TWW Daily Feed for March 5, 2010

The Front Range has turned into a wind tunnel this morning. Running in these conditions is like resistance training. But strong winds here bode well for the snow conditions in the mountain; winter storms are moving in! Hope everyone has a great weekend. The Feed:


The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend with, lo and behold, a special feature on Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. The Springs gets a bad rap for its ultra conservative leanings and tendency to think of urban planning and smart growth as a sign of the apocolypse, but the town does have some incredible outdoor access.

New Portland restaurant, by some of the same people that have made Toro Bravo one of the best eateries in Portland. It has been too long since my last visit. On to ticket searching…

And for a little morning musical break, check out the Terminator’s baby making some music.


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  1. Seneca

    what’s this about a visit? You should.

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