TWW Daily Feed (4.12.2010)

Person with the stupid bluetooth headset; please get off of the trail.

I’ve noticed in the past two years or so that people with cell phones on trails are becoming an increasingly common sight. Part of me understands; trails are often isolated and treacherous, and having a cell phone makes complete sense. What I don’t understand is why people choose to use their cellphones while they are hiking or exercising. To me, this defeats the purpose of being outside and active. Sitting in an office all day, interacting with people, carrying the burden of responsibilities; these are the reasons why being active is, and should be, a necessary part of the day. It provides a break from the craziness of life and lets us experience life in a more stress reduced environment. Until the a-holes start thinking that it’s a good idea to bring the phone on to the trail in order to get business done. Now, not only are you missing the whole point of what you set out to do, but you are impeding on the serenity of everyone else. So buddy, please take your stupid bluetooth headset, and yourself, off of the mountain. You are killing my vibe. The Feed:


I haven’t thrown up anything from the glorious Heidi Swanson in a while so when I saw her recipe for Chocolate Cherry Brownies I was immediately swept back in to the magic of her existence. Head over to her site to check them out. I realize that brownies are not really great for training, but you have to indulge every once in a while. Especially when you get stressed out thinking about the fat bastards on cell phones getting in your way on the trail you are trying to run.


I have never been to the Little Red Bike Cafe in Portland, OR, but it’s on my list. Especially after reading their post about some of their favorite breakfast spots. The best way to gauge the quality of a restaurant is to gauge the quality of their influences. The Little Red Bike seems to be in good company.

Google Earth is an amazingly fun program to have on your computer. Unfortunately, my computer does not like it so I have yet to see this map in action, but our friend Jake seems to be very excited about it. How do I know he was excited? He sent me the link with a lot of exclamation points in the email. And pictures of unicorns. Thanks Jake. I think.

Robert Downey Jr. Badass. Check out a preview of his interview with Men’s Journal here. And thank whatever God you pray to that we still have actors of his quality. I swear if I have to watch another movie with Ashton Kutcher I’m going to freak out.


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  1. Krillschin

    You mean you aren’t excited about the new one he is going to be in with that Heigl girl! Mwahahaha!

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