TWW Daily Feed (4.27.2010)

I’m back from a short but fun visit to Milwaukee and Chicago, where the highlight, at least fitness-wise, was a run in Chicago’s Lincoln Park during an epic rainstorm. It was incredibly cold and windy, but the scenery was amazing; views of downtown Chicago, Lake Michigan crashing against seawalls and a surprising number of people out for some exercise. A good way to spend a weekend and take a break from the relentless climbing that running in the mountains necessitates. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. The Feed:


I have always watched big time cycling races and wondered what happened to the water bottles that riders eject off to the sides of the road. I always assumed that clean up crews (or fans) picked up the empties. Which is apparently somewhat true, but still poses a bit of an environmental issue which has gotten some folks up in arms. I think the bigger issue issue is the hundreds of cars that are involved in big time races.

Cruise over to this link to check out GQ’s assessment of what beers to drink to improve you beer IQ. They are not a bad selection but some of them are some pretty hardcore stouts which seem a bit too much for the burgeoning summer season.

As usual the Adventure Life is featuring some fantastic photography; Ryan Tatar’s surf photography. If you have not become a fan of Steve Casimiro’s site you should. And if you need a break from the monotony of the desk jockeying the surf pictures will either soothe your soul or make you hate your existence. Enjoy!

Some of us spent the weekend shoving cheese, fried food, burgers and alcoholic ice cream drinks into our bodies. Other people did some epic ski mountaineering. Damn you Jake.

Jake on top of Culebra Peak, right before his descent that resulted in a four hour detour.



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2 responses to “TWW Daily Feed (4.27.2010)

  1. Jeff:

    Been meaning to say it for a long time…thanks for all the link love!


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