TWW Daily Feed (4.13.2010)

Good morning! I started my day with a great hike on a glorious morning, so instead of spewing vitriol toward whatever annoying/homeless/overweight person that annoyed me in the last twenty four hours I’m going to enjoy the sunshine. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  The Feed:


It’s hard to keep up with all of the European cycling races, but when photo galleries pop up I’m always drawn in. The photography and the scenes it captures provides for a good little escape from the day. And makes me envy the athletes that make their living riding bikes. Head over here for a gallery of Paris-Roubaix.

I’m trying to be optimistic today but hearing about the dust storms, and the attendant red snow, in the high country is bumming me out. It’s about time that political and business leaders start to realize that human activity has an impact well beyond their sight lines. Check out Ted Mahon’s newest post about the dust, with some amazing (in a scary way) comparison pictures.

Nevada’s Ruby Mountains have intrigued me for years. I have yet to explore them but the desire gets stronger every year. Especially when the Adventure Life piques my interest by throwing up pictures of Eighties ski rock stars shredding the Van Halen out of the powder.

This is great: Panacea, a Seattle based company that cooks Monday night dinners. The menu is emailed (and posted) on Thursday along with a blog post and pictures to give you an idea of what is going in to your stomach on Monday night. Place your order by Saturday and either pick it up or have it delivered (for an extra $3). Businesses like this are one of the major reasons I miss the Northwest. Check out a snippet from their blog below for a better idea of pricing and pick up/delivery:

Meals will be available for pick-up Monday after 4:30 or delivered to your doorstep by 5:30 pm for an additional $3. For now, deliveries are limited to neighborhoods in Central & South Seattle.  We have two pick-up spots – one in Columbia City, another in the Central District.



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2 responses to “TWW Daily Feed (4.13.2010)

  1. Unicorn

    the brown snow is BAD… it shortens the backcountry big mountain ski season considerably!

    • jm

      Yeah, it definitely freaks me out when the snow turns the wrong color. Colorado should just annex Utah and put a kabosh on the drilling/strip mining.

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