TWW Daily Feed (4.21.2010)

It’s a cold and slightly misty morning on the Front Range; weather that reminds me of Portland and is making me a bit nostalgic for the Northwest. The thing I enjoy most about mornings like this are the way that my morning run is much more fragrant that usual. The moisture accentuates the smell of the grass, trees and flowers; making the olfactory workout almost as intense. These days are the reason why I love the spring. When a morning run is imbued with the smells of reawakened trees and plants it puts an extra spring in my step and makes me excited for the day. The Feed:


The rights of commercial river guides to access Colorado rivers that run through private property has become a big issue lately. Sadly, a bill that sought to define the rights of paddlers v. property holders has been stalled. Right in time for the summer season. Great timing.

The FDA is preparing to start attacking salt as an ingredient that American’s apparently need to shed from their diets in order to stop being so fat. Forget the fact that salt is not the problem; fast food is the problem. What an incredibly dumb way to deal with a bigger issue. Institute a fast food tax. That would solve way more than telling us how much salt we are allowed to have.


I’m more of a beer and wine guy but I like my hard liquor every now and then. The Portland Food Dude has a good post up about some Portland area distilleries.

Lance is racing in this year’s Tour of the Gila. I always hear a lot of great things about this race so it’s cool to see that it is growing in stature every year. Although it has to be frustrating for the weekend warrior guys who probably populated this race en masse before Lance found it. Getting crushed by some pro riders at the beginning of your season could really put you in a funk for the rest of the season. Bummer.

A few of our friends went out to Coachella this year which piqued my interest in the music festival for about 2 seconds before I realized from a bit of research that it is 1) about 100 miles away from L.A., which means a bunch of southern Cali kids who think that Paris Hilton is a role model, 2) composed of a fan base that seems to be more focused on the fact that it’s a place to be seen instead of a place to listen to incredible music and 3) composed almost entirely of white people that suck at dancing. No thanks. That said, I can always appreciate the fantastic scenery at the festival.


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  1. Unicorn

    hearing about your olfactory workouts makes me want to break your nose

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