TWW Daily Feed (4.14.2010)

Here is the problem with being a coffee snob; it essentially requires you to be a coffee addict. This is extremely problematic because I don’t have access to great coffee all day. My morning cup is usually great, but by the afternoon, when I’m worn down and in need of another fix, I rely on Starbucks or the office coffee machine. The reliance on crappy coffee puts my brain’s snobbal lobe in direct conflict with the addiction lobe. By five in the afternoon they are screaming at each other while the rest of me is huddled in a corner shaking and crying. It’s a vicious cycle. One that I tend to repeat everyday. Damn. The Feed:


Today is kind of a compilation of links our friend Jake has sent us. Like this one, about Telluride announcing when Gay Ski Week is next year. I also like to call Gay Ski Week “Jake-a-Palooza.” We support friends here. Friends of all kinds.

This article/blog post is all over the internet right now and if you haven’t read it you need to. And then forward it to your friends. The subject matter? KFC’s new Doubledown Sandwich. The author? One of the angriest consumers I have ever read. The result: priceless. (thanks Jim)

I’m all about time lapse videos. Especially ones showing cityscapes that are as dramatic as Hong Kong’s.


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