TWW Daily Feed for February 26, 2010

Pikes Peak from the Garden of the Gods

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been fairly hellacious and the mountains are emitting a siren call worthy of the Gods. My car is packed, my body is well hydrated and fueled and I’m ready to bust out of the office and enjoy some time outside. I feel like February has been a roller coaster of good weather/crap weather, good days outside mixed with frustratingly slow and overly difficult strikes on trail runs and hikes. Good riddance February, hello March. Bring on the Spring! The Feed:


I’m heading up to Boulder and Vail for the weekend, but before I go a quick little guide to the most eco-friendly weekend escapes that Outside can find. I haven’t done any of them so I can’t attest to their “greeness.” But what I can tell you is that I’m really hoping for a bike line from Colorado Springs to Boulder. That would be the ultimate in green travel.


If you want to start your weekend in the mountains off on the right foot, head over to Ted Mahon’s Stuck in the Rockies site and his newest post. His pictures of Aspen Highlands last weekend in the aftermath of a huge storm make my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Check it out, get stoked for the weekend, and tell your boss that you’re on your way out the door.

And to continue the photo-fest, Men’s Journal has some great pictures of the US Ski Team in Vancouver up, taken by former team member Lauren Ross. Any gallery that starts with Julia Mancuso deserves higher viewership.

The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend with events in Seattle and Salt Lake City. The Big LePowSki event in SLC looks like a perfect combination of film, skiing, clinics and partying. Colorado should really just annex the ski mountain portion of Utah.

A Giro d’Italia prologue course in the United States in 2012? It’s on the table. I feel like pro cycling is really starting to blow up in this country. It presents a smorgasbord of everything American’s love: spandex, fit and attractive media stars, expensive as hell production values. And doping.


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