TWW Daily Feed for March 10, 2010

Sign that Spring is almost here: attractive women, hiking the Incline, in the morning, in shorts. Lord have mercy! I have loved every second of this winter, but the anticipation of warm sunny days and mornings that don’t required eight layers is tempting me beyond belief. I’ll be sad to bid the snow season adieu, but welcoming the Spring (and the girls) with open arms is going to quickly become my new favorite past time. The Feed:


Updating a little late into the day due to my eyes feeling like someone is stabbing them with a fork. I can’t tell if it’s because the air is dry, I’ve been staring at a computer screen for most of the day or if my contacts are finally ready to move on. I look like I’ve been smoking pot all day. Anyway, this gallery made my eyes feel better (LSFW).

While we’re on the gallery kick, the Adventure Life has a weird little gallery up of some of the oldest things on the planet.

The Teva Mountain Games has officially opened its registration. Head on over if you like mud, rock climbing, kayaking and hanging out in a town where the female population is more dangerous than the wild animals that have inspired their hunting tactics.


Google is killing it. Finally (finally!) the company has added a bike directions feature to its online map tool. The new feature allows you to find directions from point A to point B via bike, and also provides information on bike lanes, bike friendly roads, etc. Check out the Bicycling Magazine article for a full rundown. Thank you creepy, privacy invading geniuses!

I realize that New York is well East of TWW’s area of general concern, but I have to give a shout out to any city that has begun to realize that coffee can be so much more than a stop at the local Starbucks. New York City is the midst of a coffee revolution, inspired by the influx of West Coast coffee roasters. Although I’m not too sure the East Coast denizens need more potent sources of caffeine.

I realize that Vampire Weekend is not everybody’s favorite band, but their videos are actually pretty fun to watch. Especially when Jake Gyllenhal makes a pretty awesome cameo. Turn up the speakers, enjoy, and have a good start to the morning.


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