The Return…

The first hopeful signs of Spring have finally arrived: warmer weather, no snow on the higher running trails, Spring Break, girls in short shorts on the Incline and the first buds of flowers and leaves. The longer, warmer days are a sign that winter is finally (sadly) behind us and that it’s almost time to shed the thermal tights (NOOO!!!) and start strapping on the spandex with our newly hairless legs.

For This Way West, the early Spring has managed to usher in a perfect storm of non-outdoor obligations, excessive travel and a general inability to spend the time necessary to produce marginally entertaining content. Being locked in an office all day does not provide the best opportunity to document the things that really matter: runs, rides, food, beer and coffee. But I’m committed to this little endeavor, so please excuse any periodic absences as they arise. I’m not a machine people!!

That said, enjoy yet another temporary layout for the blog as we work toward getting the fuller version of TWW up and running. The Daily Feed will be back tomorrow. Along with the Daily Feed will be a running commentary on the training we have undertaken for the Pikes Peak Ascent, because there is nothing more amusing than following a two hundred plus pound runner as he tries to tackle a run that involves 7000 feet of climbing. I hope everyone is having a great start to the Spring. We’ll see you tomorrow.


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