TWW Daily Feed for March 12, 2010

Friday! This week has dragged like no other and finally liberation is almost here. I’m trying to get an Incline session in before work so this morning’s update will be pretty brief. Hope everyone had a great week and is well rested for what looks to be a great weekend in the West. The Feed:


This is why I hate magazine’s like Outside and Men’s Journal sometimes; they post these ridiculous “trips” and “adventures” that end up costing a fortune. I understand the need to draw a wealthier readership and I suppose these types of trips appeal to people like that, but when magazine’s that focus on outdoor lifestyles start pushing events involving Champagne they start treading into trendier versions of Lifestyles of the Rich and In Shape territory. Oh, and good look attending the Aspen thing with the 200 mile detour on I-70.

This is why it sometimes depresses me to be an American. This is the best we can do with our train systems? Really?

When I saw the headline for this video on the Adventure Life I was imagining expecting something completely different. I’m glad my expectations were not met. This is a clever one:


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  1. Max

    I70 is open. See u here tomorrow am

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