. Not cool.

A listing of the Seattle area Farmer’s Markets. I love entire events dedicated to food.

From the internet rumors and random articles that keep popping up (and Lance’s Twitter feed) it sounds like the big man is taking a pretty active stake in Colorado, which is fantastic. He is a galvanizing leader on so many fronts and provides the state with another great leader. His latest move; purchasing an ownership stake in Steamboat based Honey Stinger.


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