TWW Daily Feed for March 9, 2010

Craig finishing the Vail Mountain hike to the Eagle's Nest. Perfect way to start a day of riding.

Weekends in the mountains are destroying my Monday morning productivity. When nights are filled with ski town bar activities and days are spend hurtling down the mountain there is little room for sleep or recovery. Well worth it. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is well on their way to a great week. It was beautiful in the Colorado mountains this weekend. Perfect weather for a dawn hike up Vail Mountain. The Feed:


I just realized that this is the earliest Daily Feed I’ve posted in a while. My mornings have been a mix of getting up early to workout or sleeping past my alarm and running behind all day. Such is life. The Clymb has made my morning today already worth it. New deals up on Salomon Snowboards. Good stuff.

Using cycling races as a bellwether for an improving economy is a bit of a reach, but from the news about the Tour of Utah lining up some big sponsors as well as other races around the country able to put together some dollars it seems that the economic shock of 2008/2009 might, just might, be falling by the wayside.

This week Denver is kicking off a huge bike share program in the city; providing access to Trek three speed bikes that can be used for free for the first half hour. Programs like this make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I posted a flyover video focusing on Norway a couple of weeks ago and this one is from the same people, but its the compilation video of their Norway loving videos. Very cool. Strangely inspiring. And a great way to spend a few minutes this morning. Thanks to Ryan for this one:


This link is more related to Western Europe than to the Western US, but it involves one of our favorite people (Max) and has some great pictures to go along with the Ski Mountaineering World Championship narrative. Good read. And good job Team USA!

Lynsey Dyer; skier, surfer, bikini-wearer, all around amazing girl. Check out her fantastic gallery from Outside Magazine and consider relocating your life to wherever she is. You crazy bastard.


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