TWW Daily Feed for March 11, 2010

Today I’m running a lot of random errands, so in honor of days of randomness (and the ridiculously schitzophrenic weather in Colorado right now) I’m going to focus today’s DF on random websites forwarded to me by friends. None of them have much to do with what we normally focus on, so scroll down, click on and enjoy the day. The Feed:


The Team Coco tour is heading to the Western US, with stops in Boulder, California, New Mexico and points in between. I’m a huge fan of Conan so here’s to hoping the May event in Colorado doesn’t get sold out soon.

I had a roommate in college from South Korea who had a pillow with a picture of his girlfriend printed on it. It was kind of sweet while simultaneously being super creepy. I don’t really remember my roommate’s name, but hopefully it’s not this guy.

The new Iron Man 2 trailer is up. I’m really enjoying Mickey Rourke playing over muscled degenerates who look like they just pulled themselves out of a tent city in order to rise to prominence via their fighting skills.


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