TWW Daily Feed (4.20.2010)

I am intent on finding a job that involves spending every single day of my life playing outside. I don’t know what such a job would entail, but I know it would involve a lot of pretty girls, helicopters, really good parties and buffets and a ridiculous amount of gear. This job would involve traveling all over the world and experiencing hundreds, if not thousands, of different cultures. This job would involve minimal oversight from management and would let me make my own hours. I’m going to dream the impossible dream. And try not to freak out on the next client that calls me complaining about how “unconstitutional” it is that they have to pay taxes. The Feed:


I realized yesterday that I have been doing a poor job of updating later in the afternoons. Mostly because by the time the afternoon hits I have a hard time getting back in front of the computer. Which really means I’m brain dead by about 3:00pm everyday. Which means that anyone I give advice to after 3:00pm is really not getting what they paid for. My solution: waffles from Heidi Swanson. I don’t know how they help, but picturing Heidi in a cooking apron and not much else always makes me feel better.

Dhani Jones basically has the job I want. He travels the world, checks out sporting culture in a variety of global locations, and gets paid for it. Dhani, I am simultaneously loathe/worship you. Please don’t hold that against me.

My little computer screen is not doing these pictures justice, so hopefully yours will. The photographs are literally out of this world. And as Casimiro points out, the captions aren’t working. I think Venice is in there along with Mt. Fuji or Mt. St. Helens.


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