TWW Daily Feed (4.7.2010)

Jake's work day started with fresh tracks. My day started by making the Starbucks barista cry.

Waking up in the morning to news that Vail and the rest of the Colorado resorts are getting nailed by fresh snow is the best way to start a day at the office in a disgruntled funk. My guess is that the Vail residents are dancing in glee. I am their darkside. They wake up to the euphoric rush of fresh snow. I wake up to the annoyance of a long commute. Their screams of joy echo throughout Blue Sky Basin. My screams of agony over caffeine withdrawal echo throughout the coffee shop. Damn you weather gods! I hope everyone is enjoying fresh tracks. I’ll be silently stewing until May.


Head over here to check out a slide show/slash map of the top 50 bicycling cities in the country and what makes them great. The descriptive commentary isn’t that great (for example, Milwaukee is considered a great biking town because it built a bridge for bikes under another bridge), but it’s a good planning tool if you are thinking about moving soon.

This sounds like a much better way to spend millions of dollars of oil money.

I love snowboarding, but have a weird love/hate with the fact that the very nature of a ski mountain results in environmental damage. Vail’s Blue Sky Basin is amazing, but knowing that its creation most likely eliminated lynx habitat bums me out. Stories about efforts to protect wilderness areas from ski resort expansion make me feel better.

This study indicates that exercising while pregnant can result in lower birth weights. High birth weights are indicators of childhood obesity, so a little sweat during pregnancy might prevent your kid from blowing out. Good news for dudes who are worried that their ladies are going to use pregnancy to justify eight ice cream sundaes a day. “Momma hungry!!!”


This seems like a horrible idea to me, but maybe 13 years old on Everest are a great way to inspire kids to exercise and get outdoors more.

The Front Range morning started with heavy snow and high winds and has now transitioned to a perfect spring day. Nice for my mood and for golf. But the snow on the ground this morning, and this photo gallery, gave me a yearning desire to head to the mountains this weekend.


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